Monday, January 16, 2012

A wintry walk with a heavy heart.

The cats always have the right idea
as it was one of those days today
It was cold but we headed out for a short walk. We walk by this bed and breakfast every day. Isn't it beautiful! It's called Rosenhof B & B. 

Dreary looking, isn't it?
Snow blowing in your face as you walked
Freshly fallen snow

This is all part of being Canadian.

If you have followed my blog, you know I love my work. I care for cats in the comfort of their own home while the owner travels. I have expanded the area that I will travel to clients and my business has grown. There is nothing I would rather do than this. It, unfortunately has a down-side. I fall so in love with these cats in my care and I am so saddened when I hear of one passing away. Today, I was told that Baby had been very ill and passed away from liver disease. I was scheduled to look after her again this February as I always do while her owners travel south.
My heart is heavy today and I feel sad to know I won't see her again. I cry a lot with this work. 
She was a pudgy, grumpy-faced little ball of love. She always had a big wiggle when she walked and would almost stand on her head to greet me. She was an indoor-outdoor cat and I remember the day she brought me a gift when I arrived
Yes, a worm. I was so flattered. I guess she loved me, too.
I thanked Karen for letting me be a part of Baby's life. I felt priviledged to have been asked to be her care-taker while they travelled. I told her that Baby was very special to me and that I am very saddened to hear the news and that I will miss her funny little face.

"Godspeed, Baby girl" 

I will miss you
hugs, Deb


  1. My heart goes out to you and Baby's owner. She was beautiful,worm gifts and all.:( always sad when this happens.

  2. Warm thoughts from me to you and Baby's family...saying goodbye is so hard, and you have so much love for your furry charges.

    {{hugs}} Trish

  3. So sorry to hear about Baby. I know you felt lucky to care for her, but I bet she and her family felt lucky to have you too. She was lovely, and the gift of a worm! So sweet. Hugs to you, Deb.

  4. Oh dear Deb... I am so sorry to hear about Baby. I can imagine the kind of sadness that comes with your work sometimes. But on the other hand, to have the privilege to be given such gifts (the flattened worm!)... they sure know how to melt our hearts. What an honor!
    Here I just brought another young feral to the vet with the dreaded virus - yes, it will be a while before things return to normal around here.
    Take care Deb, you are so lucky to mean so much to so many cats.
    Hugs from Joan

  5. Deb that is the down side of your work but also the upside is you get to know and love so many amazing cats. I know it's hard for you and I'm keeping you and Baby in my thoughts today. A friend who lived me with with her cat Gypsy for awhile moved to AZ and just let me know that her Gypsy passed away. I cried. I understand. Sending you a 'warm' hug, Linda

  6. "A pudgy, grumpy faced ball of love". Love that kind of a kitty! So sorry to learn of Baby's family's loss...and yours, too.

  7. My heart is sad. Baby's gift of the worm is pure delight. I imagine that a big part of what makes you very successful in your work is that you allow yourself to bond to each kitty. I love knowing that you care care so much about each kitty in your care.

  8. Deb, my heart is heavy with you. But, I'm glad you were able to share her life and she was part of yours. I guess part of loving, no matter who it is, is the part that is the hardest, saying goodbye.

    Your work is so special and there are many, many a lucky cat who would agree with me.

    Mom Julie, Tom & Mittens

  9. Loosing kitties we love is so very difficult. And it never gets easier. We grieve the 21st loss with the same intensity as the first. We know we will suffer great pain when we choose to love things more temporal than ourselves. But having them in our lives even for the shortest of times and suffering the grief is far better than never having known them at all.
    God bless this wonderful little girL and comfort her loving family.

  10. I just found your blog! I love all the photos - gorgeous cats, that I can never get enough of. And if you have a weakness for white cats, check out my Tristan, whose story began here:

  11. Sorry - I didn't mean to reply so cheerfully given the nature of your post - I didn't realize which one I was replying to. I give refuge to 3 cats whose owners are unknown to me - I worry when when they don't show when it's cold - we give them shelter, food and when they allow - a cuddle. We get so attached to them, don't we?