Friday, January 13, 2012

Wakey, wakey & let's meet Eric

             Waking after a long wintry nap

Audrey and I had to have a long talk today. Since Annie has been spayed and has had to deal with chin acne (of all things) she has been a bit out of sorts. Luckily, today I did see a positive change in her outlook but she has not wanted Audrey to be close to her for a week now. The problem is mostly that Audrey thinks that she can still nurse from her mom. Uh! Uh! Mom is not interested in that ANYMORE. I have had to stand back and let Annie put Audrey in her place a few times. It has hurt to watch but that is how they learn. A low growl, her body stiffens with a scolding yowl and if Audrey  persists, Annie would give her the boot. Ahhh! Hard to watch this because Audrey gets her feelings hurt but that's life. Today, Audrey showed signs of 'getting it' (she's a bit of a knot head) and slowly worked her way into Annie's bed just to cuddle and once this was evident, Annie accepted her. It's obvious that Audrey misses her mom's affection. It was nice to watch and they slept for many hours together.  I really hope this is the start of a new relationship for them.

Did ya know...
Winter can present special health risks to cats. The antifreeze we use in our cars, if ingested, can be lethal. Cats are attracted to it's sweet taste and can die from sampling it. It can immediately put them into renal failure if ingested. Renal failure is a progressive and irreversible deterioration of kidney function. So, if you use antifreeze,  please keep it stored safely away from your cats and any outdoor cats as well.
Winter ice salt can create similar risks with your cats. If your cat is an outdoor cat, it will lick its' paws after being outside and ice salt can cause severe internal problems. If your cat must wander outside you should wash its' paws when it returns home.

Oh my gosh, how many days 'til Spring?

I met an intact male cat yesterday by the name of Eric. He resides in a thrift store and there is a sign on the entrance door that reads "Do not try to pet this cat". Thank you.
                                                                           Sir Eric
(I took this photo of him before meeting him) 
I walked in and came face to big-jowelled face (his, not mine) with his lordship, Eric.  The fellow, who Eric owns, was dusting his merchandise and I asked him why Eric could not be petted. He replied "OH GOD, DON'T TOUCH HIM ...HE'LL BITE YOU AS SOON AS LOOK AT YOU"

"OK, THEN." Big head, Eric was a stray cat that this kind man took to helping and eventually allowed in to his store. He fell hard and fast for this big guy and when Eric bit him the first time, he obviously forgave him. The second time was a bit more disturbing but his love for Eric continued and now he calls Eric the boss man and never touches him. Eric prefers it that way. 
I noticed the big guy was wearing a pink collar. The song 'Boy named Sue' jumped into my head. I couldn't resist..."Do you think maybe he is a bit pissed about the pink collar he is wearing?"  He laughed.."No, it was a freebie and I put it on him so fast he didn't even have a chance to see what colour it was." I liked this guy.
I wished him luck with Eric and after discussing possible ways to keep Eric's nails trimmed (Oh Lord help us),  I  went on my way.
I think I'll drop in again sometime and maybe bring Eric a bright blue collar. :-)

hugs, Deb   


  1. Aha! If Eric was able to be collared,neutering shouldn't be difficult.
    Jane x

  2. Yes, I had a long talk with this man and told him that if Eric was neutered he might be a much more relaxed and happy cat. He just made a face like "Oh my God, the thought." I know he handles him as little as possible but there are ways of 'gettin' it done'.

  3. Loved Eric's story and it's so nice to hear Annie and Audrey may be getting used to their new roles and back to cuddling!

  4. I know what a horrible problem anti-freeze of my cats was poisoned by it a few years ago around Christmas time...the vet kept him at her house for a week on a drip while me and my husband fretted !! he improved a little and we brought him home and very very slowly he recovered ...he came back from death's door and I'm sooo greateful ! he's a normal cheeky little minx now...cost us a fortune but what a Christmas present ! Gail x

  5. I hope Annie and Audrey are onto a new and improved relationship now. they are both so sweet. I like Eric, lol, cats have so much moxie don't they. hugs, Linda

  6. too bad he doesn't like being touched..I think every animal needs to know what love is..glad to hear that Audrey and Annie are doing well.;)I always love seeing them..I told you that our cat has cat acne has had it since she was 6 months old..and its her food..she is on a no grain diet..and has to take prednisilone everyday..( we usually cut the pill in half) and if she is not eating the other cats food.she does really well..still not gone completely..but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it like when its in full mode on her face..cause it affects their ears, hiney and chin all the way up to their whiskers..and they are miserable..

  7. I happen to love those big Tom faces! Eric is an absolutely gorgeous boy. And what a wonderful person his owner is to love him and to accept Eric just as he is, bitey and all. Most folks would have tried to change him. Tis a gift to be loved exactly as we are.
    Eric has the right to be Eric but I wonder how this gentleman can tolerate the spraying! How did the place smell? Could you see under Eric's tail; maybe he was already neutered. If the poor fellow catches scent of a female in season, he must wreak havoc in the store! I hope he keeps Eric locked inside. To allow him to breed and create additional unwanted pets is unconscionable!
    I know Annie will love Audrey once she (Annie) feels better. Could you imagine anyone treading on your abdomen post surgery! Awful. I am sure their bond will be unbroken.