Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting fresh

Today I spent most of the day cleaning up the kitten room. I called our spare bedroom the kitten room because I fostered  a mom and her 3 babes last September (if you're new here) and still have the mom, Annie and Audrey with me. The other 2 kittens went off to their new homes. The room, no doubt, took a beating and the retired-guy and I have decided to rip out the carpet and fresh paint the whole room. Then I will have fun decorating. So, that's a little project coming up in the next few weeks. He wants to call it a 'den'. Fine, who cares.

I have had no 'bites' on Annie and Audrey being adopted together. Of course, Christmas is just over and no one has time or the extra money to adopt at that time so I really didn't expect to hear from anyone. They are doing well in our home and have become quite the newest members of our clowder (a group of cats collected in the same place) of cats. The word 'family' really suits my 4 cats better than 'clowder'  but it is a term used sometimes. I think it is mostly for feral colonies.

Audrey loves to eat with the big guys now. She just works her way through their legs and throws her face into the first available bowl.
And they don't mind. Imagine! I have such a great little group here and Mr. Ed has even taken a fancy to Audrey and likes to touch noses with her.
Annie is a little more cautious but then again she is the momma and a little smarter.

I have made a few resolutions for the new year. One, eat healthier. What can be more important than your health. Two, de-clutter my life. I have been working on that for a year now and it feels good. I'm not done and this year I will stay at it until everything that I have no use for has found a new home. It's exhilarating!
Three, help our animal shelter in any way I can.  This year was the worst I have seen in the numbers of cats and dogs being given up or abandoned. I have no answers for this except for everyone to spay and neuter. It sounds simple but for some reason it is not heard. I enjoyed my time fostering for them but I won't be fostering again in this house. We discussed it over Christmas and we now have to get our home ready to sell. If and when it does, a new home will be welcomed and if possible, I will plan to do more fostering there. Right now, I have to concentrate on a good, loving home for these two beautiful girls.
 Audrey is 4 months old now. Annie is just over a year old. They really cannot be separated at this point.

So, I have this yummy pumpkin pie sitting on the shelf (go to 'let's talk dishes' for the recipe) and it will be my last indulgence for the season. Back to eating right like the good Lord intended us to do.

hugs, Deb


  1. thinks these two sweet kitties have their tails wrapped around your heart Deb! :)
    Good luck with your resolutions - health really is very important!
    xo Catherine

  2. It took me awhile to spot the little one in that first pic. And those last two photos are exquisite.

  3. I too am hoping to continue with my organizing this year. I also hope to make life a little simpler so I can really enjoy each moment. I hope Annie and Audrey find a home together, they are both so sweet. That Mr Ed is such a gentleman! hugs, Linda

  4. Sounds like lots of good plans and wishes for the new year!

    Cats think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's...May all your days in 2012 be filled with purrs and not hisses...Happy New Year to you!

  5. Two beautiful, wonderful kitties. Annie and Audrey have found a forever place in my heart. I really love them, Deb.

    Before I can simplify I need to know how to effectively organize. I'm not sure if I need to get rid of stuff or learn how to more effectively manage what I have. A new years conundrum for sure.