Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Separating the inseparable

if only for awhile

"OK, Audrey, listen up now. Momma is going in to be spayed in the morning so you will have to give her some space for a few days."

Tricky situation it will be. With stitches and healing to be done, the kitten will have to leave her mom alone for awhile. This will not be an easy feat. It will mean keeping them apart. "YOWL"  Wish me luck.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Been there, done that...have plenty of wine to hand!
    Jane x

  2. Good luck to all, Annie and Audrey are such pretty little girls.

  3. I can picture it now, little Audrey wanting to lick her moma's wound, and you trying your best to keep her away....any ideas ?
    They are such sweet girls.
    Good luck Annie !

  4. I wish you luck on this one Deb. You've got your work cut out for you either that or little one will know that her Mama doesn't feel well.
    They are so sweet and I'm glad that you are not separating them.


  5. Oh poor girls! You, Annie and Audrey! It should be a rough few days. Good Luck! hugs, Linda

  6. You worried me there for a minute! I thought it was gonna be permanent. Best wishes for her spay. Please send good wishes to me to catch the kitten hanging out in our granary. I'm getting a bigger humane trap tomorrow, We've put out food and water and a straw-filled box. She got me up at 4:45 am meowing outside my window and has been playing cat and mouse with me all day! :)

  7. We'll be praying for Annie and for an easy surgery with a comfortable recovery. What we always do is ask the vet for a pain shot right before we leave. That way traveling in the car and the nasty carrier aren't so stressful.

    And did you give us a big scare with "separating the inseparable ". On boy!