Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A big tea-party & a cat-care tip

It's mild temperatures but stormy today. Lots of snow blowing in the faces of passers-by. Kane and I got pretty wet on our walk. Now he smells like a wet dog which is exactly what he is.
The cats love this weather and like to watch the snow fall.
And watch the birds and squirrels have their breakfast, too.

Or it's nice to just nap through the whole thing.

The oldies are 17, 18 and 22 years old

Especially when you 
have your bed looking 'just right'. This is 1 week of 'nesting'.
Her box is almost the way she likes it.

I wish you could all come for tea.

Wouldn't that be a blast?
All of us here to meet each other. Oh ya, it would be very crowded but think of the laughs we'd have. And yes, I'd need to buy more tea-cups (love to) and bake more cookies but...hey, that's fine with me.

The cats would love to meet you all and have a nap in YOUR lap.
Wishful thinking.

Cat-tip for the day=^..^=trimming nails.
There are many fine cat nail trimmers in your local pet stores these days. I have bought different ones but I always go back to using the regular nail trimmer that I use for myself.

It's a personal thing to choose what works best for you and your cat. I am most comfortable with this one and I find the nails trim very easily.  My cats are used to it and don't even flinch when it comes to 'nail trimming' day. I trim my cats' nails twice a month. I only cut the point of the nail. There are also wood blocks at the fireplace for them to use and a cat-scratcher post. With all that, they seem to keep their nails in good condition albeit I have wood shavings flying around the room sometimes.
A cat's nail, if left un-trimmed, can curl and grow back into the skin. This is very painful for the cat. Prevention is best by having a day marked on the calendar to trim Fluffy's nails. Treats can also be handy if you have a cat that hates having nails trimmed or filed. A second person offering treats while the other trims the nails can work very well. If your cat is terrified of the whole procedure, trim one nail a day.

hugs, Deb


  1. I will have a cup of tea and a cookie and pretend we are sitting together with kitties on our laps laughing at cat stories...
    Stay warm and cozy!
    Hugs to you and the kitties from Lee and Bob the cat as well as Itty Bitty Kitty in cold Michigan.

  2. You have a kitteh that's 22??! Wow! The Human had one tough little girl that made it to 19--but 22! Well, that's quite an accomplishment! Must be all that good care and Bird TV! XOXO

  3. Thank you for the invitation to tea!

    Love the photo of the sleeping cats, each curled up separately together.

    I bring home the odd cardboard box for my cats to nest in too!

  4. It's funny, but I've had cats for years but it wasn't until my last 2 (before the 5 I've got now) that I had to clip nails. They were quite large and didn't go out much, I guess that's why. They did't like it much but I got the hang of it in the end and did it regularly for them.

  5. Audrey has a beautiful and very impressive profile - she looks as if she has been studying Mr Ed for his fine example of excellent posture.

    So lovely to see your own felines snuggly warm and young Annie as happy and alert as "little", fast growing Audrey,

    Sending care and extra warm huggles,

    Michelle and Zebby, xxxxxxxx and ...... snore... snore... snore... from Zeb, bless him

  6. We'll each bring a special cup and saucer to the party so we won't be a burden ( not that tea cup hunting is ever a burdren ). Those tea cups will then join you collection: as individual and varried in look and style as all of your friends. I would love to see snow...and Ed and Annie and goodness, I want to see them all!!!!!

  7. I'll bring some homebaked vegan cookies....and may just take a nap with your golden oldies.
    Jane x

  8. I would love to have a cup of tea and a cat in my lap! Wishful thinking on all our parts! Maybe some day! hugs, Linda

  9. Looks delicious thank you for the invitation, and i want to congrats you for a wonderful photos you take..

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  10. With all those 'oldies' on the couch I think I'd just be a puddle next to them on the floor. Wonderful curled up snugglers.