Thursday, November 19, 2015

Plum pudding, anyone?

"Good morning."
Just a quiet day today. Retired-guy pulled his back lifting something, Kane is on a new medication for his liver which, I think, has increased his appetite & I am sleep-deprived.

So, off for a walk.

These guys live just a few doors down our road.
I think they are beautiful.

The walk was exceptionally quiet today; just me, the cows &  the crows.

And look who popped his head out when I called his name today.

                        "What is it? I'm watching my soap."

I said "Simon, are you hungry?"

He was.

It's become quite cool here. No wind, just colder temperatures. No sign of the sun today.
Of course, I'm thinking Christmas so I hung up a banner today that says the decorating has begun. :)

"Plum pudding, anyone?"

Drop over and meet this lovely lady.

I'll keep decorating.

"Oh, you are so silly, Deb,  Annie thinks."

hugs, Deb


  1. Is'nt it strange....We are surrounded by lovely fields, cows, sheep, rabbits..etc..
    When we get home, what do we sit and eat...?
    Silly really! Me! I~Don't~Kill~A~Thing...Nowt!
    But..Farmers, gamekeepers bring me the game,
    all trussed up with string, then, l'll get the blade out,
    and away l go...But! kill something...No! Never!
    (So your quite safe Audrey!x...Audrey!x). HeHe!

    And..Simon..he's a lovely little fella! Watching a Soap!
    Well, at least he's not eating it...He might foam at the mouth!
    HeHe! Bless!x

    And..Plum Pud...Yes! Excellent! With perhaps a little custard!

  2. That first photo is WONDERFUL! Magazine worthy, I'm telling you! I just love it!
    So cute that Simon comes when you that melts your heart!

  3. Oh how I love that banner....and plum pudding! I can just feel how peaceful your walk was....and that little darling chipmunk. Please tell Kane how much we love him!!!

  4. Hope the Retired Guy makes a swift recovery. Back pain is no fun. I love cows ... I think it's because of their gorgeous brown eyes. No wonder I don't eat beef anymore. Simon is no dummy! I love your kitty banner and even remember when I first say it on your blog ... a few years ago...!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  5. Silly is good! Hope the retired-guy's back feels better soon, and I think the white cows are beautiful too!

  6. Lovely photos ! The sun is shining here today and it is warm 13C . Haven't seen our Chippy for a week I think he has now gone underground for the season either that or he is over at the neighbors stuffing his face lol ! Oh sorry to hear about hubs hope his back feels better soon and Kane hang in there buddy . I love cows they have such soulful eyes . Cute banner. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Deb, you really should write a little book...well of course, that is exactly what your blog is, a sweet little book. That picture of Simon is adorable. I LOVE the kitty cat banner. Also love picture of the cow!

  8. I think your camera caught that cow in mid-chew.

    It's neat that Simon trusts you so much. He'll probably always be skittish around people, but he knows who won't hurt him.

  9. Adorable banner. Hope your hubby feels better soon; I know what it's like to have a man down:-D

  10. One wonders how long before Simon goes into his deep winter sleep.

    1. Shouldn't be long now, William. I hope he is chubby enough to do well.

  11. Deb, this is my first visit to your site (thank you for stopping in to visit me!!) and I am absolutely enthralled!! I started reading and I couldn't stop! You have such a wonderful way with words and I can't get enough of your little furry family...including Simon, who I could just pick up and hug. Do you have a way to sign up for email updates? I couldn't find it....but I did bookmark your page to keep up with the shenanigans at the Mouse House. Big hugs to you - xo

  12. Oh, Deb, no matter how many times we tell our dear hubby's not to over-do, they can't help themselves. You just have to love their ambition...:) Hope he recovers soon! A good walk clears out the mind and it looks like you have some beautiful places for that. Your banner is darling and is so 'you'! Hope the rest of your week goes well. Hugs xo Karen

  13. Looks like a nice and peaceful walk! That is such a cute banner!

  14. Hurrah! You've hung the kitties with plum pudding banner! I was hoping you'd bring it with you. It's a Christmas tradition now.
    What you lack iin interior space you surely make up in
    outside space. Wrapping trees in lights ( of course, not disturbing homes of little critters) both near to the building and farther out would make a very delightful visual from the house. And with snow, how wonderful would that be! Winter wonderland.

  15. Oh, I love that cat banner!!! That is so cute. And those cattle are beautiful. That one looks pretty hefty. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Now I'm going to go check into cat banners. :-)

  16. Sending get well wishes to Retired Guy! What a nice walk -- and I love your kitty banner!

  17. Simon is so sweet - haven't seen my chippy in ages - hopefully he's still around.
    That vintage looking kitty banner is adorable Deb - brought a smile and make me realize I too need to think about Christmas puds and fruitcakes soon!

    Hope hubby's back heals quickly. Like you, I hope to get out and about this weekend and enjoy more walks before it turns much colder. Sadly no cows nearby to enjoy.

    Happy days - Mary

  18. I was wondering if it was just me, but that cow looks ready to pop... or is it just the angle you shot? I do hope your hubby's back heals quickly, Kane's new meds help, and you get back to mouse-house decorating soon.