Monday, January 16, 2012

She loves me...she loves me not

I'm sitting here tonight thinking about how it's not always easy and quick for me to win over a cat in my care.  I hate to admit it but sometimes the cat NEVER leaves it's hiding place and I end up sprawled on the floor having chats with it while it stays safely tucked under a bed or even a dresser. But it doesn't happen too often and in a case like that I just remain calm and peek in on the cat each visit knowing that it is ok by the food intake and the litter box action.

One of my charges (funny word, right?)  this week has a perfect hiding spot. It is a hollow step that sits on a carpet at the end of a bed and is comfy and cozy. This little torti has been hiding for a few days and only tolerating my charm and wit and a few songs I have painfully sung to her. A feather wand has been my lure but she would have nothing to do with it.....until today. It was just too tempting and she began to play with it. All of a sudden, I didn't look like the bad monster anymore. After a good long time of play, I walked into the kitchen to get her lunch ready and felt someone following me.
                           "Turn around, don't look at me"

Now we are great buddies and she will hopefully look forward to each visit with me. Maybe I'll turn that frown upside-down.
others can't get enough of me.
"I love you, cat-sitter"
Is it wrong that every white cat takes my breath away? They get me everytime. I can't take my eyes off them. I am putty in their paws.
 She had me at "hello"

A bit of cat trivia (since I have a bit of an issue at home. Don't I always?)
Did you know...that kittens begin to lose their ability to digest the lactose in their mother's milk when they reach 10 weeks old. Continuing to nurse from their mother after that age can cause diarrhea in the kitten. Are you guessing where I am going with this?
Someone gets the occasional bout of diarrhea and yesterday I found her with her momma...nursing. I was starting to worry about Audrey's loose stools again but now I know why. Annie is feeling all better since her spay and started nursing her again. So, I have to keep an eye on them. This has to stop now as it is getting a little silly.
"You big baby, Audrey."

hugs, Deb


  1. Maybe Audrey needs to wear a t-shirt for a few days to dry up? Hurrah for winning over Miss Tortie!

  2. Awww - those pictures of the white kitty are adorable. Who could resist. Good job at luring the other kitty out of hiding.

  3. I adore all of these photos! And I'm glad you won over the Tortie. My cats would LOVE you.

  4. My little charge (all 14 lbs of him) took a week to come out from under the bed but once he did, there was no turning back. So happy the little girl gained your trust!

  5. Winning over a cats trust is not always easy especailly if the cat in question has had a hard life. It's great to see that you have such an affinity with these cats.

    I have a friend who rehomed two abandoned cats and it has taken him 2 years to get the cats to feel confident enough to come and sit on his lap. he always knew they would love him in the end.

  6. Glad the Torti fell to your charms! Love the white cat, oh they are gorgeous aren't they. Audrey ya gotta leave the nursing behind, I know it's a comfort thing but poor Annie. hugs, Linda

  7. We're so glad to see the little torti happy! How sad for her to feel fearful in her own home. With you as her sitter, it was only a matter of time, though. Has there ever been a case completely resistant to you and the cat bag?
    White kitties are amazing, aren't they. Only had one because I usually take the cats no one wants ( aged, handicapped or black) but who have great personalities. My Jett had to have his ears removed, prior to my adopting hin, due to skin cancer (beach, southern CA) . He really carried off his earlessness well, with his natural good looks and elegance.
    Is something stressing Audrey enough that she still wants to nurse?

  8. I didn't know that about the milk..good to know..and I love all the kittys in the photos.;)