Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rails, a river and memories

It felt like spring today. No wind, higher temperatures and overcast. The streets were wet as the snow melted. I was over-dressed and Kane was freshly bathed. I knew by the time we got back his coat would be wet and smelly. It was.

I saw one little cat in a window today and managed to get a photo.

 I was quite far from it and Kane would not stay still for a moment. He had the 'jimmy legs' today and was not willing to co-operate. When I walk this guy it is his walk...not mine. I stop when he stops; I let him lead. I have walked this dog every day for 10 years and I have watched him slow down and his prance change to a saunter. I remember thinking to myself years back, "when will this guy stop pulling so much?"  I tried many leads, did what the books told me to do and still he would want to be ahead of me, pulling. He is a herding dog so they are hard-wired and it was only natural for him. Now, I find he is by my side and sometimes lagging behind. On one hand I love it and on the other hand, it makes me sad and afraid of losing him.

 Soon it was home to bake some Branana Bread. (Banana and Bran Bread)
Allie dropped by and I sent her home with half of the loaf. It's a favorite of mine.
Pop over to 'lets talk dishes' if you would like the recipe. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Funny as a child, so many memories of time not going fast enough, now as an old person, time just goes too fast! Where's the middle ground?!

    You live in a beautiful place. That bread looks yum, but I would be tempted to add a handful of chocolate chips!

  2. I love the photos you shared and our mini aussie has a pulling issue too..some days he seems like he is going to a fire and other days not too bad..funny you mentioned banana bread..I am making some tomorrow..great minds think alike..:)

  3. The building by the river is so very Ontario..reminds me of the Opera House in Orillia.
    Jane x