Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oddly enough...

Yep, I think Brenda from is right, Audrey. You do look like a tiger. If you haven't met Brenda, get on over there and enjoy her beautiful blog.

It was cute to see Audrey's face when Annie came home last night.  Not so cute trying to keep her away from her but we managed. Annie is doing fine. She ate this morning, used her box and is gone back to bed. She was prescribed Metacam for pain once daily. This stuff has many side-effects so we have to watch her closely for vomiting, diarrhea & lethargy & depression. Worse than the ailment, I think. She will be on that for 5 days, no more. Audrey slept with me last night. 

hugs, Deb 


  1. Glad to hear Annie and Audrey are doing well ... weathering the storm!!!! (You, too!)

  2. Audrey is a beauty, and she does have a wilder face with the angular look!

    Deb, if Annie needs pain medication would the vet prescribe Buprenex (Buprenorphine), it is considered much safer than Metacam. Metacam has been known to cause acute renal failure in cats. Both my cats files at my vet are specifically marked NO METACAM for pain relief if needed. Given Annie's history, if her immune system is compromised it could affect her negatively.

    When my 17 yr old Tigger developed chronic renal failure and then a tumour was discovered we started to give her pain medication and I learned alot about Metacam.

    Hugs to Annie on her surgery, hugs to Audrey for missing her mom and hugs to you for looking after these two little souls!

  3. she is a precious girl and you are such a good mama to them..glad to hear Annie is recovering nicely;)

  4. Thanks Karen. I'll talk to my vet about that. She doesn't seem to have much pain at all as I have to keep reminding her that she has to take it easy. She is up and about and up on the couch and walking around and grooming Audrey. (with supervision) So, I may just stop the meds a bit earlier than 5 days. I'll get some advice.

  5. Audrey does have a sweet Tiger face! I think she is becoming a really amazing little cat! Glad Annie is doing so well. hugs, Linda

    PS I love Brenda of Cozy Little House

  6. Buprenex undergoes extensive first pass metabolism when given as an oral dose. Our vet here as well as the vet we saw at Univ. of Pennsylvania had us put the meds on the gums in an attempt to avoid the first pass effect. This may work in a larger animal but most of the med ended up down our Arthur's throat. When we were at Animal Medical Center in NYC, they had us give the drug subcutaneously. The drug worked wonders for relief of pain. Read about first pass metabolism. Very interesting info. ( Arthur had severe spinal stenosis. One of the vets we saw in NYC had a dog with the same problem so he was really able to help Artie Kitty. God bless him.)