Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i vant to be alone...

I spend quite a bit of time in my office and it's always nice to have company. Annie & Audrey love to hang out with me as I post and work on the computer. I think they like to listen to music.  

I'm moving furniture around again today. You can see that it is pretty tight for space in the office. 
I added flowers to the house today.
It raises your spirits and makes the day brighter to have fresh, cut flowers.
I love them.
Since Annie has been spayed I have seen a big change in their relationship. She doesn't cuddle Audrey and wants her company at a distance. 
She seems less tolerable of the kitten and I know that her chin acne is painful.
I have been applying peroxide with a soft cotton ball to try to dry it up. It seems sore to the touch. I have never had a cat with acne and am a little baffled as to how this came about. I clean their bowls after each meal and rinse thoroughly.
So, with the stitches and the sore chin she has little time for the antics of her kitten.
She puts Audrey in her place numerous times throughout the day. The kitten will hopefully 'get it' soon and not try to cuddle with her. She just doesn't understand. I am working over-time keeping the kitten occupied and happy.  
What all can cause acne on a cat?  I know plastic bowls can be the culprit but I never use them.  Poor Annie.

I hope they can be close again. It's all up to mom. I don't want to separate them.
hugs, Deb



    the reason plastic is suspected is that it is porous and can harbor bacteria.

    I have one kitty who is prone to acne, and I find she tends to have problems when we feed out of bowls. Try removing anything with a lip or that is bowl like and try feeding on plates in stead so the chin doesn't rub up against anything while she eats.

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  4. I have heard that stress or food allergies can cause feline acne too. Poor little Annie has certainly had some stress in her wee life!
    Talk to you soon.

  5. They are so beautiful. Are you keeping them?

  6. Poor Annie :(
    I hope she is feeling more like her self soon.

  7. I had a cat with acne many years ago and we went to the vet and got some salve so she got well again.

    Welcome to my show off with you great cat pictures.


  8. They are the prettiest Mom and Daughter. I hope that Annie feels better soon. I've never heard of cat acne but it's something I will watch out for. I use glass dishes also. hugs, Linda

  9. Our cat had acne and it actually took an antibiotic injection to clear it up. I think some cats are just prone to it. Deb, I love your blog and your life seems so lovely. The other night, not wanting to go back to work, I was envisioning a new career as a catsitter - what could be better. Robin

  10. Hi Deb:

    I follow your blog every day, but have never commented before. I wanted to tell you that my first kitty, Seymour, had pretty severe acne at one point on his pure white chin. What finally did the trick was a dab of over-the-counter pHisoHex acne cream (for humans) on a cotton ball once or twice a day, washing and drying thoroughly with water afterwards. He actually lost the fur on his chin at one point, but it grew back again even fluffier. It took one person to hold him and another to apply the cream and rinse. After I found the fix, if he would ever show signs of a sore developing, I would use the pHisoHex again for a day or two, and that would calm it down. My vet at the time said feline acne can be caused by food allergies, hormones, stress, among other things. He did seem to outgrow it, a typical teenager. :) Who knows ~ those furries just keep us guessing, don't they?

    Good luck, Rosie

  11. When I read your post, I was at my vet today with my Cubby who was dehydrated LANs were done and I'll find out tomorrow if he is throid or renal.
    But I asked what to do for cat acne. The reply was chlorhexidine or betadine.
    A poly with a 100% cotton woven gauze ( the old fashioned kind that looks like cheese cloth not the mon woven stuff. Make a few passes with the chlorhexidine or betadine. Use this if it is the black, gritty type of acne. Do not use a toothbrush. Too abrasive. If the skin is ulcerated, cratered or is bleeding you need to get the cat to the vet who will probably give her an antibiotic shot, and will advise you on how to treat the affected area. The skin might have been treated in a too aggressive fashion, the acne is severe, also there may be a secondary infection. Don't shave the chin this will only leave the tender
    tissue exposed and lead to infection. And discomfort.
    I tried to reply when I was in my vets office but my cell battery died. Hope this helps a bit. We are here in "Podunk", but are vets are pretty good. Our human doc's are another issue.

  12. P.S. Sorry for all of the mistakes in the post above. I'm replying from my car using my iPhone and it likes to change stuff on it's own.