Friday, July 5, 2013

Week's end

My favorite photo this week of one of my kitty-clients, Willow.

She is one of the prettiest cats I know and loves to sit on very flattering material. I have so many gorgeous cats to show you that I am caring for but I'll keep that for next week.

We were out for a walk this morning and came across this catalpa tree in full bloom. It is a tropical-looking, North American, native shade tree.
The fragrance is even more beautiful than the blossoms. An amazing tree. We are actually trying to grow one.

It has a bean-like seed pod. It is just awesome to look at.

Riley and Kane were with us and Gramps thought Riley should wear some blossoms.
                                                       (She carries binoculars to find bugs)

My Kanie with the cockeyed ears. One down.
Wishing you all a fun weekend. It's going to be hot here, breaking records, I hear.

Off to cat-sit.
hugs, Deb


  1. Great pic of Riley and Grandpa, and Kane. Love the catalpa tree!

  2. I keep telling myself, one day closer to winter...

    Kane looks quite pleased with himself!

  3. I thought that pic of you and hubby looked like a wedding photo at first!!!

  4. A beautiful cat! But then, aren't they all?

  5. When we moved here 45 years ago we had two catalpa trees. For years, even though the beans fell to the ground, they never seemed to sprout and make more trees. Then suddenly a few years ago they seemed to sprout up everywhere. Now we have probably a dozen of them.
    One of the mysteries of nature.

    Willow is a little beauty. I love calicos!

  6. I love flowers in Miss Riley's hair!!! So sweet. Ah, that Willow is a beauty!


  7. Willow is indeed a pretty cat, and I especially appreciate cats (& dogs) who will pose for me against flattering backgrounds.

    Your granddaughter is so cute, I don't think she needs flattering backgrounds for a good photo though. Hey, binoculars for bugs, very good idea. Then you don't have to get too close to them for observation.

  8. Stay cool. Love the photos of your hubby and Riley...and Willow. XOXO

  9. What a beautiful cat. Willow is a perfect name for her beauty.

    I love those trees. We just call 'em "bean trees" in my part of the US. Wishing you success with yours!

  10. Willow is a classically beautiful kitty. But my heart beats a little faster for the raven haired sweetie with the chocolate eyes you once sat. Ed, however, always elicits an audible squeeeeeee!

  11. Love catalpa trees, but they are a little messy!

    We have overcast skies this morning, but I fear the heat will be back to summer levels :(

  12. Willow sos una muñequita hermosa♥
    What beautiful catalpa tree is! Glad you will grow one! I love when trees have flowers and fragance ,I like alot the shape of the leaves...
    At home we have an Osmanthus fragans, it´s not a tree but a shrub and when it´s in bloom the scent of the flowers is so fragant I love it!
    Riley, bonita, you look like a little princess with those pretty flowers in your hair and Kane you are the sweet Prince♥

  13. Riley is growing so fast. I love catalpa trees and love all the photos with the tree. Willow is a beauty and is well named -- so pretty. Kane looks very happy.

  14. Your cat of the day looks a great deal like Lizzie Cosette! She's lovely (both of them!)