Thursday, May 31, 2018

As June rolls in...

I welcome my favorite month with open arms.
I have been reading your blogs and enjoying them so much but have found little time to construct one myself. But today I felt it was about time to get back to it. I still have not had time to fix photos on the blog but it may be awhile for that. Life is just too busy. I have been cat-sitting, gardening, helping where I can with the construction project, seeing grands when at all possible and keeping Annie company. Just as I expected, Annie has been very lonely and sluggish since Audrey passed so the retired-guy and I took a trip to Bee Meadow Farm to visit our fabulous friends Natalie, Gordon and Ronna and look at a little brown tabby girl last Friday. As lovely as she is, I felt she may not be the right fit for Annie so we spent a bit of time with Grayson. Grayson was a little stray picked up at a feed mill near Bee Meadow Farm. Natalie said he had been abandoned and was starved when found. He was nervous but I could pick him up and I felt in no time flat he would be quite comfortable in a new home. He looked to be quite the character and that he'd keep us amused with his antics. So home he came.
 Meet Grayson now named Wilson.
 (that's my maiden name)
                                    Four year old Wilson

We already love this little guy and yes, he does resemble Audrey. It was for that reason that I did not want to even look at him but something kept drawing me back to him. His personality and body build are very different from Audreys and he has his own unique face. He will need a wee bit of fattening up but you know that is no problem here. :-b 
We have that down. lol
He meows like a girl and fancies himself a mighty lion as he seeks out all the high places in his new home.
Annie took her sweet time to welcome the little guy but already we see her much calmer and she has perked up with curiosity. Although she has still not allowed him to touch her she will share her toys and sit next to him calmly.

They will be fine. :))) 

The entrance to the wood-lot

The hot summer-like weather has made for being busy gardening and moving dirt from here to there. We have planted fruit trees, added perennials, annuals and more ground cover. Our veggie garden is in albeit it is much smaller this year. The mounds of dirt from the big dig will be moved in the next week and we have had twenty-one tons of sand delivered for landscaping. The resident critters are busy nesting and finding new dens. Our bird houses are filling up and we saw our first blue-bird this spring. We hoped she would nest here but she left. :(

                                        Little house wren

The house construction continues and keeps the retired-guy busy into the late hours.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer-like weather.  
Already I see it will be a hot one for us here in Ontario.
No complaints here, though, after the worst winter ever.

Enjoy your evening. I'm off to read your posts.

Be kind,


Here is a link to Grayson/Wilson's rescue by Bee Meadow Farm.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank you and Happy Mother's Day

I want to thank everyone for your kind and thoughtful comments and emails on Audrey's passing.
Believe me, your words were very comforting.
It has been a very hard nine months; a road to hell, really. After fighting so hard to improve her health it was evident in the last few weeks that Audrey had a brain tumor. I also knew that the hard decision to let her go was out of my hands. With the help of our wonderful vet she went home very peacefully.

Audrey has been laid to rest here on my grandmother's land. I feel fortunate to be able to keep her close.

Just like myself, Annie needs some time to adjust. She is very quiet and needy right now but I believe in my heart that she knows Audrey left us. She stayed very close to her on her last day. Annie is a very sensitive cat and has been through the loss of five cats and a dog in the last six years. We will be each other's rock.

I want to wish all the wonderful MOM'S a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.
I will be surrounded by my three children, their spouses and my five grandittles. Oh, and of course, Cooper my grand-kitty.

Enjoy your day MOMS. xo
                                                                     My girl

Friday, May 11, 2018

My beautiful Audrey

                                  Audrey - God's Masterpiece
                             "I could not have loved you more."
                                       Rest well, my little one.
                                 I will love and miss you forever.
                                       Sept.13/11 - May 9/18