Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to the garden.

 It's cooled off for a few days so back in the garden we go.

Lots of weeding was done, watering everything was a must and now the blooms need cutting.

I'm not great at that. Every time I snip one I'm afraid it won't bloom again. But, lo and behold there are more blooms in a few days.

Dahlias...what is not to love.

A few dahlias and phlox as a fragrant addition to the birthday bouquet.

Peter kept me company in the garden today. He munched on clover and promised not to eat my dahlias.
I don't you trust him?
I warned him St. Francis is watching him.

I moved my string plants and now have bottles of cut blooms in the kitchen.
Much more summery.
The cats haven't found them yet. lol

I just wanted to pop in and wish you a good week ahead.
Get outdoors as much as you can and maybe don't watch the news at night.

be kind

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hot as hell...

 It's so hot these last few days that you work about 20 minutes in the gardens and then give up. It's stifling hot...unbearable.

So in-door projects are getting some attention and the a/c is on full blast.

These two staying cool on the stairs to the loft.

One thing we can do for the wildlife is keep the three baths filled with cold water but that's it. They don't come to feeders until the sun is down these days and we only offer black sunflower seeds in the summer months.

I've been keeping my raccoon friend fed at night and the bunny gets lettuce and seed, too. Oh, and the odd pot of pansies. lol

My dahlias have gone nuts...budding and blooming like crazy. It's so exciting to grow them and have them at their best just as other flowers are looking tired. I check on them three times a day like a lunatic but I have to be sure the blooms don't get attacked by bugs after all the work of getting them here. If the bugs are on them I cover the blooms with organza bags. blooms appear that's becoming a bit of a chore. They may be on their own soon.  Vases and mason jars are holding the mature blooms and keeping the potting shed and home looking pretty. Thank God the heat has gotten rid of the earwigs. They've gone under ground with the fairies. lol

Here's some colour for you...

Sylvia -she's a stunner


                                                                    Triple Lee Dee

                                                  Pink Onesta - just blooming this week
                                                                      Worth the wait

                                                                Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot

Youngest daughter Allie heading home with a few posies. The phlox are nice to add to a vase of dahlias just for the fragrance alone.

All our nesting birds have fledged now but some still stay around the property. I'm so glad they are out of the houses as they would be like little ovens these days. The last to leave was a beautiful family of House Wrens.
                                                                      Pink Onesta

How is your weather? Canada may have the coldest winters but holy cow I bet we keep up with other countries if not surpass them with our summer heat.

I'm heading out for a cool drive in the car and find a Dairy Queen. I'll leave you a little posie of shrub dahlias.

Be kind

Be cool


 Flo says "howdy" from the shed. Her and I had lunch together yesterday. lol

She's a little cracker jack.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Summer's beauty.

 Well, there went another five weeks without blogging but I seem to be busier than ever now that gardens need work, friends are dropping by again and the property always needs cleaning up. I have never in my life seen so many weeds with all the sun and rain these days. But the plants are loving it all and looking great. I, on the other hand, am covered in mosquito bites.

Something ate our sunflowers so I won't have any this year.

Turkeys ate our cucs so I had to plant a second time. 

The tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, herbs and pumpkins are doing great.

My dahlias are keeping me happy with all their glorious blooms. Honestly, why didn't I grow them years ago. They are such fun to have in the garden. There are always blooms from July through to late fall. And I have favorites I'm hoping will have tubers the size of a minivan.

We had a break in the heat of late but its back again so the A/C will go on tomorrow. I hate air-conditioning but I know it's impossible to work outside and not have the relief of it when you come in. Plus the cats need it, too. Wilson and Cora are doing great...such good friends.

Always washing up from a snack.


                                                                      Mr. Wonderful

Post groom session
Almost asleep

Now I have to gush on my dahlias...
                                                                        Robann Regal

                                                                        Triple Lee Dee

                                                               Eveline in the foreground
                                                                             Esli in pink

                                                                   Lavender Perfection

                                                                   Louise and My Love


I'm picking dahlias everyday and if any one sets foot on my property they go home with a bouquet. lol

                                                           "Mom...he's in my basket."
Okay then...back to the garden...
Our pumpkin patch is doing well.
and we used old scaffolding to hang our peas on.
This photo taken awhile back. 

It's loaded now with sugar snap peas.
And our beans are being enjoyed.
But our tomatoes have yet to turn red. I'm not sure why.

My plan was to clean the house today and vacuum but seeing this made me decide to bake instead.
                                                                         Do Not Disturb

So I'll close up wishing you all a great week ahead and a muffin or two.

Be well everyone.

hugs, Deb