Monday, February 29, 2016

Dear David

Thank you for the nice 'feel better' comments that I found today. I know you told Audrey to deliver your messages to me but she didn't. :-b She was on the phone most of the day looking for more assistance.
Now she is resting up after two horribly neglectful days.


It's been snowing again and spring looks far off to me today. This next month is always hard to get through; our impatience for spring shows on our faces. We are so bored with winter by now and want to get outside to clean up the grounds and plan for spring gardens. But, when you look out our windows it seems months away.
So, planting inside is all we can do for now. And decorating...always decorating.

Now that does not look like a new bird at the feeders.

No, that's our neighbour, David.
You must know by now my love for cats but I see I will have to give this guy a talkin' to when I see him again.
Before we moved to this property it was a vacant lot full of mice, moles, chipmunks and birds passing through.
David loved it here; it was his hunting ground.
We have invaded his property, in his mind.

He knows we welcome him at the mouse-house but not at the feeders.
We actually enjoy this big tabby boy.

Hmmm...this could be quite a conundrum.

So,  I filled the feeders once again and lured him over to the mouse-house. I gave him some scritches and a treat and looked him straight in the eyes. "David, you are a magnificent cat. Every-time I look at you I see the wildness of the tiger, the power of the cheetah. I really do adore you BUT YOU CAN'T HUNT HERE.
"Now go home."
And he did head home. 
He's a funny guy.

In my boredom, I have spent some time going through my Easter decor.
Audrey helped.
My step-back cupboard is ready for when the grandittles visit...full of Easter delights.
Maybe my next post will have some colour. :)

"Happy Leap Day to everyone."
We still await our grandson's arrival.
I think he was waiting for nana to feel better.
Well, I'm better now.
It would be fun to have a leap-year baby.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, February 27, 2016


"Deb is down with the flu
and I'm getting nervous.
It's really quite pathetic.

"I've put a call in to the OSPCA just to be sure they check in here and see that my needs are met."
"The retired-guy can feed me but he doesn't realize all the intricat details to my day.
I have a lot of small parts.
And my moms are too sleepy to care."

"I don't care."

"Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. This could be a catastrophe."


Friday, February 26, 2016


I was away all day and returned just before dark. As I headed past the feeders I noticed they were once again completely empty. In one cold, wintry day the food had been taken by grateful birds of all sorts.
"I'll fill them tomorrow", I thought, and came in to feed two impatient, hungry cats.
As I was filling bowls with stinky goodness, I couldn't help but notice a wee little chickadee standing on one of the platform feeders; an empty platform feeder. Then it flew over to a tree branch and sat. In my eyes it looked cold and hungry. I put my coat back on and headed out.

I had just stocked up with black sunflower seeds, mixed seed and the very popular peanuts. My bins were once again full. As I went out to bring the feeders into the garage the little chickadee didn't move from it's perch. I think it knew I'd be back with food. It's beauty struck me and I felt so privileged to be staring it in the face.

Is it the mother in me that wants all stray cats and wild birds to have a full tummy, every-day, all day long?
I question that about myself but I know that it would have bothered me all night long if that one little bird had flown away hungry. So, maybe it's a bit selfish, too.

I wish nothing and no-one knew hunger. I can't imagine how frightening and painful it must be to have an empty stomach with no sure sign of relief in site. It must be terrifying for an animal to look around and not find anything to relieve the pain of the empty stomach. No where to turn.
That's how I think they must feel in the winter months; these beautiful innocent birds.

I've been looking at potting shed kits with the need to have one built this summer. I can't wait to have my own little space filled with garden paraphernalia, a big sunny window and seed bins all neat and tidy. Much different than most garages, if you know what I mean.

Look at this little cutie.

It's still cold in these parts; more snow on the way this weekend. I know...enough already. But this is normal for the month ahead. March can be very unpredictable. I'm hoping it is...
                                 in like a lion...out like a lamb.
                                                       without the togue, please.


hugs, Deb


Wednesday, February 24, 2016



"Hi Audrey. I was just looking at blogs.
 Are you here for a few scritches?

"Ya, ya, I thought I'd give you a thrill seeing you are doing nothing."

"A little to the left now."

"Oh, that's good. "

"I really needed that since there was no sun today."

"I love your airplane ears and it's nice that you come to me for attention, Audrey. It means you love me."

"It's nice you are good for something, Deb."

"Shhhh...don't ruin the moment, Audrey."

Now I think I deserve some hot tea in my Spring cup after being a personal (unappreciated) massage therapist today.

It has been snowing all morning and the weather report is not good. Freezing rain is to follow along with 5 - 10 cm of fresh snow.
We are all so tired of this weather. The retired-guy headed out to clean the snow off the drive-way (again) in case we get the call to be with our grandittle, Gwynn, if it's time for the new one to arrive.
We have to stay one step ahead of this crazy weather.

Hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friendly feeders still open for business

After my morning walk with the turkeys...

I made another batch of suet for the resident birds which number a few hundred now.
Mourning Doves, Chickadees, Blue-jays, Woodpeckers, Gold Finch, American Wrens, Juncos, Redpolls, Nut-hatch, Sparrows, Starlings & Black Crows. And, my Pileated Wood-pecker couple that visit often.

Not too aesthetically appealing to us but boy, do the birds love it. This will now be put in the freezer to harden. The large cake goes in the dry bird-bath for the larger birds that have trouble at the feeders; the small ones in the suet cages.

I had been given some stale organic pretzel crackers for the birds so I added them to the suet block along with some Shreddies and an apple, core and all. I like looking around the cupboards to see what I can add that will nourish the little beggars. This should keep them happy for awhile and that makes me happy, too..
I think because of the winter soon winding down  (25 more days 'til Spring) this may be the last batch for this year. I will continue feeding the birds all year but not be putting suet out in a month or so.

                              The pretty little Chickadee.

There is still lots of snow here, and more on the way, but I'm thinking

hugs, Deb

Monday, February 22, 2016

Around the mouse-house today.

Today, we started growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries inside the mouse-house. TOTALGREEN has growing kits that can be started inside between February & June. There are plenty of steps to go through before they are ready to be planted outside but it may be well worth the effort.
I have never started fruit bushes from seed so this will be a big surprise if they grow.
TOTALGREEN is a seed company from Holland.

The sun is pouring into the mouse-house today. And, it's warming up.
"Welcome to the land where you can get sun-burn and frost-bite in the same week."

I still have the pretty card mailed to me from Linda at Woke Up,  Got out of Bed, sitting out to admire. It's such a rarity these days to have someone take the time to send you a card, let alone make it herself like Linda did, that it remains very special.

Veeeery early this morning,"thank you, Audrey", I spotted a blue-jay, mourning doves, a downy woodpecker and a grey squirrel all feasting at the same feeder.
For once, the blue-jay seemed to be waiting his turn.
Normally, they just bully their way in and everything else becomes air-bound.
This was taken at 6 a.m. while gobble-guts enjoyed her first meal of the day.
She is now snoring under a blanket.
And...she believes no-one can find her.
Ahhh...the life of a spoiled cat.

sharing at
hugs, Deb

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Awesome Muffins. :-))

How to make tea-time 'Awesome'
These are so good I have to share the recipe.

 I made them last week and they were delish.
 So, after a successful, but gut-wrenching morning of clothes shopping, I made them again. I like to reward myself after hours in an overly-bright, teeny-tiny fitting room remembering the days when anything looked great and I didn't wonder who the heck that was in the mirror. And that mirror, and that mirror...Oh Gawd! You say to yourself, "I wonder if I look different in the one next door?"  I didn't.
 Oh ya, the good 'ol days. But, I came home with a few new articles so I'm happy...and hungry.

So here's the recipe.
                                            BANANA BREAD Muffins
You need...

1/2 cup butter
1 c sugar
2 eggs
3 med over-ripe bananas
1 3/4 c of flour
1 tsp soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup of walnuts
Cream butter & sugar together.
Beat in eggs.
Add mashed bananas
In a separate bowl, mix flour,soda, powder & salt.
Add nuts
Add this to banana mixture.
Place in a greased (or parchment paper) 9x5x3 inch pan
Or for muffins place in muffin tins.

I add a bit of brown sugar to the top of loaf or muffins just for that added taste.
Muffins...bake 25 minutes at 350
Loaf...bake 1 hour at 350

Hope you enjoy them.

                    "Do any of you beans see the irony here?"
"That's enough, Audrey."

If you drop by the mouse-house without notice you will be served tea and a muffin but you can expect to walk over 500 cat toys; most likely trip on a cat-nip saucer track or get your toes caught in one of the many cat mats. Ya, this place is a real 'house beautiful'; right out of a magazine, but the felines are happy. :-b
I guess it's time to vacuum again.

These muffins are wonderful with that first cup of coffee in the morning.
The snow is falling (again), the temperature is rising 
and there is hope of seeing the sun.
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

Pop over to for Foodie Friday.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Purple pleasure & butterflies

My African Violets are doing well at the mouse-house.
One is in full purple bloom right now.

Just having that little bit of colour during this grey time of year is nice.
Well, I should say 'white time of year' as we are still digging out.

This is a photo I took at our previous home of Annie in the dining-room.

That cat is my shadow and loves to know where I am at all times.

The violets sit high on top of a shelf now in the teeny-weeny dining-corner in the mouse-house.
These flowers are quickly becoming a favorite of mine as they bloom throughout the year and seem to be at their best just when you need them. Kind of like my Annie. ;-)

Gwynn is getting lunch ready for her baby here.
He was dragged around quite a bit yesterday while I cared for her in the morning.
He was fed, burped and then put to bed before she could even think of having lunch herself.

I'm a little on edge these days as real baby is due this week. I feel like I'm housing butterflies.

Life is about to change very soon at Gwynn's house. :)

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My little Peach (aka Annie)

All washed up and ready for my second nap.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Old Spring photos. :)

After-math of that hideous snow storm we just lived through.
Close to 50 cm of fresh snow fell on Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We got our fairshare at the mouse-house.

 I've decided I can't stand this dreary, dark, wet and cold time of year another day. I need colour, warmth and the smell of Spring.
And, so does this black bird.

So, I went through some of my old Spring photos and want to share them with you. 
What makes me happy?
Pretty dishes, gorgeous flowers and beautiful cats.

The world is filled with beauty.
 daisies; the happiest flower on earth.

Now I feel better.
that was fun so I think I will look for more photos.

Spring begins March 20th
that's not far off.

Enjoy your day,