Wednesday, January 25, 2012

good recipes and off to kitty-sit

What could be more relaxing than a good hot cup of tea.

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle loves tea. I guess we have something in common.
And how about some cinnamon sugar toast to start your morning. Nothing better! Or is there?
Have you made these Pumpkin Muffins yet? WHAT!!!! You haven't.
I'm having one right now with some pineapple slices. I think this is what they serve in heaven for breakfast.
Woops! Looks like the walnuts rolled around a bit on the muffins. Oh well, they still taste great. Not too many Applesauce Oatmeal cookies left ( recipe at 'let's talk dishes'). Don't you just love muffin cup holders. Some of them are over-the-top cute. I'll have to give some of these to Riley.
I can't do a thing in the kitchen without my assistant
"You couldn't boil water without me"

Pop over to 'let's talk dishes' for the recipe if you so desire.

But if you still want that cinnamon sugar toast, here is how you make it.
It is 3 tbsp. of sugar to 1/i2 tsp. of cinnamon. Make as much as you want. Put that in a little jar and *shake*
This is a big favorite in my family. I make it ahead and keep it on the counter.

I'm off to cat-sit and spoil some kitties left in my care. This can't be a's too much fun. They were both very shy when we first met. Here is Lucky the first day I cared for her.
But we are good friends now. Lucky & I come. (photos comin')

hugs, Deb


  1. That is the cutest photo of the cat your cat sitting! Giving you the old one eye treatment. Your new banner looks wonderful.

  2. Oh my that picture of Lucky is prize-winning! How adorable is that cat?
    Your blog is so lovely, Deb, and I so enjoy the pictures of your cats -- and your "sitting" cats, too. They are so photogenic!

    I hope 2012 brings you LOADS of wonderful days.
    All best wishes,

  3. Baking and kitties, what could be better? I love the peek-a-boo pic of Lucky!

  4. I think that Lucky was waiting for cinnamon toast!
    Jane x

  5. oh those muffins look delish..I add 1 cup chocolate chips to my recipe..and holy cow are they the muffin cups too and I love the peek-a-boo look from that sweet kitty.)

  6. Those pumpkin muffins look so good! I could even imagine how they taste.

    Well-wishing to all of you!

    For other folks (all of you kitties and doggies are certainly people!) reading this, check out my blog. I manage a homeless cat colony and a few foster cats. Get your ‘beans to check it out!
    Hey, wonderful creatures stay well!

  7. I love cinnamon toast, but I'm not as organized as you are. I just spread some brown sugar on the buttered toast then sprinkle the cinnamon over it straight from the package!

    Such a cute photo of Lucky looking over the table top at you.

  8. Your assistent is so cute. Sudden looks exactly the same.


  9. Just look at Lucky's beautiful luminous eyes! Such expression! Deb, of all of your photos, this is one of my favourites! There is so much energy radiating from this kitty! Might you get a photo of her, full face?

  10. Yummmy , the muffins look delicious!!! You have a mighty cute assistant.