Friday, February 28, 2014

Re-kindling a love of pottery.

I've always loved pottery but found it so expensive to collect. I have recently discovered a few treasures in thrift shops so I think now I can start to hunt down some interesting pieces. I found this beautiful butter dish in a thrift shop in Almonte last week. The name of the artist is Ruth Swanson. She and William Mason own Sunspots Pottery in  Owen Sound. Here is their website.
It looks very comfy next to my bowl that I purchased from Empty Bowls in Perth, Ontario.
It is freezing cold today but the sun is shining bright.
Since putting my african violets in the center of my table they have rewarded me with beautiful blossoms.
They receive hours of sunlight here. 
You can see that we still have plenty of snow here in Ontario.
With a forecast of a colder March than usual it will be a long time getting rid of it.

Lily doesn't mind though. As long as she has her cat bed in the sun-puddle and plenty of wood stacked for the stove, she's a comfy cat. I just may join her.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 27, 2014

...Vroooom & let's feed the hungry.

Sierra has always wanted to drive a car.
I found her a nice big box for her to 'pretend drive'.
I can hear the "vrooooom....vrooooom" coming from the kitchen.

I've told her over and over "10 and 2, Sierra. 10 and 2."
She never listens.

It is cold again. Not much sun and the wind is biting. Right now it is snowing.
I listened to a show last night where a staff member at one of our local wild-life centers was being interviewed. She said that they are finding that most animals that are brought into their sanctuary this year for one reason or another is also starving. The animals are much thinner and in worst shape than other years. They blame the amount of snow and the severe cold that we are experiencing this winter which is keeping the rodents and other food sources unavailable.
She asked that if people can put seed, fruit, suet and such out for the birds and other wild-life for the remainder of the winter it would certainly help them.

(taken at a client's home)

Where I feed feral cats I see tracks of birds, raccoon & rabbits often; sometimes deer. I have known for a long time that I am also feeding wild-life but I don't mind when I hear reports such as this. Everything is hungry.

We are all getting very tired of this winter weather.

For LesleyAnn...One way to introduce soft food to cats, who in the past did not take to it, is to add a spoonful of it to their dry food for awhile. They will soon get used to the texture of it. Then try to give a small amount to them separate from their dry kibble. has suggested sprinkling a little parmesan cheese over the soft food. Her kitties took to it right away. She then decreased the amount of cheese and her cats now eat soft food daily.

Hope this will help.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Mixed-media Artists

I'm showing off a piece of jewellery I love today. This brooch is created and designed by mixed-media artist, Deborah Guthrie
I purchased one as a little Christmas gift to myself.

I finally finished a basket weave scarf to wear and thought it would make a good back-drop for this beautiful brooch. It's big and makes a statement.

                                           There is an Inn at the crossroads ahead.
I fell in love with the colours and texture.

One of my clients, Donna is also a Mixed Media Artist. She is owned by Rosie, Otis & Lola.
She is also the rescuer of Molly who gave birth to nine kittens in a foster home. Donna took Molly off the street and found her a safe haven with the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.
Drop over to meet Donna and see some of her work.

It was a frigid, cold day here in Ontario. We are still wearing hats, mits, scarves and boots just to go for a walk about town.
Here's how I left my kitty-client Quincy this morning. After I fed him and Flash, I threw a handful of nuts out for the poor, cold squirrels. I love when my clients leave instructions to feed the birds and squirrels while they travel. That says a lot for them, I think. And Quincy and Flash appreciate it. This should keep them busy for awhile and then they'll be welcoming their owners home today.

21 days 'til Spring. 
We are so ready.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Calming kitty

A good way to bond with a cat is to read out loud. Cats love the sound of your voice and will want to sit near and snuggle.
I use this technique with shy cats.
Many of my kitty clients are a little shy at first so I often bring a book along and read with the cat near-by.
Most times my kitty-client will fall asleep after a page or two.

I've had a busy weekend cat-sitting. I'm caring for 'my regulars' I call them. No new kitties to get to know. 
Here are a few of their charming faces.

Shy but lovable Quincy who thinks the camera is evil.

and his side-kick Flash


 gorgeous Willow
and senior kitty
She has such a comical expression and it never, ever changes.

Busy again this week.
Stay tuned for more 'lovelies'.
hugs, Deb

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pretty Painted Lady

My walk with Kane took me past one of my favorite old homes in our town. It is not a big home, like some of the 'mansions' in the area, but it stands out on its' own. This home years ago burned in a fire and had to be gutted. It was then renovated and sold and the new owners came toting paint brushes and lots of creativity. It's been one of my favorite homes since it's makeover.
As I passed by a little window "lo and behold, look what I see."

                                  "Hello gorgeous"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sun-lit Sunday

In our home there is never a sun-beam wasted.

Our white cat, Lily, Sierra and our darling boy, Ed. This was one of the rare times that Lily and Ed were not sharing a cushion or a cat-bed.
We have been missing Ed so much these days.

I'm joining for Sun-lit Sunday.

hugs, Deb

A little on Annie & Sleepy Time Herb Tea

Annie was stretched out in a sun-puddle in the office when I returned from our walk today.
She followed them around the house all afternoon and never missed a chance to warm up her peachy coat.

She had not been feeling quite right yesterday and was off her food. I kept a close eye on her all day. She is feeling more like herself today.  Annie has a history with 'gut issues'. When I first fostered her for our local shelter she had just given birth to three kittens and had terrible intestinal issues. I had her to the vet once a week and they played around with different food first to see if she was allergic to what she was eating. We couldn't seem to find out what the problem was. Was it food related or did she have a parasite that was not detected in her first blood test? Another test was done on her ($400.00) and it was finally diagnosed that she had Clostridium perfringens enterOtoxinA.

Annie had been neglected in her previous home; gave birth to kittens when she was too young and was probably fed low-grade dry food (garbage). There were 26 other cats in the home and 4 dogs who were all undernourished and now abandoned. Our local shelter was called in and the animals removed from the empty house. They were all taken to our local shelter and sent out to foster homes to be given extra care. Annie came with me toting three 2 day old babies.

Once the proper diagnosis had been made, she was put on the right medication and things improved. Her kittens had to be put on antibiotics once they were old enough. It was not a fun time. Since then I am always watching her closely and monitoring her litter-box habits. She is eating Wellness or Eagle Pack soft food and just a bit of dry. I think she will always have a sensitive gut from her unhealthy past.
I'm glad I found her and can care for this loving, beautiful cat. She is well worth it all and is now my knitting buddy..

I love this wool as it is soft and easy to knit with. It's called Bernat Giggles Cheery Cream. It is 90% Acrylic and 10% Nylon.
I'm working on a scarf for myself to get used to knitting the basket weave stitch. I won't tell you how many times I had to start over but lets just say I went through a lot of tea.

This is my go-to tea to help calm down and have a good night's sleep. I have a cup each night with a teaspoon of Natalie's amazing honey.. It's heavenly. Drop over to Natalie's and meet her, Gordon and their menagerie.

This tea has it's own pretty tin box.

Here is a fun site to follow along if you are a tea-lover.

The weather has calmed down and the sun is shining. We had lots of rain yesterday that melted some of the snow but there is lots left...too much. It will be a good day to get out with the dog for another long walk before the temperature drops again.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just add chocolate

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was warm and the temps. were above freezing. Kane got his 40 minute walk without his winter coat on. He had a bit of a skip in his step.

You know it's warming up when you see cats (and dogs) on verandas, porches and in windows.  Everyone was enjoying this little break from winter. This dog wanted to take on my dog.

A senior soaking up the sun.
I LOVE the seniors.

"Oh's another senior." haha!
What does it take to get me to drink beer? Just add chocolate to it.

The first few sips were great and I could really taste the chocolate. But then the taste of the beer itself took over and ruined the whole experience. Apparently you true blue beer drinkers can only drink one of these unless you have a real sweet-tooth.
Here's a recipe for Chocolate Stout Beer.

The fish and chips...always perfect. :)

So, now we re waiting for heavy rain with ice-pellets for most of the night. Temperatures will then drop so you know what that means. I'm glad most of my weekend cat-sitting is right in town as I hate driving on icy roads. I have some beauties to care for and I'll be sure to show them off next week.

hugs, Deb

Chocolate eyes

"Look into my eyes....

and then let me out."
Well, poor Doc did not go out on this freezing, wintry day but this was a good opportunity to show you his milk chocolate eyes. I get absolutely lost in them.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doin' what it takes

When it's cold out and the snow is falling, Audrey finds a hidey-hole to spend her day.

I, on the other hand, brew up a pot of tea and enjoy it in a favorite cup with a cookie or four. ;-]

We are just two gals doin' what it takes to get through the rest of this long, tiresome, Canadian winter.

Don't you just love gifts for no reason at all? Last night my youngest flew in the door with her laundry and on her way to yoga and said "Mom...this had your name all over it." She then presented me with a cute little cotton tea towel she found in a shop in the beautiful town of Perth.

She knows I just 'dig' this stuff. ha!

It's 100% cotton so I expect it will always have wrinkles.
But hey, I live with wrinkles. :-b

I'm pretty sure I have tried every one of these teas. It's my new favorite thing. "Thanks Brat."

I said "farewell" to Dominique 'til next time.

Isn't she a beauty!

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A little appreciation goes a long way

There are some days that you just feel more appreciated than others. Like last Saturday for instance. As I dished out the 'stinky stuff' to three of my kitty-clients, Matrix came over to give me a hand-butt to say "Thanks for the grub ."

Well, she got an extra spoonful for that gesture.

Caesar's favorite resting place is his pool table but he always gets up to greet me when I arrive. He is as soft as silk and rubs his head on my hands when I talk to him .
He is one of the most handsome cats I have ever met.
Oh, and don't he know it. ha!

Pretty Petra. She took a day or two to warm up to me but now we are best of friends.

Following her lunch and a brushing she then enjoys a few treats on her window perch. This kitty chirps like a bird.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?
I do!

A tip for animal safety...
Before disposing of these plastic do-dads take a moment to cut the circles up because it is reported that the wildlife get their heads caught in them at the dumping sights when they are scavenging for food.
That includes feral cats, too. 

hugs, Deb

Monday, February 17, 2014

Seeking softer colours and Family Day

It's been a long winter and it's not over yet. It's time to bring out some softer colours 
to feast our eyes on.
I pick yellow.
This little tea-cup was an orphan that I found in a thrift shop.
I can't wait to plant these.

A little burst of Spring

Today is Family Day.
Riley, John and Ozzie
I love family photos and took this opportunity to have one taken with our grandittles Riley and Bradley.
They sure are growing fast. Riley will be off to school this Fall. 

Cooper wanted in on the action, too.
He's a love-bug.
After a scrumpdillyishus breakfast at my son and daughter-in-laws, I was off to cat-sit.
It was a gorgeous sunny day.
Caesar is a sun-worshiper and so he is in his glory
as the sun pours through his windows.
I'll be bidding him and Ace farewell for now. They will be so happy to have their people home to cuddle with. Darling, gorgeous cats. I'll miss you. Then it was off to the country again. Yes, I just finish up with one house and then start with another. You'll see more photos soon.

Hope you had a fun Family Day.

hugs, Deb