Friday, January 13, 2012

No's winter in these parts.

You should see the snow outside.
Oh, it's a mess out there. Add blowing wind and slushy roads to thispicture....ugh!
But getting to see my client's kitties and rub their bellies makes it all ok. We are the best of friends, we are.
I like the snow but I am so anxious for Spring. I'm already thinking about the garden and the cats sun-bathing on the deck.
And all the beautiful colours that will be everywhere.
and Tulips.....oh yes. We will find them in the oddest places as the squirrels move our bulbs around. They are very busy squirrels.
After cat-sitting, it is so nice to enjoy some tea and a cookie or two or three or four...and play with little Audrey.
                                  "I'll play with you all day" 
These cups are so pretty but to be perfectly honest I usually use a mug. I like LOTS of tea.
Yes, that's more like it.
Off to walk Kanie in the snow and try my darndest to appreciate the season.

Stay warm & if you enjoyed the art work in this post please pop over to to meet Jeri and be amazed at her talent. I love this blog so much. Always leaves you feeling like a little kid again.
hugs, Deb


  1. The snow looks beautiful. I miss having snow, although I don't miss driving in it!

    And Audrey is such a cutie. How could you give her up?! I'm amazed at those who can foster and then let the kitty go live with someone else, I think it would tear me up too much to let go, unless I knew for sure the kitty was going to a wonderful home.

  2. Oh, the snow, the cold,the ice....roll on Spring! Though our cats don't mind, they spend winter snuggled up in their baskets in front of the fire.
    Jane x

  3. Oh my lots of snow! I love the pic of Audrey peeking out! She is such a sweetie. Enjoy your nice tea and walk with Kane!

  4. You've got me collecting mismatched tea cups and saucers. But as captivating as they are, I find myself making my tea using a gigantic mug that I got at the thrift store! For whatever reason, it brews the most delicious tea! Can't match it except in my old Staffordshire red clay pot, which now has a completely broken top and chipped spout.
    I hope Annie is feeling better. Poor dear! So many things in her short life. Please give her a kiss for me.
    We live in an area without a fall, a true spring and winters that have no snow. I thought I would like it but I don't. I'd be glad to shovel.

  5. Oh my Cod , that was a lot of snow you got now !
    Here in the south of Sweden we don´t and now we hope wew wont either :)

  6. GAAAK! Look at all your snow!!! More hot tea please!
    xo Catherine

  7. Wow..lots of snow! This time last year we had more then 30". This year not even a flake yet! Is it winter? Well we have had these kinds before..not too often but we have guess I shouldn't complain..we stiill have mst of January and Feb..and March cna be bitter too.

    Love the tea cups and prints!

  8. Oh another note..than you SOO much for sending the Hopalong Hollow Gazette is amazing! She is like a modern day Beatrix Potter of my favorites!