Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time to feed the birds and squirrels

 After the Christmas season, I leave our tree on the deck for the winter and fill it with food for the squirrels and birds. 
It was filled with apple pieces and bread and this is all that's left this morning.
We have lots of snow now and it's staying. I always have our 11 year old dog, Kane as an assistant.
I always put some down low for the squirrels

Fill those bird feeders. Everything is so hungry now and the squirrels make great entertainment for our cats.
That is if they aren't doing this...
This box is on its' way out now because she spent much of this evening ripping the &%#@ out of it.
She customizes all her boxes but unfortunately she gets a little carried away and there ends up very little left of it for her comfort and pleasure. Silly Sierra.

Have you ever seen carnival glass? I picked some up from the Log Farm antique shop last year.

First produced in the early 1900's. You can google it if you want to read all about it. I liked the apricot coloured glass and love how it looks with white dishes. I'm playing again with this cupboard.

It's getting ridiculous. ;-)
I added a little porcelain knob to the cupboard in the kitchen. Now it looks complete.
Sierra sits in her chewed-up, ripped to shreds cat can box.

Update on Hugo...
He has found a new best friend in Mike as he has proven in 4 days to be a very good mouser. 2 mice in 4 days. Really? I didn't know he had it in him. Jess's new home is in the country and they knew they had a mouse in the basement but were surprised to find out they  had even more. They are doing great with Hugo's injection daily and Hugo and Ruby are slowly becoming friends. So, all's good with the big guy.

And it's all going well with little Annie.
I think this girl is so beautiful.
 She is healing nicely (as long as kitten doesn't bother her) and looking much more chipper.

Do you notice her chin? It was discovered before she went in for her spay that she has feline acne on her chin. They wondered if I feed them with plastic bowls..I don't. So, not sure what or why but after she heals I will take some peroxide and a warm cloth and clean them up. Nothing to worry about.
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh I LOVE carnival glass! I never started collecting it, because we'd be overrun. Kona gets chin acne, and I use a soft dry toothbrush to loosen up the blackheads. She seems to enjoy it.

  2. I love carnival glass. My mother had some of the purple pieces. I had a kitty with acne ... Musashi developed acne in his aging years and when he was diabetic.Always something! I love Annie's coloring. She is such a pretty little lady.

  3. I never would have thought to use peroxide or a toothbrush to help with Oscar's kitty acne.
    I took him to the vet and she gave me a special soap-which he hated!-to help clear it up.

  4. oh I love your little the carnival glass..I have something like it but not see throughy.its fire king with that peach luster to it..I have the dinner plated, salad plates, soup bowls and dessert bowls..I love my all the marks left behind by others and wonder what they have eaten and whose plates they the your babies..we too have a cat with feline acne and it is due to the food she eats..she got it at about 6 months old (she is 7) and has to take prednisilone every day..and eat a "No Grain" diet..she loves to sneak into the "regular" food and gets flare ups on occasion..we did the cleaning of her chin too..but it didn't gets in her ears sometimes..but with the meds..we do about a 1/2 pill everyday when she is doing good and a whole pill when she has a flare up because she was being sneaky.:) have a wonderful weekend snuggling those precious kids..I have 2 sitting here with me as I type on my lap (the one I just told you about) Millie and Sunny is sitting on the table next to my monitor.:)

  5. Gosh, after 18 cats I didn't know they could get acne! You learn something everyday.
    Jane x
    PS So glad to meet someone else nuts for white china!

  6. I really love this:
    "Cats are like potato chips! You can´t have just one!"

  7. Have a nice weekend from day is the best day !!!

  8. Everyone is looking great!! Love the carnival glass and it looks great in your cupboard!