Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beauty & Health


She is one of my most beautiful kitty-clients. I got to spend lots of time with her again this week.
She has her own language when it comes to her cat-sitter. She sits by her brush and calls for me.
We seem to communicate very well now. It wasn't that long ago that she would only tolerate me from a distance. Now, she lies against my leg as I brush her and stroke her beautiful coat. I hope to see her again soon.

I've had many gorgeous cats to care for this week and I will show them off to you soon.

My sister is facing surgery tomorrow as she is having a hip replacement. I also have a friend who is struggling with health issues. I'm unable to think of anything else tonight and I can barely put a post together. It is times like this that make you so thankful for all the good in your life, especially your health.
I'll be caring for my sister next week at her home and have a book to read in the meantime that will fill me in on the ins and outs of hip surgery. She's smaller than me (thank goodness)so I should be able to get her up and movin'. Oh yes, and I'll have to figure out her coffee-maker. That will be top priority. :)

My beautiful sister, I wish her well tomorrow.

hugs, (nurse) Deb


  1. Oh Deb, you sound so stressed. I hope all goes well with your sister and also your friend. Your sister is so lucky to have you to take care of her (and make coffee for her). Good luck to all.

  2. Family and friends undergoing health issues or surgery is such a difficult time. I will say a prayer for your family. Please keep sharing your stories and beautiful kitties. It brings joy to many.

  3. Positive thoughts for both of your sister and your friend - I hope that all will be well.

    Thank you for sharing the picture of Dominique - she is lovely and I am rather partial to the "smudge kitties"

  4. Hi Deb: Just discovered your blog a little while ago and I have really enjoyed reading it. I live in Ontario in a little cottage and have two rescue cats.
    Hope all goes well with your sister's surgery. I have had both of my hips replaced and never looked back - the only problem I had was having to wait 6 weeks after my second hip was done, before I was allowed to drive again (drove me spare!). It will be no time before she's 'off to the races'. Take care.

  5. I hope all goes well.Cats are great nurses so you could pick up some tips before you go to your sister's!
    Jane x

  6. Good luck to your sister in her surgery. I'm sure all will go well, but it is undoubtedly worrying just the same for her and you and all those who care for her. And good luck to your friend in her struggles with her health. Carole's comments read like a good indication of the result of hip surgery. I'm sure your sister will be just as pleased afterward.

  7. My dad had a freak out when he had his hip done, as they said bring elastic pants, and he refused to buy trackpants. I told him pyjama pants would do, but by the 2nd day he was sitting up in his dress pants. When I got him home though, pyjama pants were handy for zipping to the bathroom in a hurry. His hip is great now, so glad he had it done.

    The best things for presents were a grabber arm for reaching things that fell down, a raised toilet seat so that he didn't have to lower himself too much and a tripillow, so he had more support while he was in bed.

    Best wishes for your sister, I hope things go smoothly.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. Wishing you sister all the best!
    Big Hugs,


  9. Praying all goes well with your sister.
    Love the "smudge" kitty!

  10. I think having you around to keep her company and help out will be the best medicine after surgery . Everyone I know who has had hip surgery in the past few years has been VERY happy with the results. Hip surgery has come a long way in all the best ways and i am hoping your sister's goes as amazingly well, leaving her ready to rumble soon !

  11. Good healing thoughts for your sister. I had both of my knees done at the same time. I was up and walking the first day and climbed three stairs. Recovering, often times, is what you make it. I wish her well. The more she can do for herself, the better she will be. LOVE your kitty friends.

  12. Sending good vibrations to your sister on her surgery and your friend as well. It's hard to see them laid up, but I hope all goes well and very uneventfully. I'm sure you'll be a great help to her!

  13. I hope all goes well for your sister. Get your rest while you can, too....

  14. We will keep your sister and your friend in our prayers.

    Can't beat that raised toilet seat for the surgical recovery period.

    Exquisite kitty. Smooch!