Saturday, January 14, 2012

hunkering down

Audrey & Annie photographed this morning
"It's such a hard life for us pussycats."

It is so cold here today. It is -18 as I sit warm and cozy in the house.
Cats always know how to plan their day, don't they? 
I had some cat-sitting to do this morning, put food down for the ferals and then home to stay put. This weather will only last a day or two and then above freezing temperatures are expected again.
There goes Ed heading for his blanket. Lily has it all warmed up for him. I'll have to add a few more cat beds in front of the fire tonight.
See the little love-birds back there.
Kane gets the couch. I know....but he's old & spoiled.
I think this is a popcorn and movie kind of night. That is, after I play with my cupboard again.

Cats are most playful when they are kittens
But healthy cats play all their lives.
Stay warm everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey and Annie = I´m sending kisses to your noses!!!!

  2. What a happy post! Annie and Audrey napping together (thank goodness), the senior love birds warm and cozy by the fire and Kane resting sweetly on the couch. It's very sad, though, to know that there are kitties outside braving the bitter cold. Thank you for caring about them and providing them with food. Those calories may mean the difference in keeping body and soul together. I know you are doing some cat sitting this weekend. In such bitterly cold weather, do houses have an alarm service that goes to a phone bank so the owner can be notified if the heater goes out and no one is home?

  3. oh I love your cozy wood stove and the stone..and I love the two little love birds getting all snuggled in for a long winters nap..and I love your couch too..Kane is beautiful..we have a spot on the couch for Tucker as well..right inbetween us with a blanket..he got a nice bath today..we are all settled in as well..having left over chicken chilli.;) and watching something on the tube..hubby is watching the playoffs right now.) I will be settling in and doing some stitching.;)

  4. I knew our wonderful weather couldn't last forever. It's not as cold here at there, but the snow is flying. It looks like all your furry friends have the right idea. Me thinks I need a fireplace ~ lovely!
    xo Catherine

  5. Those animals of yours are very to find a cozy corner and warm blanket myself. xoxox HUgs

  6. Cats do for sure know how to live the good life - they look so blissed out. And a fireplace - well that's almost like heaven on earth for cats!!
    Thanks for your thoughtful and kinds words earlier this week Deb. The nightmare isn't quite over yet as one more cat is down with the virus. Unfortunately it's a young feral, so even though it eats and sleeps indoor the vet can't do anything for it, as it's too wild for intravenous treatment. It's been a very hard start to 2012 but it has also taught me so much about living on a small island, and where life for cats is so different to where I come from.
    I hope you all stay warm and cosy until the cold spell is over,
    Hugs from Joan