Friday, January 6, 2012

a teeny cupboard, a tiny nurse & a little bathroom diva

I added a little cupboard to the kitchen wall today. It's just a little cupboard that was used as a medicine cabinet in a cottage once.
 I'll use it as a tea cupboard. I guess you can say it's shabby chic as it looks like it needs paint but I'm keeping the original look.

I think it's rather cute. I just need to find the right piece of hardware for a handle and it will be complete. Now when I have a tea-cup to show you I have a place to stage it. Oh, you know I'll be playing with this.

I'll be picking up keys for cat-sitting again this weekend.  A few clients are heading south for some r&r so  I get to care for and pamper their kitties. Time to fill up the cat-bag. 2 new cats to show you soon.

Annie is doing well and there have been no complications so far with her spay.
Her nurse (Audrey) has been by her side since allowed to be with her mom again.
She thinks she is tricking me and not allowed with her mom so she tries to hide sometimes.
She is a very intelligent kitten.
(2 sad looking sacks)
I have a bed all set up in the kitty room for Annie but she prefers to be in our bedroom. I just let her be. In this photo, Annie is just home from the vet and I let Audrey sit with her for awhile before secluding her in a room. Annie is still feeling the effects of the anesthetic here.
Annie was weighed when I picked her up and she now weighs 7 lbs.  She is so little but has gained almost 2 lbs. since I brought her home in September. She was just over 5 lbs. then and trying to nurture 3 babies. I'd like to see her gain a bit more now.
Did you know that carrying a litter of kittens may slightly stunt the growth of an immature cat? I have read this in the book called Wholly Cats by Faith McNulty written years ago. I'm afraid this may have happened to Annie as her kitten, Audrey, who is 4 months old,  is quickly reaching her size.

We were out for breakfast with our favorite grand-daughter, Riley. I hope Shelia from Note Songs sees this post as I have just photographed the newest and maybe smallest 'bathroom diva' for her collection.

We had some fun but Ry couldn't figure out what her nan was doing. She just humoured me and played along.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Cute bathroom Divas!!
    Abigail (in the pic on my post) came to us with 5 babies she'd given birth to when she was 6 months old. Her babies dwarf her now. Mums who are kittens when they have kittens, give so much of themselves ..bless 'em.
    Jane x

  2. love your little fits puurrffect..and I always love seeing your furry ones..wish you lived closer so hubby and I could take a vacation together..we take seperate ones as we trust no one to care for our brood.) cute photos of you and Ry..have a wonderful weekend.;)

  3. She is the cutest bathroom Diva ever along with her nan!! Love that little cupboard, oh I know you are going to have fun with that! Glad Annie is doing well, interesting about her not growing so much since she gave birth so young, but I've heard that something like that can happen to teenage girls who get pregnant young also. Their bodies aren't nourished like they should be as it all goes to the babies. I just hope Annie gets stronger since she is such a love!

  4. Have a nice weekend from day is the best day !!!

  5. Glad the spay went well! My Naomi weighs just seven pounds. Tiny little cats! Fingers still crossed for a forever home for these two lovelies. And Riley is adorable, as always.

  6. Riley looks like she is really enjoying her time with you =)
    Happy to hear Annie is doing well. Mom and daughter look so sweet. Give them a cuddle from me, please!

  7. I love that tea cabinet! I'd leave it the way it is too; looks so pretty and vintage. Or - shabby chic, as you said. Your grandaughter is an absolute doll! It's so cute how little ones like to "ham it up" in front of a mirror.

  8. I love to see these two beautiful cats together. I've fallen even more in love with them! Those soulfull eyes make me want to shower them with love and kisses and treats and toys.
    Thrilled to hear Annie's recovery is progressing without incident. They both remain in our prayers.
    Maybe one day you'll show us your baby photo. I bet you looked exactly like Riley.

  9. Oh, P.S. How is Hugo adapting?