Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Look who I got to have breakfast with on Sunday.

She loves it when Nan has toys in her purse.

My daughter, Allie, who just returned from South America  
has adopted her first dog and stopped by to tell us all about him. He is a Lab/Burmese Mountain Dog mix.

So, mix this
                                                                            with this
He's 9 months old and his name is Forest. We'll be meeting him soon and I'll show him off to you. She didn't bring him over today because Kane has a knot in his knickers when it comes to big black dogs. And,  I can just imagine what her cats Joey & Rae-Rae think of this intruder. I doubt he will be their 'cup of tea'. I expect to see them at my front door with their suitcases and their cat beds. And you know I'll take them in, you just know it.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hello! Very nice to meet you and thank you for coming to visit my new little one, Katie.

    I am still using Admiral's bloggie...

    xox Katie

  2. Looks like your granddaughter has 'kitty' toys! Bet you are relieved your daughter is home safe from her adventures, what an awesome trip though.

  3. Oh so much fun to have breakfast with that beautiful girl! I can't wait to hear how Rae-Rae likes the new guy! hugs, Linda

  4. Oh my... cute pictures! Your daughter satyed here in South America, near of Brazil!!!

  5. oh that is going to be one cute dog..and I can just picture the kittys and their suitcases.;) and your little Riley is one pretty little girl;)

  6. Forest is so handsome! I can just see your beautiful group all together!

  7. Forest is so handsome! I can just see your beautiful group all together!

  8. Forest is one lucky dog! How nice for all of you. Can't wait for pics.

  9. Is toys in the bag an outgrowth of the renown cat bag or is it the other way around?
    Goodness, a nine month old dog! Has he ever lived with cats before? A big disruption in their lives, oor kitties.