Friday, August 2, 2013

Wonderful White

I'm getting ready for a busy weekend but there's always time to catch a cat in a window.

Buddy is a kitty-client of mine and he always waits in the front window for me to arrive.
He's a very affectionate and talkative fella. He loves when I bring out the brush to groom him. This guy's a real gentleman.
Meet our neighbourhood cat, Calaus. He has one blue eye and one yellow. He is an enormous cat.
He also owns our block and keeps most other cats away. He's not fond of dogs, either and will run one off it it comes snoopin' around. Looks like he has destroyed the lawn chair.

I've had a love-affair with white cats since I was young. One of my first cats given to me by my mom was a long-haired white beauty. We named her Snowball. (of course).

My lovely Lily is pure white with yellow eyes. She is Ed's one and only; his sweetheart.
I snapped this before leaving for my nursing duties this morning. True love, I tell ya.

hugs, Deb


  1. I, too, have always like white cats. My grandmother had a white cat when I was a very young child. ;-)

  2. Lovely kitties! I love the lawnchair shot.

  3. We had a Snowball, too. He was a big beastie with a sad meow.
    Hugs to Mr. Ed and Lily.

  4. They are lovely kitties.

    Calaus looks imposing!

  5. Oh - I know what you mean about the beauty of white cats! They are amazing... well, so are all cats! lol We were all set to bring home a very tiny white one who is 5 years old and would stay small. We were so excited after several weeks of thinking she could come, especially as we are still cat-less and have been for 6 months. She was just the right size for me to be able to hold on my lap but the foster mom decided that she was too aggressive with her cats and needed to be an only kitty. We plan and hope to have others so that made us not good candidates for her. So broken hearted... Surely the right kitties will come in time...
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Oh myyy!!! i love white cats, and this one is so beautiful!