Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's all good.

Audrey is glad I'm home tonight. I guess she is feeling a little neglected lately. She sits on my knee while I blog and her purr, that sounds like a motor-boat running out of gas,  is coming in loud and clear.

My nursing duties went well today. Diane is doing much better than yesterday and I can't believe the difference a day makes. It's all good.

This coming long-weekend will be the busiest one of the year for cat-sitting. I'll be filling up the bag with toys, nip, grooming supplies and treats. There won't be much time for anything else but that's alright with me. I can't wait to see some of the cats that I haven't cared for in awhile. I'll have two new ones to get to know, also. Oh yes, must pack the camera and share some of this feline fabulousness.

hugs, Deb
Audrey saw this picture in a magazine and now she wants me to get a piano. 
She says I probably can't sing worth a hill of beans and would likely sound like a cat with her tail in a screen door but she still wants me to give the piano a go.

explained to her that we don't have room in this little old house for a piano because there are too many cat-trees and kitty condos sitting around. She would have to do without them.
She's now thinking twice about it although did make the comment that her condo would most likely sit just fine on top of the piano. I can hear her upstairs right now practicing her cords.

                                                   "Mee..Mee..Mee..Mee.. Mee .....ow!"




My sister is home and glad of it. She will be awhile getting on her feet. I am playing Nurse for the balance of the week. I keep reminding her it is onward and upward from here.
She has to exercise even through the pain. Dr.'s orders.
I hope I'm not remembered as 'nurse Ratchett' by the time the week is up.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bunking together in the berry box.

Ed has been spending most of the summer so far on the back deck. He is able to walk the yard, too (albeit a little wobbly after his injury last year) and there is no fear of him leaving the back yard as it is fenced. Lily, on the other hand, prefers the a/c house and spends a bit more time inside. Annie has taken to join her in her berry box these days. I guess she has seen Ed with her enough to know that she wouldn't mind sharing her bed.

When I arrived at one of my cat-sitting client's homes on Sunday they, (the cats), were both staring out the window. So, over I went with my camera to see what they were so enthralled with.
Glad I did.

hugs, Deb

Monday, July 29, 2013

A week of kitty-lovin'

Chase...always throwing a little humour into the mix. I had lots of fun caring for him and his brother, Buddy again last week. I adore these two tabby boys.
Seriously, they keep me in stitches.
In all fairness, I must show you their better side...

Two sisters, Emmi & Didi...

It must be 10 years that I have cared for these two ladies.

And I have lots of smudged noses to show you...

Darling Dominique
She's an awesome little cat.

Six frisky felines met me at their front door today. Tuxedos and tabbies with striking faces and unusual markings. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this really is a job. Too darn much fun, I think. Plus an outdoor cat to care for. He's a lucky boy.




and Dolly & Ellie who I have yet to get a photo of.

& soft and silky, Zoie. 
along with her side-kick, Penny.

So, another busy week behind me. My sister is doing well and will be home from hospital tomorrow. I have taken some time off from cat-sitting and will play 'nurse' for a few days. The calendar for kitty-care is full for August.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A message

Something to think about...
These plastic bottle holders end up in landfills everyday. Birds and wildlife (including feral cats) unfortunately are found eating at these dumps and are very vulnerable to whatever hazards are thrown there.
These holders are often found caught around their necks and cause much stress to them. I personally know of someone who works at a local dump driving truck and has had to rescue many frightened animals from these plastic holders. Some have to be trapped and sedated to have them removed and then released again.

Please, before throwing these in your garbage, cut each and every section so that there is no way any part of an animal or bird can be trapped inside. It only takes a moment to make a difference.

"Can you imagine how scary that would be?"

Thanks for dropping by and reading our message.

Deb & Audrey

Sweet cats...sweet corn

Darling little Zoie
So soft, so sweet.
When I sit next to her on the couch she hunkers down and snuggles into the sheet.
She's always been a little shy but loves for me to reach over and pat her sweet head.

Now, at home, I get to look at this face when I sit with my feet up and I'm ready to call it a day.

No one loves to burrow more than this little lunatic. She is happiest when she is totally covered and can yell obscenities when you sit too close to her. I just love this cat.

We received an armful of freshly picked,  peaches and cream corn on the cob today.

Time to put the steamer on and start up the barbeque.


hugs, Deb

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Favorite Thing

This wooden cat belonged to my mother.
 Yes, you guessed it. She loved cats, too.
She was just a little more sane about it, though. I'm kind of a lost cause.

Today I placed it on my step-back cupboard filled with blue and white to change up the look a little.
This is called organized clutter :-b
I know..I know..'Surround yourself with only things you love'
Well...I love it all.

I found this little hot plate at a shop last week.
It was in the store at the end of the road to our property.
I thought it looked like something that belonged with my blue and white china. came home with me. Oh yes, it has a kitten on it but I think what really caught my attention was the cow peaking in the door.
I love them, too, but thankfully they are too big to live with.

"Right, Annie?"

"Yes, it's enough I must endure living with a monkey. (aka Audrey). No cows, please."

"Did I hear my name dropped?"

I'm joining Claudia at for A Favorite Thing and for Anything Blue Friday.

hugs, Deb

Update and scrumpdillyishus little cakes.

Thank you for all the nice messages regarding my sister's surgery. She is out of the operating room and recovering now. During surgery for a hip replacement, it was discovered that she also had a cracked femur. The femur is the thigh bone that extends from the hip to the knee. This explains the terrible pain she has been in lately. It looks like her hospital stay will now be longer. I don't have all the details and am anxiously waiting to hear what could have caused this fracture. I am hoping the worst is behind her now.

Annie is sporting a lovely new look today.
Since she cannot indulge in the treats that were left at my door by my good friend and amazing baker, Sue, she quickly snatched the ribbon to show off to the others.  

Just look what I enjoyed with my tea.

These are home-made lemon-lavender Madeleines.

If you pop over to and visit Sue you will find the recipe. She has quite the story to tell about these little cakes.
They are so delicious they should be illegal.
Dried lavender
The sun is shining and the kitties are enjoying the sun puddles.
I'm off to kitty-sit then hopefully hear from my sis.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beauty & Health


She is one of my most beautiful kitty-clients. I got to spend lots of time with her again this week.
She has her own language when it comes to her cat-sitter. She sits by her brush and calls for me.
We seem to communicate very well now. It wasn't that long ago that she would only tolerate me from a distance. Now, she lies against my leg as I brush her and stroke her beautiful coat. I hope to see her again soon.

I've had many gorgeous cats to care for this week and I will show them off to you soon.

My sister is facing surgery tomorrow as she is having a hip replacement. I also have a friend who is struggling with health issues. I'm unable to think of anything else tonight and I can barely put a post together. It is times like this that make you so thankful for all the good in your life, especially your health.
I'll be caring for my sister next week at her home and have a book to read in the meantime that will fill me in on the ins and outs of hip surgery. She's smaller than me (thank goodness)so I should be able to get her up and movin'. Oh yes, and I'll have to figure out her coffee-maker. That will be top priority. :)

My beautiful sister, I wish her well tomorrow.

hugs, (nurse) Deb

bed hog

Traditional cat beds are normally shunned in our home. Our felines wait anxiously for discarded boxes to appear, preferably large, shallow ones that are easy to stretch out in.
Last evening, I looked over to see Lily testing out the Santa Cruz berry box I lay in front of the stove.
I could not imagine a cat to look more content than she.
This morning her beloved Ed joined her.
He is a bit of a bed-hog, wouldn't you say.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And baby makes three

It won't be long before I am a Nana again. :) We had a surprise baby shower for my daughter Jess on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for a fun celebration.

Ready to pop Cake.

Riley was anxious to have a piece of that cake.
Best friends

And now we wait....

hugs, Deb

Monday, July 22, 2013

Not only Annie had fun...

we all did. Annie and me...well, we cooked up some veggie delights for dinner. These are zucchini boats.
 She couldn't understand why on earth I wouldn't put meat in those zucchini boats but then she realizes we human folk are a little odd at the best of times. She just enjoyed the music and the chatter in the kitchen.

The retired guys' sister, Donna and husband Rick came for a few days from the Kitchener/Waterloo area. We showed them around Carleton Place, Almonte,  Pakenham,  (remember that amazing bake shop)

No, we could not pass this up.
 & the little town of Ashton where we had dinner at their local pub.
The Ashton Pub

The food was fantastic.

We took a drive to our property.

Back home, Annie was the star of the show. She squeezed herself (no easy feat) in between our guests every chance she go and tested out their laps. She made sure she was close enough for an out-reached hand to pat her.

I know she was sad to see them go.

Safe trip home guys.

Oh boy, it was hot, though. Some days it was over 40 degrees. Too hot!

Satan called and he wants his weather back. He can have it.

Annie is curled up in a  box and she will sleep the night away. Audrey, well, poor Audrey spent most of the last few days up high...looking down and 'vanting to be alone.' She will never be a social butterfly. Now that the company has left she is whining for attention. I missed playing with her, too.

There is a storm brewing and it is to hit our area tomorrow. I do have some cat-sitting to do so I will get that done, make sure they are all safe and sound and then hunker down for the night.
Distant thunder has been heard all evening. Ahhh.....summer!

This post was written on July 17. I am still having computer issues.....AHHHH!
Hope everyone is good. Miss dropping by. 
hugs, Deb