Thursday, January 26, 2012

More, please

We walked on a trail in the bush today. 

I'm studying tracks and he's studying deer poop
This dog is happiest in the bush.
         It was above freezing and sunny and we took advantage of it. This old dog ran like a pup again. He may be a bit sore tonight but I'm sure he'll think it was worth it.

                          More of this, please.

This little guy's name is Badger. He and his siblings were at the Lanark Animal Shelter until they were taken to a foster home in Carleton Place. If you are interested in Badger, who is 2 months old,  please contact me.
Here he is in his foster home
Unique looking, isn't he?
There are158 cats on the shelter web-site today. That means there are approximately 200 there as some will not be ready to be adopted yet. This number, although there are adoptions every day, never seems to change. One goes out and 2 come in...2 go out and one comes in ..and on and on.
They need your support if you live in our area. They rely totally on public donations.
           Smarties neuter...Dummies don't.
Many of you commented on how much you loved the photo yesterday of Lucky peaking over the table. She is very quick to disappear when I get out the camera but I was able to snap a fast one for you so you can see how lovely she is. This little girl was once a stray cat. Her present owner fed her along with others at her back door. She was able to win over Lucky and bring her indoors. She is a lucky cat indeed having a wonderful and loving home now and I'm lucky, too to be her cat-sitter.
I bought myself a new tea-pot yesterday. Yes, I know I needed one. It was only  $12 at a thrift shop.
May I just say it is the 'Grace Kelly' of all tea-pots. Prettiest one I have. It is made of Fine Porcelain and will hold 4 cups. The tag said $20.00 which I was willing to pay, because I would have kicked myself if I didn't, and then at the cash the owner smiled and informed me it was on sale. Yes! You are all still invited for tea, by the way.

This is the face that wakes me up earlier than need be every morning. 
When her tummy is a rumblin' the world must take notice. Did you notice she has a tabby tail? Oh yes, she's a beauty, too.

hugs, Deb


  1. So many pretty kitties! Love the new teapot, it is really pretty!!

  2. I love your teapot, but not nearly as much as I love the sweet kitty cats! Cute pictures!

  3. Hi Deb! It looks like you had a nice walk in the sure don't have much snow up there. Love the kitty photo's...Lucky is certainly one lucky little cat. You definitely got a deal on your new's lovely! Doesn't it feel good to find a great deal :) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend...
    Maura :)

  4. That's a very unusual tea pot (in a nice way). Lucky is such a pretty little cat, I have a weakness for smaller cats.

  5. oh that little badger is just adorable..and so is lucky and your Audrey.;) too them all and I like your new tea pot and on sale..which makes it even the photos of your walk today..just beautiful:)

  6. The excuse for not neutering that 'gets up my nose' the most is
    "but it's better for them to have one litter".
    Jane x