Thursday, February 4, 2016

Time to dream...

(Animated birds in Spring)

Here, let me rub against that. =^..^= Don't was dry.

I'm thinking Spring.
I found a bird-house that looked worse for wear in the garage today so I gave it a fresh coat of paint and prettied it up for Spring.
I'm hoping a little Chickadee or brown Wren will take a fancy to it and make it their home.
What would be cuter than baby birds at the mouse-house?
Well, maybe a kitten, but again...just dreaming. *grin*

Yes, I'm thinking Spring even though we have six loooong weeks to go.

Just in case a little Chickadee or Wren takes a liking to this rent-free home, I put a little rustic porch at the front for momma when she just has to get away from those screaming kids for awhile.

I'm a mom....I remember. ;-)

Another month and it will be time to put those 2 inch pieces of
shredded paper
pet fur
out in a suet cage to help provide material for momma-bird-to-be
to build that beautiful nest.

Something important to remember is to use neutral colours when you can so the bird nests in trees are not made visible to predators.

Bright colours will attract them more easily.
And we don't want that now, do we.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one dreaming of Spring.

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hugs, Deb


  1. That your not I cant wait till spring . I just noticed yesterday my Daffs are poking up above ground WOOHOO ! I do like that little birdie house the hole looks big enough for sparrows to when Papa makes bird houses here he makes specific sized holes for each size of bird so that other birds cant get in he gets the sizes from a bird house making plan . I think Papas spring project is to more birdie houses I remember him mentioning it a few days ago . Come on spring ! Our birdies are spoiled aren't they? lol ! That's ok they give us more in return that's for sure ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos . Have a good day !

  2. kitten??? is Pierre going to make an appearance? :) ;) ;) Love the bird house.

  3. We almost hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning, but today we have a dusting of snow...Spring is playing hide-and-seek with us! Love the photos of Annie and Audrey on the side; Audrey as a kitten is just too precious! A new kitten sounds wonderful!

  4. I was just thinking I wanted to paint and decorate a bird house Deb! I love yours!!! I may have to be an old copycat!!! Big hugs!

  5. Oh Spring is going to wonderful this year! Oh yes, a kitten :) we need some young antics in your mouse house!

  6. You are most definitely not the only one dreaming of spring! I got a tiny taste of it last night and now I'm itching for more! I think I'm going to order my seeds soon....that might help me get through the next couple of months.

  7. I think you can bet on the Chickadees loving this new bright and cheerful home - I find they love the similar sized one our front porch and have built nests in there the past couple of Springs., also in small houses on our back fence. Meanwhile, the wrens still seem to prefer making their nests in hanging baskets, window boxes, a wall box by the front door etc., they never seem to go into a bird house around here.

    Are you considering a new kitty Deb? That would be wonderful and any kitty moving into your home will be so lucky, and much-loved.

  8. I save the lint from the dark loads of clothes during the winter....just for the spring birdies!!
    We have a wren who nests on our back porch. She makes a mess, but everytime hubby goes out, she sits on the fence around the porch and sings to him. How can I be aggravated about the mess??? :^)
    Blessings to you and your menagerie,

  9. That's a pretty bird house. I'm thinking of Spring too!!!

  10. You gave that bird house a new life! It looks great...some mama to be bird is going to fall in love with it!

  11. I see many birds fighting over that sweet house
    Perhaps a Wren!
    Linda :o)

  12. Maybe a lucky new middle age cat might like living in the mouse house. Your house, your rules, I'm just selfishly hoping to see a new face soon. Gail

  13. I think we all are dreaming of spring. The bird house is so pretty. Just right for a little wren...or chickadee. Oh my, just thinking about a new little would not surprise me.