Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Audrey saw this picture in a magazine and now she wants me to get a piano. 
She says I probably can't sing worth a hill of beans and would likely sound like a cat with her tail in a screen door but she still wants me to give the piano a go.

explained to her that we don't have room in this little old house for a piano because there are too many cat-trees and kitty condos sitting around. She would have to do without them.
She's now thinking twice about it although did make the comment that her condo would most likely sit just fine on top of the piano. I can hear her upstairs right now practicing her cords.

                                                   "Mee..Mee..Mee..Mee.. Mee .....ow!"




My sister is home and glad of it. She will be awhile getting on her feet. I am playing Nurse for the balance of the week. I keep reminding her it is onward and upward from here.
She has to exercise even through the pain. Dr.'s orders.
I hope I'm not remembered as 'nurse Ratchett' by the time the week is up.



  1. Glad to hear your sister is on the mend ... walk, walk, walk! Tell Audrey to keep practicing. I love the vintage photos you find.

  2. So glad to hear your sister is doing well - here's to a speedy recovery!

    Love the piano singer/kitty picture and can fully understand why a piano is now in high demaind :))

  3. Love the post Debs ! isn't it funny how some cats "talk" more than others ..1 of mine is quiet as a mouse but the other 2 ... well there's no shutting them up !! I'm sure you will make a wonderful nurse have had a lot of practise caring for others (bet your cats agree !)
    Gail x

  4. Don't let Audrey hear about your sister's need for exercise; she'll probably have her moving pianos... But it's good that your sister is home and yes, she'd better follow the doctor's orders, as much as she deserves rest and relaxation now.

  5. Hang in, Nurse Deb! Your sister is a lucky woman! I like the condo on the piano idea -- sometimes you just have to build up!

  6. We've had quite a few cats over the decades who loved to 'play' the piano--especially at night if the lid was unwittingly left open. A long ago cat called 'Mittens' would fling herself adoringly on me if I sang along with my piano playing--I'm not sure if it was admiration for my singing or if she hoped I would stop.

  7. Oh, I think Audrey is right--you should get a piano. :-) I no longer have one, but I have a keyboard and sometimes I serenade my kitties. They don't applaud, but they don't run and hide either.

    I hope your sister's recovery progresses well. She is lucky to have you to encourage her.

  8. Audrey is too cute! Ha! Hope your sister is on the mend and feeling better soon.

  9. I'm sure Audrey would have a lovely singing voice.

    Kind of like the big leopard in Bringing Up Baby...

  10. The two of you singing a duet would be fun! Come on - give it a good try!

    Glad your sister is home. Hope the exercise goes well. Best wishes to both of you for the week!

    Lily, WA, USA

  11. What a cute post! I miss my kitty so much! Praying your sister feels better soon!

  12. I have a piano. Send Audrey over here! GLad your sister is home and I hope the pain subsides soon.

  13. I'm so glad to hear that your sister is home. I know that the exercising is painful, but it gets a little easier with each passing day. She is so lucky to have you there to encourage her! I have a keyboard - one cat is very curious about it, but the other one hides when he hears it!
    Have a good week.