Friday, July 26, 2013

A Favorite Thing

This wooden cat belonged to my mother.
 Yes, you guessed it. She loved cats, too.
She was just a little more sane about it, though. I'm kind of a lost cause.

Today I placed it on my step-back cupboard filled with blue and white to change up the look a little.
This is called organized clutter :-b
I know..I know..'Surround yourself with only things you love'
Well...I love it all.

I found this little hot plate at a shop last week.
It was in the store at the end of the road to our property.
I thought it looked like something that belonged with my blue and white china. came home with me. Oh yes, it has a kitten on it but I think what really caught my attention was the cow peaking in the door.
I love them, too, but thankfully they are too big to live with.

"Right, Annie?"

"Yes, it's enough I must endure living with a monkey. (aka Audrey). No cows, please."

"Did I hear my name dropped?"

I'm joining Claudia at for A Favorite Thing and for Anything Blue Friday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm happy to meet you. Looks like you have a beautiful family - both furry and real life. '-) Enjoyed seeing your pretty blue and white. The new tile is a great find! ~ Sarah

  2. I think the piece looks really nice on the cupboard.

    Annie's colouring is so soft looking - lovely shot.

  3. Love your Mother's cat ... what a special piece. And, your new blue tile -- what a find! Love the kitten. Purrfect for you. What is it about cows? For me I think it is their beautiful eyes!!!!

    Hugs to you and all the fur babes. Happy weekend!

  4. I love the wooden kitty that was your mother's. That blue/white hot plate is very sweet. Wishing you and your fur babies a nice weekend.

  5. Lover your little carved wood cat and that tile is adorable (the cow peeking in makes me smile). Love to all the furry kids!


  6. "organized clutter" is what I call my computer room... but it holds things dear to me; snapshots and poems/prayers hang around the computer, little stuffed animals that have special meaning to me sit on the shelves, and favorite books fill the bookcase. Messy, yes, but loved.

    I saw something on Pinterest that you might like too. They painted just the back wall of their cup cupboard. I'm thinking of painting mine either green or blue...

    and as for cows, they have the kindest eyes.

  7. You may come and organize my clutter any time.

  8. Awww, that little kitty is so sweet all curled up -- what a nice keepsake. I love the hot plate too -- can you just imagine doing your wash in that big tub?!!

  9. The cow peeking in really does make that tile work.

    Audrey might disagree...

    When I was growing up, our house backed onto a dairy farm field, and the cows would move from section to section. When they were up near the fence, I remember plenty of times when cats would sit out there on one side of the fence staring at them.

  10. Your mum's kitty looks adorable on the step-back. It sort of looks like our darling Ed! We wonder if Ed wil join the wooden kitty in it's cozy spot.

  11. Love the hot plate and, of course, the kitty photos! We had cows at my childhood home... I am glad you just have cats and Kane!

    I hope all is well with your sister!


    Lily, WA, USA

  12. I just love your cupboard, and that kitty is adorable! I live in an area surrounded by farms and there used to be cows in the field behind me - they would come up to the fence when I hung out the wash and I always went over to rub their noses and talk to them.
    I hope your sister is well on the way to recovery now and feeling much more comfortable.
    I'm trying desperately to get some knots out of my big cat's fur - he has a thick long coat and they seemed to appear overnight. He is an indoor cat and I don't know how he managed to get like this. I've managed to cut a few of them out, but he still has two or three and won't let me near them. Any ideas??
    Take care and have a great day.

  13. That cat sculpture is a treasure. And at least your clutter is organized!