Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Food is medicine.

Ahhh, winter. This chest cold that hit was relentless and wore me right down all month.
I'm one of those people that just don't catch things often so I suspect my immune system was weak due to family worries. And by 'family' I mean our cat, Annie.
So now I am working on building myself up to a healthy state again.
And I'm starting with blueberries and lots of them. 

                                         Food is medicine.
                                            2 cups a day

Cora doesn't get it as her goal each day is to catch (in her mind) the squirrel that eats peanuts just outside the sliding door.
And have it served up on a sesame bun. =^..^=

 So, I am kicking January to the curb but I have circled the last day to have breakfast out with friends and look forward to a new month.
One of joy, new beginnings and good health for family, friends and our beloved pets.

I do wish you all that and more.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Thank you.

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful comments on the passing of our Annie.
You are all so kind.
It's still very hard as she is missed every minute of every day.

Wilson being silly.

It has been two weeks and Wilson 
still misses her, too
But it's getting better every day.
I am so happy that we made the decision to adopt again before Annie's passing.
Cora has been a big help to keep Wilson busy.

Cora keeps us entertained.
Her favorite spot to sit is in the loft looking over her domain.

I'd be having a heart attack
if the couch wasn't right below her chosen spot.

I'm getting better; finally stopped coughing and my energy is returning slowly.

Sitting by the fire being entertained by Cora as she puts all her energy
into tracking a fly that made the bad decision to call our home it's refuge.

"yep...I will"

It's been snowing all night and it is a winter wonderland outside.

Our grand-dog, Forrest was here for a sleep-over and spent a good part
of the day running around the wood-lot.
He loves it here. :-)

And our resident birds are being well cared for mostly by the retired-guy while I
rest up.
This cardinal has made Fox Grove his home this winter.
We welcome him with open arms.
Cardinal and Junco

We will soon be wrapping up January.
Here's to a happy month ahead.

be kind,

Friday, January 24, 2020

A hard start to 2020

We have had a hard start to the new year.
We lost our little Annie to cancer January 11th. We fought for three years
but after two major surgeries, which she came through well, it returned with
a vengeance.
I have sat down to write a tribute to her with some of her best photos but can't do it.
It's too soon for me. I have put a photo and small tribute on instagram.

I've been sick for a month now with a deep chest cold.
I'm sure the stress of losing our Annie only added to the
time it's taking to heal.

Wilson has been lost without her but it only would have been
worse without Cora. She has kept him busy to some degree; she does her best.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year.
I'm going to just wipe January off the calendar and pray for
a better month ahead.
I'll be by to visit.

hugs, Deb