Thursday, February 13, 2020

Snowy days

We have snow and lots of it. But the days are mild this week and sometimes you can ditch the wool scarf and grab a pretty spring one covered in birds to head out for a walk.

Last weekend, our grand-dog, Forrest, came with his overnight bag which held his bowl, food and his chewie. :-) He  spent much of his time running amuck in the wood-lot. And look at that snow. Agh!

 He loves it there and at this time of year I don't have to worry
about the critters.  And in the summer he stays on lead.
He's a bit of a goof-ball.

January was a month of very little snow but I expect February will make up for it.
We Canadians never get much of a break from winter. That's why we are a tough lot.

Wilson is a sun-worshiper and no matter where it appears in the house he will find it.

The fire is roaring and these two 
are snuggling the day away

Cora was scheduled for a spay on the 11th and just six days before she went into H.E.A.T.

This darling face kept us up for four nights while she wandered around screaming like an injured seal. Even Wilson was sleep-deprived by the end of it. The retired-guy slept with ear plugs in. I was a zombie by the end of it. But I still love her.

And now she is back to her old self and peace is restored.
Little being=big voice. It's so good to hear her mouse-like squeaks again. :-)

Hope all is well with everyone.

be kind, 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hello February.

Well, hello February. 
You are a month I do not normally look forward to but, hey...we are that much closer to spring.
And I could use a new start to the year.

First off, Wilson and Cora want to wish their rescuer, Natalie at Bee Meadow Farm a "Happy Birthday" and may the year ahead for her be the best one yet. They send their love and purrs and thank you again for giving them that chance at a good life in a home where they are loved to the moon and back. We love you Natalie.

And they will celebrate the occasion by staying right where they their bed by the fire. I will sweep later. :-b

In keeping with my need to work on my health and for the good of my soul to NOT buy supermarket eggs, I headed over to see Lucy for her farm fresh, free-range, delicious and nutritious eggs.

It was lovely to be greeted by Charlotte the donkey and a few of her cows at the fence. The chickens are inside the coop on these cold days but will be out and about come the milder weather to live as chickens should.
Just google Battery Hens and I'll bet you a doughnut you will never buy eggs from these large factory farms where the poor souls never see the light of day and live their lives in wire cages piled one on top of the other. It makes me really does.

We had a pileated woodpecker visit the other day but I didn't get a photo this time. He came right up to the deck and had a go at the suet cake outside the window. Fascinating birds. They stand about a foot and a half.
We sometimes get up to twenty mourning doves at a time at our birdbath. They seem to be the bird that needs water the most. They are so pretty.

We are having a mild winter in Ontario this year, very little snow. Last year it started snowing in October and was still snowing in April. A record-breaking snow year.  And if it's cold one day it's mild the next.
I'd say it's been a perfect winter.

I spent a day going through bins of dishes, pottery and china collected over the years to have my girls rummage through them and take what they want and send what's left to a thrift shop.
I had lots of help. You know...the best kind. :-)

It's a beautiful sunny day today so I'm heading out to enjoy it.
And I see David, the King of the Wild Frontier, has the same idea.
I'll have to warn the critters in the woodlot, give him a hug and then send him on his way.
He will be here every day come spring to help put our gardens in.

We received a beautiful card from my vet and the staff at the Carleton Place Vet Clinic in memory of our Annie.
Thoughtful words were written. And it is very much appreciated.

be kind, Deb