Monday, January 30, 2012

We all need sun

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please, don't take
My sunshine

At 17 years of age Lily would be 84 (human years)
At 24 years of age Mr. Ed would be over 96 (human years)

It's obvious that Lily goes for the 'older guy' :)

I'm longing for the hot days of summer with long walks & sandals, gardens & picnics and cold beer (not for me, thanks) iced-tea and fresh picked fruit. 

Here is my favorite picture of our dog, Kane enjoying a sunny day. All four off the ground.  :)
Is that a happy dog?  You betcha.
Another one of my sun-worshipers. This face speaks volumes.

Stay warm. It's reasonably cold and dark and slushy here. It's been a really wet winter so far. Blah!
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hugs, Deb

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another beautiful gift and oh, so many cats.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to walk in the bush. Mild, sunny and the snow was packed down well for Kane to run. Oh, he'll suffer a bit for it but really, he does think it is all worth it. He gets his vitamins and glucosamine and plenty of rest.

Here's another gift from Peru for a 'worried' mother.

Lighting not great here but oh my gosh this is so cozy. I'll wear it out in the Spring but for now it feels great just to wrap yourself in it and watch a good movie on the couch.

Such beautiful gifts from Peru.

Lots of my clients are feeding birds and I caught this little one on camera this morning.
A Cardinal. I had to take this from inside the car so as not to scare it away.
Someone inside was so busy with her toys she missed all the action at the bird-feeder.
Little Audrey has discovered the heat of the wood-stove and has decided on how to spend her afternoon.
                                "Sweet dreams, Audrey"
Spirit & Snowy are sitting at the Lanark Animal Shelter right now waiting for a home.
They are 2 months old. And look at little Wanda. She's only 6 weeks old.
They just melt my heart.
Right now there are 155 cats on their website.

Please spay or neuter your cat.

hugs, Deb

Something new to show you

I have something new to show you.
I got this for Christmas 'cause I am a spoiled momma.

Allie brought me this back from Peru.
"I LOVE IT" and will be having a dinner party soon to show it off.  All my family are afraid of spilling wine on it so I have to find a clear cover for it first. 

It looks great with or without the leaf in the table.
One of them even said he thinks he might eat on the porch when I have this on the table. Cute!

I guess Allie figured I worried enough to deserve a beautiful gift.
She bought this in a market from the woman who made it.
"She said, You have a momma? buy this for your momma"

                          Yes, I deserved it.
                                          Thanks, Allie.
             Ed loves it, too since it has all his colours.
But that's not you tomorrow.

Off for a walk before I get 'blogger's butt'.

                    Have a great Sunday.

hugs, Deb

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nasty day and memories of knitting

I wonder if I'd look this good
                                                     with a face-lift?
It has been snowing all night and a little bit of freezing rain has fallen. The roads are a MESS! I won't be cat-sitting until later in the day so that is good for this scaredy-cat driver on ice. I HATE WINTER driving! Right now it is blowing like mad.

The cats are all finding their spots already for the day. Lily has no shame. She loves her man.

                                           "I'll just settle down right here."
Audrey likes to hide and jump out when you least expect it. 
Because of the nasty weather I have been cleaning and purging again. In the process of looking for some documents I went throw my wicker chest that holds many treasures from years past. In the chest was a bag of knitted items that my mother  made in her later years.

 She was a beautiful knitter. But then, everything my mom did was done with perfection. In amongst her gorgeous knitted mitts, sweaters and vests was a sweater I lovingly knit for my first daughter, Jessica

It had a little hat, too.
After she grew out of it we put it on her biggest doll.

 Because of a busy life, I have not picked up knitting needles for years. Looking at this little sweater makes me want to start again; to create again.  I know I wasn't very good at knitting but practice makes perfect, right.
I am following some blogs that are based on 'knitting' and I love what these women can do. Such beautiful and unique sweaters, shawls etc. done with a steady hand. I just want to reach in and feel the texture of the colourful wool. For instance, Tanna at Just look at how talented this woman is.
Now that I have a beautiful grand-daughter who looks adorable in wool I think I need to pick up the needles again.  Something to think about.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More, please

We walked on a trail in the bush today. 

I'm studying tracks and he's studying deer poop
This dog is happiest in the bush.
         It was above freezing and sunny and we took advantage of it. This old dog ran like a pup again. He may be a bit sore tonight but I'm sure he'll think it was worth it.

                          More of this, please.

This little guy's name is Badger. He and his siblings were at the Lanark Animal Shelter until they were taken to a foster home in Carleton Place. If you are interested in Badger, who is 2 months old,  please contact me.
Here he is in his foster home
Unique looking, isn't he?
There are158 cats on the shelter web-site today. That means there are approximately 200 there as some will not be ready to be adopted yet. This number, although there are adoptions every day, never seems to change. One goes out and 2 come in...2 go out and one comes in ..and on and on.
They need your support if you live in our area. They rely totally on public donations.
           Smarties neuter...Dummies don't.
Many of you commented on how much you loved the photo yesterday of Lucky peaking over the table. She is very quick to disappear when I get out the camera but I was able to snap a fast one for you so you can see how lovely she is. This little girl was once a stray cat. Her present owner fed her along with others at her back door. She was able to win over Lucky and bring her indoors. She is a lucky cat indeed having a wonderful and loving home now and I'm lucky, too to be her cat-sitter.
I bought myself a new tea-pot yesterday. Yes, I know I needed one. It was only  $12 at a thrift shop.
May I just say it is the 'Grace Kelly' of all tea-pots. Prettiest one I have. It is made of Fine Porcelain and will hold 4 cups. The tag said $20.00 which I was willing to pay, because I would have kicked myself if I didn't, and then at the cash the owner smiled and informed me it was on sale. Yes! You are all still invited for tea, by the way.

This is the face that wakes me up earlier than need be every morning. 
When her tummy is a rumblin' the world must take notice. Did you notice she has a tabby tail? Oh yes, she's a beauty, too.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

good recipes and off to kitty-sit

What could be more relaxing than a good hot cup of tea.

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle loves tea. I guess we have something in common.
And how about some cinnamon sugar toast to start your morning. Nothing better! Or is there?
Have you made these Pumpkin Muffins yet? WHAT!!!! You haven't.
I'm having one right now with some pineapple slices. I think this is what they serve in heaven for breakfast.
Woops! Looks like the walnuts rolled around a bit on the muffins. Oh well, they still taste great. Not too many Applesauce Oatmeal cookies left ( recipe at 'let's talk dishes'). Don't you just love muffin cup holders. Some of them are over-the-top cute. I'll have to give some of these to Riley.
I can't do a thing in the kitchen without my assistant
"You couldn't boil water without me"

Pop over to 'let's talk dishes' for the recipe if you so desire.

But if you still want that cinnamon sugar toast, here is how you make it.
It is 3 tbsp. of sugar to 1/i2 tsp. of cinnamon. Make as much as you want. Put that in a little jar and *shake*
This is a big favorite in my family. I make it ahead and keep it on the counter.

I'm off to cat-sit and spoil some kitties left in my care. This can't be a's too much fun. They were both very shy when we first met. Here is Lucky the first day I cared for her.
But we are good friends now. Lucky & I come. (photos comin')

hugs, Deb