Monday, November 30, 2015

Finding Christmas and special memories

At 4pm every evening the mourning doves arrive at the mouse house. I doubt they are very far at any one time but they sure do keep a schedule when it comes to feeding at the feeders. I go out, if I'm home, just before they arrive and leave some fresh seed for them. They love the mixed seed with a few sunflower seeds thrown in. There are usually twelve to sixteen of them that very politely feed together. They have to be my second favorite bird after the charming chickadee. The chickadees are here all day...first to the feeders.

Simon seems to have 'gone under' for now. There has been no sign of the little guy for a few days. I also have not seen the hawk since Thursday past. The hawk sat on a branch right above where Simon eats waiting for him. I chased it away cursing it as it lifted off. I then decided to leave the chairs out as a sort of tent for Simon. I'm hoping the little chippy has started his hibernation as it is very cold here today. So cold, that while I stood outside helping the retired-guy with some projects my feet began to freeze and I came in to dig out the winter boots. Now that is cold.
Simon lives under the old pump and feeds on the platform. You can see his front door between two rocks.

My Christmas wreaths light up at night and there are lights along the front gate and fence. It will help to find our drive-way from the road as you can sometimes almost miss it driving home at night. There is a lit wreath for the birds to enjoy just beside their feeders. I can fill it with berries over the winter.

Christmas is showing up everywhere in our neighbourhood. It may seem early to some but I can't help thinking that putting up colourful lights on trees and houses is a way to lift the spirits of people after so many tragedies in the world lately.
You can't help but feel the spirit of Christmas as you take it all in.

Slowly but surely the mouse house is dressing for the season. I have been collecting little foxes as I find them in the shops to put on a small Christmas tree.

"WHAT is this?"

Fox is my family name on my mother's side. My grandmother, who once dressed up her own Christmas tree on this very same piece of land that we now call 'home', was a Fox; Mary Fox. I would so love to have photos of her Christmas tree tucked into the corner of her tiny living-room in the old clapboard house. I still remember how beautiful it always was. Many of the ornaments that hung on the tree were hand-made by her and surrounded by glittering tinsel. There was always an envelope under the tree for each of her twenty-one grand-children with a gift of money inside for us to buy ourselves a special toy. With the envelope was a bag of Christmas candy and chocolate for each of us. And the dining-room table would be a glitter with her china set up for the Christmas feast. It was a wonderful time and now such precious memories.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Preparing for Christmas

When closing off the lights and locking up the doors last night I looked through a pane of glass at the vibrant moon. There it was surrounded and framed so beautifully by the branches of one of our oldest maple trees. I could see a face in it as I often do and I thought of Kane. It was like he was saying "good-night...sleep tight".
I said "Good-night Kane. Be a good boy."
I think I will always think of him as I look up to the skies.

I can't think of a better way to chase the blues than to be with a little grandittle for the evening.
One that squeals with delight as she runs around and stops to throw a smile your way.
We had dinner, read stories, had a tea-party with Miss Pig, dolly & the mermaid. We rocked in her big rocker and learned more about the tales of Curious George. It was a fun evening filled with hugs and giggles.

Today the frost hangs on to the bare branches of the maples and the cold has settled in.
There are feeders to fill this morning as each day the birds empty them with gusto. And a hawk was spotted just over the pump yesterday so the outdoor chairs are now tenting the spot where Simon feeds each morning. Anything to stop the hawk from finding him. Fingers crossed for the little weirdo.

I'm hanging lights & wreaths around the gate, along the fence and over by the feeders.
It's time to welcome the Christmas season and try to shake off the sadness that follows me around.
We'll miss our boy this Christmas, and every day for a long time, I imagine, and we will raise a glass on Christmas day to his long and love-filled life.

                          Resting after Christmas dinner.

I hope Christmas is showing up in your neighbourhood.
hugs, Deb

Friday, November 27, 2015

Our little Florence Nightingale

Dear little Annie. She knew Kane was not well but I wish I could explain to her what happened to that hairy old dog that she loved to sleep next to on the dog mat. That snoring old fella that never let her snuggle but would gladly share his bed if she kept her distance.  No touching. Annie would wait until Kane was fast asleep and then she would lay her head on his back and sleep the night away. He was none the wiser.
She's a cat that has had many loses in her short life since we adopted her in 2012. It is always such an intriguing time to watch her as she becomes aware of the failing health of a companion animal and immediately goes in to her Florence Nightingale mode. She is a sensitive and soft-natured cat and loves to comfort the old, the sick or the lonely.
 She was a constant companion to our beloved Siamese cat, Mr. Ed  as he aged and his health was failing. Whenever he was not cuddled up with our white cat, Lily he was being kept warm and safe in the close presence of Annie. When he passed on and his companion Lily became frail with age it was Annie that watched over her as they lay in front of the old wood stove together on the cold winter nights.  Then it was Kane. When she first began to lie close to him it made me feel  nervous; somewhat afraid. Once again, did she know it was getting close to his time? Does she understand death as we know it? She really is an amazing animal but I can see that she misses him. 
The cats had time with Kane after he passed away. I thought it might help them to understand so it was arranged for them to be alone with him for awhile. I hope it did make a difference. 
                                     My little angel of mercy also known as Peach.

I headed out for my walk this morning; the first since we lost Kane. I can't shake this feeling of exhaustion but I know that time will take care of it.
Christmas decor is popping up here and there which only makes the walk more beautiful.
The wind was blowing, the crows cawing and the trees were waving in the breeze. Not a bit of sunshine today but that's ok. I was in a sombre mood and the weather seemed to suit me today. At least it wasn't freezing.
I thought, as I walked, that it was time to put Kane's things away; such as the blanket that lay on the mouse-house floor. I would do that when I returned.

When I walked in I saw this...

"Hi Audrey."

Oh my goodness, that face. Well, I guess I can wait 'til tomorrow.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Simon & a fun blog

It is starting to feel like winter is arriving although we have yet to see snow in our neck of the woods. I did hear that it arrives tomorrow, though.
I walked around the property filling feeders, hanging suet and just breathing in the fresh cold air today.
I'm feeling exhausted from the loss of our dear Kane but I am so thankful he is at peace now.
I remind myself of the good life he had and I feel comforted.
I wish all dogs had loving homes.

I was hoping that Simon had begun his hibernation so I walked over to the pump to see if there was any sign of him.
I called his name from a distance, just once, and

Little wierdo.
Isn't he cute.
He was happy to see me and ready to eat.
Seeds, chopped up apple & some whole wheat bread crusts with organic peanut butter were at his buffet.

"Hi folks."
On with dinner.
Anything he doesn't eat will be appreciated by the crows.

I'm sending you over to meet Suzan & John at
I have so appreciated their humour the last few days.

I love how her birds have decorated their houses ;-)
and thrown John for a loop.

drop over and enjoy her blog.
I have a birdhouse to decorate and a butter tart to eat. :)

Thanks again everyone for your kindness over the last few days. I hope all my American friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving today.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Comforting words

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart,  for all your thoughtful and kind words on the passing of our Kane.
Each message made me cry and I felt such love from everyone.
I appreciate your comforting words.
It seems that most have been through the sadness of losing a dog and understood all too well the void that is now in our life.
I hope in time the sadness lessens because right now it is truly awful.

                                                     Our silly dog back in 2005.
                                             He was a ball dog through & through.
                                                    And he loved to make us laugh.

Today I looked over to see my mother's violet in full bloom.
I had not noticed it for days and the first thought I had was that mom wanted me to know that she was sending her love at this sad time.
It felt comforting because, well, it doesn't matter how old you are, your mother's love is always a comfort and I felt her presence today. When she was young and growing up on the farm her companion dog was a collie named Jollie. She loved her so much and I know she would have loved our Kane.
I hope they have met now in heaven and will go on a long walk to get to know each other.

Kane was buried on our property today along with his chewed-up ball and a family photo.
I couldn't have it any other way.
I will always feel he is home where he belongs.

Until we meet again, my Kane.
hugs, Deb

Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Kane

Our Kane
July 27, 2000 - Nov. 23, 2015


Our 'good & loyal boy' is gone.
Kidney failure and old age took it's toll.
With the help of his vet of 14 years, he gently and peacefully passed away.
"We love you, Kane, and will miss you every single day.
Thank you  for loving us for 14 wonderful years."

You will remain in our hearts forever,

mom & dad

Our one & only dog.

Our hearts are broken.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for our dear old dog.
I prayed to God to give us guidance in this dreadful decision,
Although it was the most difficult one we have had to make I felt His presence and your prayers.
Now I need time to think of life as it will be without my loyal companion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
hugs, Deb

Friday, November 20, 2015

A little break

I need a little break this weekend and will be away from the computer. Some have asked how the retired-guy is and he is still suffering with his back but thankfully on the mend. Our dear old Kane needs my time, though, as his days are getting harder. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you, everyone.

                                                                  hugs, Deb

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Plum pudding, anyone?

"Good morning."
Just a quiet day today. Retired-guy pulled his back lifting something, Kane is on a new medication for his liver which, I think, has increased his appetite & I am sleep-deprived.

So, off for a walk.

These guys live just a few doors down our road.
I think they are beautiful.

The walk was exceptionally quiet today; just me, the cows &  the crows.

And look who popped his head out when I called his name today.

                        "What is it? I'm watching my soap."

I said "Simon, are you hungry?"

He was.

It's become quite cool here. No wind, just colder temperatures. No sign of the sun today.
Of course, I'm thinking Christmas so I hung up a banner today that says the decorating has begun. :)

"Plum pudding, anyone?"

Drop over and meet this lovely lady.

I'll keep decorating.

"Oh, you are so silly, Deb,  Annie thinks."

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

little Christmas trees

Will a table tree fit in the mouse-house this Christmas? I'm looking around but it doesn't look promising.
                                                              "Has she gone mad???"
                                                               "What will I destroy?"

Who am I kidding...of course we'll fit a tree in somewhere. It wouldn't be Christmas without one.

I love table trees, always have, after seeing some that my cat-sitting clients had in their homes over the years.
I just loved how festive they looked with their Christmas skirts and the gifts piled under the table. So.darn.cute.

Here's some table-top trees on Pinterest.

Aren't they all gorgeous.

Here is our little table top tree in our older home Christmas 2013.

little Gwynn



They were all real trees &
we love little trees.

This year will be a challenge to decorate 600 sq. ft.
I love a challenge. :)

hugs, Deb