Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cats in a window

I hope there was a cool breeze for this kitty.

I'd name this one Tuck.

It's so hot here we are sitting in the dark enjoying the A/C. I don't think I ever remember it being this hot. I've eaten my summer quota of ice cream the last three days. Even the cats had a little. We are enjoying our company from out of town but they are heading back home tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Stay cool, drink lots and throw some ice cubes in your pet's bowl.
 hugs, Deb


  1. Yes, here too.
    Stay cool.
    I'm going to get some ice cubes right now for my kitty brats! ♥

  2. No cool breeze here... no air in my house either. I worry about lizzie dehydrating -- she doesn't seem to want to drink much.

  3. Hotter than you know what!!! Yeesh!
    I always enjoy your cat-in-the-window photo!!

  4. That first one seems to be lazing the day away... can't blame him or her, not with these temps.

  5. It has been so hot here as well. I think it's hot everywhere right now! I love that you gave the cats a little ice cream :)

  6. Sharing ice cream with the cats , I like the picture of that in my mind.
    Love the cats in the windows pictures. I often wonder what the cats are pondering...

  7. They are beautiful. Hot here too and thunder storming. Stay cool my friend. Our new kitten is a hoot!

  8. It has been so hot here as well. I think it's hot everywhere right now! I really like that you provided the kitties a little ice lotion :
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  9. I love any excuse for eating ice cream and this heat is forcing me to eat my fair share of it. The cat prefers frozen yogurt. She lacks a gourmet palete, because ice cream is sooooo much better tasting than yogurt, but theres no accounting for taste. I wonder if cats get brain freeze like we do? No, cats probably have more common sense than people do and stop licking before they reach the point of brain freeze.
    If it get this hot again tomorrow, I may join the cat & lay down on the glass top of the coffee table. It must feel nice & cool, she has been living there all week. We seriously envy people who have AC, a fan isn't cutting it after 5 days. Everybody make sure your cat is getting plenty of fresh water. Our water bowl is constantly evaporating in the heat.