Wednesday, July 3, 2013

playing with dishes

                                 Playing with Dishes

This is my favorite blue and white tea-pot. It has cute little feet.

and Audrey's playing with her favorite toy...a cork from a wine bottle. and fun. They are too big to swallow and provides lots of chasing and retrieving.
Audrey gives them 'two paws up'. Let's just hope she can't read.
Not a bad wine, btw. 
My daughter started these from seeds so I guess I won't have to buy tomatoes this year. I love having fresh tomatoes on the deck.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends.

I'm joining Sandi at for HOME
hugs, Deb


  1. Ha! I shall have to try that wine... love the name!

    A teapot with feet! Genius!

    All your dishes are so lovely.

  2. Hi Audrey!!

    Hope your tomatoes grow well!

  3. Hehehehehe...I think Audrey knows what the wine cork says!

  4. Nothing beats a home-grown tomato! The last few dry years have been rough on them around here, though :(

  5. I always love seeing that cute teapot with the feet!! Oh and wine, I love it! Not sure Charlie will chase the cork though! LOL!!!

  6. Homegrown tomatoes! Proof there really is heaven!
    Kisses and hugs, Audrey.".
    P.S. Do you ever hear about Audrey's brother?

    1. Hi Kari - John has moved to the city now so I don't hear much from him but last I heard Kitt was doing great. I hope he does keep in touch.

  7. Your white and blue teapot is so beautiful! so it is the little one with the cute little spoon on it, I ´ve got one very similar...
    Naughty Audrey go on playing with that cork but don´t get drunk!
    I have two tomatoe plants in my back garden near the herbs in a sunny place! It´s great to grow our own vegetables if possible: nothing more accesible, organic and delicious ♥

  8. I love the cupboard.
    I love the blue and white.
    And of course, your kitties.

  9. I wish you lived nearer -- between our dish interest and cats, I think we'd be great friends!

  10. Oh, I love home grown tomatoes and you just reminded me to get some; thank you! I love your blue and white china and I would love playing with them too. ;) Love the cabinet as well. Audrey is one famous kitty cat and she always makes us smile. Thank you Audrey! Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a super week, Deb.


  11. What a name for a wine!

    A rather interesting little spoon in that third pic.