Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's play

Two things I know for sure about the average house cat. One, they are usually over-weight. Two, they are some-what bored.

To entertain your cat, there are feathers on sticks, jingly ball, fuzzy mice and the favorite...the ping pong ball. These are all wonderful toys for your cat but they are more fun and the cat will play longer if YOU are at the other end. Cat toys can lie around the floor and hang out in baskets for ages without the cat even noticing sometimes. And we wonder why they won't play with them. It is because these toys are more fun when two play.

There is nothing that will knock off the inches on your cat faster than to have it exercised. A stick with a string and feather on the end pulled around the house can have your cat doing somersaults. A ping pong ball thrown down the hall sometimes up to 100 times a day will keep Fluffy happy and svelte. Add stairs to the picture and the weight will come off even faster. Another helpful hint is to put kitties treats in a treat ball and make it fun to get those treats out.

A good diet, lots of love and plenty of exercise is what your dog needs. Well, guess what? Your cat needs it, too. 
So have some fun with your cat. You'll both benefit from it.

(our tubby-tabby model tonight is our 10 year old Sierra whose weight loss is a work in progress)

"I am just fine..

thank you very much."
This is a busy weekend for cat-sitting. Some clients are leaving and some are returning to very content kitties.
The little scared Torti, Gracie and I became the best of friends this week. No more hiding and now she lets me groom her and we play. Boy, do we play.

I love when the house plants just suddenly bloom for you when you don't expect it.
Simple things like a sunny room in your home is so nice when it's -20 C outdoors.
Add hot chocolate to that and life is good.
Best part of dinner out tonight...fresh, hot bread in a basket (oh mama!)

hugs, Deb

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  1. My mom and dad play with me everyday and YES I do somersaults when my featherboa is flying around with my mom on the other end :)