Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mr. & Mr. Ed

thru & thru
Ed will be 23 years old this year. He wears the clear blue eyes of royalty. His blood is ancient. His sleek and elegant body was once worshipped through history. Now the world is silent for him but he still commands attention. 
He can be bold; he is always loving.
He has owned us since May, 2009 when I found him at our local animal shelter. He loves us and Lily with all his heart.
She loves him, too. (again)
He has healed well since his leg injury last Fall. We are so thankful for that and hope to have him for years to come.

After cat-sitting, I am off to an antique shop in search of some tea-cups.  "No, I don't need more cups...just want them. What I am really hoping for is to come face-to-face with another little french country cabinet. Now that would be a find. We'll see. :-) 

Hugs, Deb


  1. This blog touches me,again so much love !!.Sorry for my Englisch,it is not so good!
    xxx Elisabeth

  2. Love your kitty pix! My cat border has gone back to his mom and pop. Worked out great. Three weeks of bliss for all of us...and his parents said he was really great when he got back home with no signs of stress. PHew!

  3. Aw Deb that is so sweet...buddies forever. I think your Mr Ed is very fortunate to have found such a warm and loving home with you and your hubby and Lily and of course your other critters. I hope you found what you were looking for at the antique shop!
    Maura :)

  4. Ed is one lucky, loved cat to own you! I just know you're extending his life even more than it already was, just by adopting him into your loving family. All kitties should be so lucky. :-)


  5. I love your Ed kitty =)
    Gentle hugs for him
    (glad to hear he healed of his fall injury!)

  6. Mr Ed is quite the blessing for you all. I sure hope for such a long life for all my kitties.

    Is there such a thing as dish-addiction? just wondering... :)

  7. It's not just amazing that Ed is turning 23. It's amazing that he looks about 10. You obviously take fantastic, loving care of all your pets! Here's to Mr. Ed! And you and Mr, too!

  8. Those are some tender moments there!! Mr. Ed ROCKS!! Glad he chose you as his staff and Lilly as his kitty:D

  9. You and the Mr are so lucky to be owned by Mr Ed! He is a love for sure. Hope you found something at the antique store. I found a sweet teacup, no saucer but still it's lovely. hugs, Linda

  10. What a touching, heart warming post. We really love our darling Ed; such sweetness and such catrisma!
    When we see him cuddling with his darling Lily it always brings a tear( or two) to our eyes. We are overjoyed to know he has recovered so splendidly from his fall. But then, he looks very fit and not a bit his actual age.
    Will you give him our love and kisses!

    God bless you, Ed. You mean the world to us.

  11. how blessed you are to have a cat who has lived to be are truly blessed.

  12. Mr. Ed is such a special guy, I'm so happy you know how lucky you are to have each other. 23 years, that's simply amazing.

  13. What a wonderful post! I love seeing the pictures of mr. Ed (and the other kitties as well) when I come to your blog.

  14. 23 years old! Fantastic!! Mr. Ed is one well loved cat I think. :)
    xo Catherine

  15. Mr. Ed is so regal and beautiful! Sweet, sweet pictures. 23 years. WOW!

  16. Love the way you describe him. He certainly is very regal indeed! Those Seal Point Siamese got it goin' on! Of course whenever I see he & Lily snuggled up I just melt inside and out.

    At my other computer I am unable to see your photos so I don't get to post all the time. But I do read and when I get home if the boyz aren't keeping me busy I can post :)