Friday, January 27, 2012

Nasty day and memories of knitting

I wonder if I'd look this good
                                                     with a face-lift?
It has been snowing all night and a little bit of freezing rain has fallen. The roads are a MESS! I won't be cat-sitting until later in the day so that is good for this scaredy-cat driver on ice. I HATE WINTER driving! Right now it is blowing like mad.

The cats are all finding their spots already for the day. Lily has no shame. She loves her man.

                                           "I'll just settle down right here."
Audrey likes to hide and jump out when you least expect it. 
Because of the nasty weather I have been cleaning and purging again. In the process of looking for some documents I went throw my wicker chest that holds many treasures from years past. In the chest was a bag of knitted items that my mother  made in her later years.

 She was a beautiful knitter. But then, everything my mom did was done with perfection. In amongst her gorgeous knitted mitts, sweaters and vests was a sweater I lovingly knit for my first daughter, Jessica

It had a little hat, too.
After she grew out of it we put it on her biggest doll.

 Because of a busy life, I have not picked up knitting needles for years. Looking at this little sweater makes me want to start again; to create again.  I know I wasn't very good at knitting but practice makes perfect, right.
I am following some blogs that are based on 'knitting' and I love what these women can do. Such beautiful and unique sweaters, shawls etc. done with a steady hand. I just want to reach in and feel the texture of the colourful wool. For instance, Tanna at Just look at how talented this woman is.
Now that I have a beautiful grand-daughter who looks adorable in wool I think I need to pick up the needles again.  Something to think about.

hugs, Deb


  1. Just popped over to see Tanna. What a talented lady..and she has given me an idea for our own kitchen!
    I have just begun knitting again, just simple things...they take me forever and I'm not very good....and I can only knit when the cats are in the land of nod!
    Jane x

  2. Be careful driving! I always dreaded driving when the roads got NOT miss that one bit.

    Kudos to you to start knitting again...I started piano again after a 25 year hiatus. It can be done!

  3. Julie says..I hold my breath on the icy roads, too! Hate the weather up here in Maine and tired of being a good sport about it! Take care, esp. with the black ice..

    Knitting I have never done. To me, there's always been a special aura around someone in the peaceful act of knitting.

  4. I'd rather drive through deep snow than freezing rain - it's the worst. Hope you get your trip done safely.

    If you want knitting inspiration check out the Ravelry website. Things have changed big time in the knitting world! Also for wonderful knitting humour.

  5. That Audrey has big paws. Sure she doesn't have some Maine Coon in her?

  6. Oh, my gosh, Deb! The little sweater and hat you made Jessica are just precious!! How very, very special that they can now be worn by your granddaughter. I love things passed from one generation to the next! And, you are so sweet to mention my knitting. It is great therapy... one I highly recommend!!
    And, I look forward to seeing what you will be knitting for that precious little girl. ;)

    Kitties are all cute!! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your kindness. blessings ~ tanna