Sunday, January 8, 2012

lioness, I am I am

"Hi Audrey"

"Audrey, show us those big paws you own."

"Yes, you will be a big girl some day. You will be a lioness.
You already have the nose...
and soon your paws will match.
And Lord knows your 'meow' is growing.

"Go on..."
"Can you leap from tall cliffs and surprise your prey?"
"You betcha"

If you can't be with the cat you love, love the cat you're with.

The sun shone today and it felt good to feel it's warmth on your face.
I'm just back from a walk with the dog and fed the ferals. 
I haven't seen one in ages but I know they are there. I see the prints in the snow. It's getting cold again so I can only leave them some dry food. They'll love tonight's feed. I stopped in at Tim Horton's for a coffee and sandwich after picking up client's keys today and they mistakenly  put ham on my veggie sandwich. Are you ready for this....Kane won't eat ham. HA! This dog cracks me up. There is no more spoiled dog on God's green earth than this guy. So, the ferals got the dreaded ham slices with their dry cat food tonight. I tucked it in the middle of the dry piles to keep it from freezing. They'll think it's Christmas again. 

Hugs, Deb


  1. She is beautiful! And the pink feathers go so well with her coloring. :)

  2. Hi everyone, Glad to meet you all :D

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  3. Oh those pink feathers are very flattering to this sweet Lion girl! Glad the ferals got a little special treat! Hugs, Linda

  4. Audrey is adorable. I hope the ferals appreciate the ham!

  5. Audrey is well on her way to becoming a lioness--beautiful cat! I'm sure the ferals were very excited to get the surprise ham treat!

  6. She looks like a Russian Blue or a Korat. She is such a pretty little Audrey. I love her name.


  7. She definitely looks like she has some sort of pedigree breed of cat in her. Our little lioness! I adopted my Cubby at 11 y.o. He was so neglected and sick. He had cauliflower ears from having untreated infections but I fell in love with him instantly because of he sweet personality and his lion cub looks!
    A few days back you mentioned cat acne. My cats had it when I tried using plastic bowls on the patio because metal made the water to hot. Use only domestically mase stainless steel now. Imports can have odd alloys. We've also had a flare up related to food. Fixed that. I used to use Cascade dishwasher detergent, but we noticed bumpy chins so switched to Palmolive. Our vet told me our latest case was age related. Apparently "teen age" kitties get acne! She gave us a jar of pads, made for cat acne. Must be careful with what you use
    because of the licking factor.
    God bless you for caring fir the homeless kitties. They deserve special treats in their hard lives.

  8. They are so cute and the last picture looks just like Sudden:-)


  9. Look at the long legs on that kitty! She's a beauty Deb and if she ever grows into those feet...oh my goodness :O I had to laugh at Kane not liking ham...that's a first for me LOL! I think all your critters have a wonderful home and family...can't wait to see what the future brings ;) I hope your day was a good one so far and have a wonderful week!
    Maura :)

  10. I said from the beginning that Audrey reminded me of a Lioness!!!

    As for Kane...maybe he is Jewish?