Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top cat

It's lonely at the top
Audrey loves to sit at the top of our stairs and look down our 13 steps.
I suppose she imagines herself a lioness looking down from a hilltop over a herd of gazelles. Watching...waiting.

or she just thinks it's comfy.

Someone wants to say "hi"
Mr. Ed 

Well, I'm off to pick up keys for this weekend's work. I call it 'work' but really I'm just having fun with other people's cats. And lovin' it. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Our little boy, William, once leapt on a 'gazelle'....launcing himself from over the banisters..leaping through the air..and landing on my head. Be careful, Deb!
    Jane x

  2. What a fabulous blog, shall be popping in from now on, I am an ardent cat lover and found you through Chris and Jane.

  3. Isn't it interestng how cats like to be "king of the hill"? Our ferals love to climb the shed pergola to sit on the roof, even in the coldest weather. Thanks for visiting,

  4. Hmm, maybe my next cat will be a Siamese! So glad he found a home.

  5. Hello...lovely lovely photos !! Gail x

  6. Love your new look on the blog. Very nice.

  7. Wonderful news for Handsome!
    As for Audrey, just another charming example of how cats see themselves differently than the rest of the world sees them!

  8. Hurrah for dear Handsome! I know from experience that Siamese suffer terribly when they loose their loved ones. They can stay hurt and angry for a long time and the adopting family must be very patient with them.
    They can be difficult to rehome because of this, a Siamese rescue told us, but around here they are usually adopted quickly at any age. I have one full blooded meezer and one mixed meezer and both are delightful!
    But I adore all cats. I hope Handsome has found the most perfect ever.

  9. Good news all around! Have fun at "work". I wish you were here to help me out with the doughnuts!

  10. I think kitties always keep those 'wild' thoughts in the back of their mind! :)
    xo Catherine