Thursday, January 12, 2012

keep kitty toasty warm

Be careful when you walk around at night. You never know who may pounce on you.
How to make a 4 month old kitten...
look spooky
She tries to scare me in the early hours of the morning

We have freezing rain today (the thing I dread the most) and it was no picnic being out on the roads. But along with a few other charges, I have a new best friend for the next few days. Isn't she a beauty!
We hit it off right from the get-go. She looks a little leery of my camera so I only took this one very quickly.
Back home, Sierra is a happy girl with her brand new Campbell's soup box.  Oh, the fun she'll have making it just right. There was nothing left of the last one.
"C'est Bon! eh Sierra"

It's one of those days to play with your dishes and I did just that.
I added a bit of lace to the china cabinet
and added a few bird dishes  
since I am enjoying all the birds at our feeders.
and last but certainly not least...
Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^=let's warm up kitties bed on these cold, wintry days. 
Take a soft old sock and fill the toe part with dry rice. Tie the top of the sock with a knot and place in microwave for 1 minute.  Test it's heat and put the warm sock under a blanket in the cat bed. This should stay warm for an hour. Kitty will be so comfy in her warm little bed and maybe admit, once and for all, that she loves you.

Stay warm!
hugs, Deb


  1. My cats stay warm enough, cuddled up to hubby and me in bed. I'll often put hot water bottles in the bed so that the cats can have them.
    Jane x

  2. My outside kitty has an enclosed container with the door left partially open and a heating pad on low.... she loves it.

    I love the addition of the lace to your china cabinet... the perfect touch.

  3. MOL...4 month old kitten really got a style to have fun ; )
    Mom love your birdy dishes :
    Have a lovely day Deb

  4. Pretty white kitty! Love the bird dishes, and that cat sure looks those boxes!

  5. we have heating pads for our 3 outdoor babies on timers..they love their beds.O)

  6. THe white kitty has the look of a cat about to run for the hills! I love your scary kitty. And the dishes are so pretty!