Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We want to show you...

I want to show you my beautiful, blue clay soup bowl

I would love to have a dozen of these.
I love to show off favorite dishes
and Audrey wants to show off her big feet

and her big rump with the luscious fur
and her lion face
Isn't she spectacular!

Old habits die hard with this little one. For her own health, she cannot nurse from the mother anymore but  will try to sneak in a meal once in awhile. Her mom is all healed up now from surgery and is allowing her to nurse. I'll be separating them when I am not home so Annie can dry up. Annie's chin is looking much better now thanks to peroxide and serving her dinner on a plate instead of a bowl. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

It is freezing rain here. A little milder temperatures but an absolute mess outside. I am back from cat-sitting (all is going well with the scared little torti. She was out playing with me again today and I just heard from her owners so they are so relieved that she is finally out of her hiding spot. They really never thought she would give in) and the ferals are fed. It's a good afternoon to either sleep in a box or make applesauce oatmeal cookies. 
I chose to make cookies
She chose otherwise

Recipe tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. Such a sweet kitty with a uniquely adorable face. The cookies sound good....*smile*

  2. Wow, Audrey's face is gorgeous!

  3. I think I"d like to sleep in the box AND have the applesauce oatmeal cookies. The wind has just begun and I can hear it whistling through the wood stoves. Spring is only a few months away, right?

  4. I love those big feet of Audrey's! I love cat paws! The cookies sound yummy! hugs, Linda

  5. Cookies! Did someone say cookies! I'll be right over and bring the tea. Strait, flavored or herbal?
    Your china closet looks so lovely today! I think it's my favourite arrangement.

    Our little lioness is so gorgeous! I always fall for that jungle cat look. But Annie's look always gets me too! The tiny little ones with big, soulful eyes. Oh heck, who am I kidding, I'm crazy about all cats.

  6. I love your blue pottery bowl!

    Audrey has really grown into a beautiful kitty...I need a cat sitter, sure wish you lived in Seguin, Texas....

  7. Everyone have the favorite thing to show in this post !
    what I should show mine ?
    May Be a Big Kiss : )
    Luv you, Deb

  8. aaaawwwhhhh!!! your babies melt my heart..and I love your soup bowl;) and I never met a cookie I didn't like;)

  9. I love your beautiful cabinet -- and your cat photos, as always, are tremendous!