Monday, November 30, 2015

Finding Christmas and special memories

At 4pm every evening the mourning doves arrive at the mouse house. I doubt they are very far at any one time but they sure do keep a schedule when it comes to feeding at the feeders. I go out, if I'm home, just before they arrive and leave some fresh seed for them. They love the mixed seed with a few sunflower seeds thrown in. There are usually twelve to sixteen of them that very politely feed together. They have to be my second favorite bird after the charming chickadee. The chickadees are here all day...first to the feeders.

Simon seems to have 'gone under' for now. There has been no sign of the little guy for a few days. I also have not seen the hawk since Thursday past. The hawk sat on a branch right above where Simon eats waiting for him. I chased it away cursing it as it lifted off. I then decided to leave the chairs out as a sort of tent for Simon. I'm hoping the little chippy has started his hibernation as it is very cold here today. So cold, that while I stood outside helping the retired-guy with some projects my feet began to freeze and I came in to dig out the winter boots. Now that is cold.
Simon lives under the old pump and feeds on the platform. You can see his front door between two rocks.

My Christmas wreaths light up at night and there are lights along the front gate and fence. It will help to find our drive-way from the road as you can sometimes almost miss it driving home at night. There is a lit wreath for the birds to enjoy just beside their feeders. I can fill it with berries over the winter.

Christmas is showing up everywhere in our neighbourhood. It may seem early to some but I can't help thinking that putting up colourful lights on trees and houses is a way to lift the spirits of people after so many tragedies in the world lately.
You can't help but feel the spirit of Christmas as you take it all in.

Slowly but surely the mouse house is dressing for the season. I have been collecting little foxes as I find them in the shops to put on a small Christmas tree.

"WHAT is this?"

Fox is my family name on my mother's side. My grandmother, who once dressed up her own Christmas tree on this very same piece of land that we now call 'home', was a Fox; Mary Fox. I would so love to have photos of her Christmas tree tucked into the corner of her tiny living-room in the old clapboard house. I still remember how beautiful it always was. Many of the ornaments that hung on the tree were hand-made by her and surrounded by glittering tinsel. There was always an envelope under the tree for each of her twenty-one grand-children with a gift of money inside for us to buy ourselves a special toy. With the envelope was a bag of Christmas candy and chocolate for each of us. And the dining-room table would be a glitter with her china set up for the Christmas feast. It was a wonderful time and now such precious memories.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love reading about family Christmas celebrations. your grandma left many good memories you're sharing. I especially like her gifts, and knowing you remember her Christmas table. As a grandma it is good for me to know my grandchildren may have such memories of me, and this post gave me a special idea for Christmas celebration too.

    I hope Simon is well and hale.

  2. some lovely memories
    what a good idea with lighting up the gates, we often see solar lights here that are left out all year for people to find their ways (long country driveways esp)
    just catching up with your posts, glad you are slowly feeling a little better, it does get easier, loved the post about your Florence Nightingale such a precious thing for her to do. what a wonderful thought too letting them see Kane, i cried there too.
    thanx for sharing

  3. The mourning doves come to our feeders around 4:00 too. They seem to be the last ones at the feeders in the evening.
    I wondered why you collected foxes. My mother in laws maiden name was Fox too. She always had a few foxes around the house, either stuffed animals or ornaments. Lovely memory of your grandmother.

  4. Lovely bird house wreath and wonderful memories to . I am sure Simon will be ok from the hawk if it is that cold there as he is probably tucked away snoozing for the rest of the season . It is warm here this morning temps are 10C and rain for the day . I am slowly getting into the Christmas decorating still a bit early for me lol Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I think one of my favorite parts of Christmas is all the memories. Love the cute foxes! Oh Audrey!

  6. Love this post. So special to share memories and now I know why you collect the FOX!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  7. Have you seen the movie, "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? FOX shows up a lot in that movie! The holidays are bittersweet; we remember our childhoods and the magic, and mourn our friends and family who have left us. But, by remembering, we bring them alive again.

  8. Your fox ornaments are so cute. I especially love the one carrying the mushroom. Audrey cracks me up. She's always "talking" when you take her picture. :-)

  9. Audrey's expression is perfect!

    I'd assume too that Simon's gone into winter quarters.

  10. Audrey is really something! Such an expressive face. Could you just imagine her in a cat food commercial ?
    She'd have us stitches!
    Lovely memories, Deb. You're lucky to have them. In a way, it's a special Christmas for your dear Gran too. She'll be included in your Christmas , I know. Hope there is a sign.

  11. Such sweet memories you have shared. I love your fox collection of ornaments - how fun! The kitty photo makes me laugh!

  12. I think Audrey's current expression is one of disgust for foxes - she is hilarious!!
    I like the fox and have had many in my garden and several had their litters under my potting shed and gazebo - they are such pretty animals when kits. Only problem here is rabies, they often carry it, making any close contact quite dangerous.

    Your ornaments are lovely Deb - and you're already light years ahead of me with your decorating. I will start probably next week.

    Stay warm - Mary x