Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another beautiful gift and oh, so many cats.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to walk in the bush. Mild, sunny and the snow was packed down well for Kane to run. Oh, he'll suffer a bit for it but really, he does think it is all worth it. He gets his vitamins and glucosamine and plenty of rest.

Here's another gift from Peru for a 'worried' mother.

Lighting not great here but oh my gosh this is so cozy. I'll wear it out in the Spring but for now it feels great just to wrap yourself in it and watch a good movie on the couch.

Such beautiful gifts from Peru.

Lots of my clients are feeding birds and I caught this little one on camera this morning.
A Cardinal. I had to take this from inside the car so as not to scare it away.
Someone inside was so busy with her toys she missed all the action at the bird-feeder.
Little Audrey has discovered the heat of the wood-stove and has decided on how to spend her afternoon.
                                "Sweet dreams, Audrey"
Spirit & Snowy are sitting at the Lanark Animal Shelter right now waiting for a home.
They are 2 months old. And look at little Wanda. She's only 6 weeks old.
They just melt my heart.
Right now there are 155 cats on their website.

Please spay or neuter your cat.

hugs, Deb


  1. Good job I don't live nearby, I would almost certainly be homing one of those lovelies...

  2. Your shawl is gorgeous! Your daughter has excellent taste.
    I wonder how long it will be before a feline claims it as their own?
    Jane x
    Speying and neutering would save so much suffering, and protects the cat from many diseases.

  3. Beautiful shawl, beautiful kitties and cardinal!! If I lived there, I would HAVE to adopt Wanda...toooooo cute!! There is a lady who is trying to have every cat spayed/neutered in her zipcode YEY!!!!Hope they do it!!!

  4. Beautiful kitties, beautiful cardinal, BEAUTIFUL wrap!

  5. Can I hire your daughter to be my personal shopper?

  6. love that new shawl..;) and I love those kittens..I wish I could take them all in..and I am with you..get them fixed..have a wonderful week ahead.)

  7. Hello ! wow a beautiful !!! love your new wrap and all the moggies !! I have a stray that visits me everyday...a huge fluffy black tom...he licked my hand the other tom cat doesn't seem to mind him so much which is strange because he goes crazy when other cats come into "his" garden......Gail x

  8. Oh, I do so love Alpaca from Peru, Deb!! Like wrapping yourself in a warm hug! ;) That wrap is beautiful!

    I hope the kitties find good homes... blessings ~ Tanna