Thursday, January 5, 2012 presents: Advanced Style

I'm looking 60 right in the face and one of the hurdles for me is to feel good about how I dress. I'm not fancy, glamorous or showy but I do like to look 'pulled together'. There are days that I double check to be sure I have pants on and then other days I feel 'good' and wear my leopard sun-glasses.  With the work I do I never wear black and I tend to be in jeans a lot. I like to wear jackets, scarves and bobbles & bangles and that's my idea of dressing nice. I still have to meet new clients and feel comfortable about how I look but to wear a suit or dress with heels for an evening out is rare. When I stumbled across this video and enjoyed the comradery of these ladies, it made me laugh. I want to embrace getting older and I think these gals have done it. I hope you enjoy this.

I love the attitude. I love the feistiness &  can appreciate the disregard for what anyone thinks. I just love these women. These ladies must be cat-owners and have learned a thing or two from their feline friends. "Right, Cali?"
"And you, too Sierra. Thank you for the suggestion to always accessorize to accent your eyes."
Sierra loves this. It's attention and she's a hog for it.
"I do wish I could wear head pieces well but I will leave that to Lily"

Lily only tolerated this because I let her play with the scarf after the photo-shoot.

Remember this little cupboard? I play with it constantly. Change it up, as they say. Those are my 2 daughters in the photo. I love black & white photographs.
 This gorgeous kitty Christmas card arrived lately from Carm at I wanted to share how cute it is.
Better late than never, Carm. Blame the Canadian posties. Thank you so much.

I have another little white chippy cupboard to hang and play with. I'll show you later.

Annie is doing great. She's sleeping lots but when she's up.....she's up.

hugs, Deb.


  1. Oh, my! What a fun post, Deb! Gotta admire the gumption of those ladies! I'm afraid my staff...other than sweet Miss Kitty...would not be willing to sport the latest fashion and prefer to go "au naturale"!! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Fun video and I say *YEEHAW*!!!!

  3. I'm sure rural Ontario isn't quite ready for me to dress like those fab ladies. I'm a complete "Schlumpadinka" at home but like to look decent when I go out. I find tonal dressing is the easiest way for me to look pulled together. Now, if only I could get my eye make up to look as good as cats!
    Jane x

  4. Great pic of your girls! Another cupboard? Lucky girl! We are all chomping at the bit waiting to see it. That kitty card is so cute I'd just have to keep it out untill......!!!!!!

  5. Such a fun post! I love the accessories the furry ones are wearing. Charlie is not cooperative at all to dressing up for me. Maybe my next furry child will be. LOL. hugs, Linda

  6. I love those ladies styles!! great video..I too love getting dressed up..not fancy...but with my new weightloss I love getting dressed and know I will look good in the kittys that you dressed up..they ppurrreccious..;) thanks for sharing and glad to hear Annie is doing nicely..oh and I love black and white photos too:)

  7. P.S. Mad about your beautiful kitty models. Don't you think the photos would make lovely greeting cards?

  8. Fun video Deb! It's too bad we have to set those 'numbers' out to look at them. I think once a person turns 21 years old, society should stop counting. Don't you think? Hmmmm.... perhaps we could start something new. ;)

    Love all the kitty models!
    xo Catherine

  9. .... I love your term 'pulled together'... Lovely post. happy new year.. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx