Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something new to show you

I have something new to show you.
I got this for Christmas 'cause I am a spoiled momma.

Allie brought me this back from Peru.
"I LOVE IT" and will be having a dinner party soon to show it off.  All my family are afraid of spilling wine on it so I have to find a clear cover for it first. 

It looks great with or without the leaf in the table.
One of them even said he thinks he might eat on the porch when I have this on the table. Cute!

I guess Allie figured I worried enough to deserve a beautiful gift.
She bought this in a market from the woman who made it.
"She said, You have a momma? buy this for your momma"

                          Yes, I deserved it.
                                          Thanks, Allie.
             Ed loves it, too since it has all his colours.
But that's not you tomorrow.

Off for a walk before I get 'blogger's butt'.

                    Have a great Sunday.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's stunning Deb. What a rare treat to buy it off the women who actually made it. Wish I was the momma :-)
    I hope that special someone with the eyes to see the soul within Lumina appears soon - she for sure deserves someone who can understand her nature.
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Big hug from Greeece,

  2. WOWEE! That is beautiful! I think I would be afraid of spilling something on it...I'd frame it and give it pride of place on a tall wall.
    Oh, Lumina is still waiting...her forever family must be on their way.
    Jane x

  3. Peruvian handcrafts are just beautiful! I still have a beautiful pillow that my mum made for me (backed in silk) from a piece of woven fabric that a fellow brought me from Peru almost 30 years ago :-)

  4. Really beautiful! You do deserve it!! hugs, Linda

  5. Beutiful cloth, now that's what I call a present, hand made and useful.
    Love the cat with the smudge on his nose...

  6. love the colors and the pattern...gorgeous!

  7. It is very beautiful and made for showing. I am glad you have it on thet table and not hidden away.. Hugs GJ

  8. Beautiful darling !!!

  9. What a lovely gift from your daughter! It looks quite striking on the table.

    I hope that beautiful cat gets a forever home. Crossing my fingers!


  10. That really is pretty - so special! I would cover it with plastic too. :)
    xo Catherine

  11. Oh, so lovely! What a cherished gift from your daughter. The colors and workmanship is beautiful! I know you will enjoy it for a very long time :)

  12. Wow !!! Best gift for mommy is from Sweet daughter !!!
    My sis is 13 years old, she bought my mom an itune gift card when she went to shopping : )
    Of course, it's my mom best gift : )
    Me ? I always bring nature to leaves, spider web...I guess she love my gift too...MOL

  13. The tablecloth is gorgeous! It could be a hanging, like a work of art! :) So thoughtful of your daughter!

    Lumina is striking! I could feature her on my blog for the Sunday Cat of the Week. I have a following on my FB page and I'd be happy to share it with them. Some kitties have found homes.

    If you could send me some info on her and a close-up shot I could write it up. My email: careersforyourcat (at) gmail (dot) com


    1. Thank you Ann. I will contact the shelter to see if they can give me more information on Lumina. Deb

  14. Oh I know you will cherish those gifts. They are so beautiful Deb!
    A walk in the woods is good for the soul, I will be doing that tomorrow.
    All the best to you,
    Hugs Rosemary...xox

  15. Love the tablecloth! What a sweet, thoughtful daughter!

  16. Beautiful, beautiful tablecloth!! You have a very sweet daughter with these wonderful prizes from Peru! LOVE that black and white siamese photo! blessings ~ tanna