Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Soft Kitties

                       Lily and Ed enjoying the fire on this cold wintry morning.

Another very special package arrived today all the way from Slovenia

I ordered these cute soft kitties from to support one of their cat rescues. They are so sweet and soft. You still have time to pop over and give your support.
They will sit atop the little ones Christmas stockings and the fourth one may just stay right here. Lily wants the white one.

I got out the Christmas stockings and did a bit of primping today.
 I cut out felt, glued on snowmen with big round eyes and fuzzy warm scarves and embellished them with beautiful Christmas broaches.

Gwyn needed one made for her this year as it is her very first Christmas. Of course, I had lots of help. I always do. She'll have a special stocking at her own home but she needs one at Nana and Gramps, too.

I have a busy weekend of cat-sitting, celebrating youngest daughter's birthday (27) and finally introducing Little Gwyn to some family members who are anxious to meet her. Then,  some of the family are off to the tree-farm to pick out our Christmas trees.

I have a Christmas Tip for you today instead of a cat-tip. If you come across your old Christmas cards and don't know what to do with them, cut out the picture on the front and use them for this years' gift tags.
That way you recycle and save.

Oh well, I might as well give you a cat-tip, too.
Drop into your local thrift shop, purchase a few baby socks for 25 cents and fill them with fresh cat-nip. Tie the top tight with some raffia or sew it shut and you have some Christmas stocking stuffers for your favorite feline.

Stay warm.
Hugs, Deb

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vintage Christmas trees

We had our first 'dump' of snow this week.
It was beautiful.
I actually love our winters.
I'll not say that the first time I have to drive on icy roads, though.

I wish these were old family photos but they are not.
They are from the internet because I don't have one vintage photo from Christmases past when I was a child.
We had magical Christmas trees covered with garland and icicles. There was always a huge star at the top and our lights would twinkle. The shiny, glittery ornaments filled the tree along with peppermint
candy-canes. Those ornaments now hang on my trees.

Did people not take photos of all the hoopla in the 50's and 60's? 
Obviously,  my family did not. *such a shame*

                                                               I'd say this guy did alright.

Hope your holiday planning is still on track. The days are getting busier now with more cat-sitting, birthday celebrations and lots of Christmas shopping.  

It is a winter wonderland here and the temperature has fallen drastically. It's time now for winter boots and woolly mittens.

Stay warm & "Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends."

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Right at home

I'd say these three little lambs look right at home 

                              here in my step-back cupboard.
Aren't these the cutest things ever? I swear if I did not rescue cats I'd have a house full of wayward lambs.
The sun is streaming in the dining-room this morning.
It's a cold but beautiful day. 
I moved my lambs to the bigger cupboard
just 'cause it's more fun to decorate.
That's Natalie from Ronna from in the photo on one of their visits here. You should drop over and visit their blogs. I'm so happy they are coming for another visit next week. We're goin' Christmas shopping and Christmas eatin' in the little town of Almonte. Woohoo!
There are so many great shops and they are all decked out for the holidays.

My friend, Sue from Zaza's corner finished off my burlap runner for the table.
I'm not a seamstress nor do I have a sewing machine.
"Thanks so much, Sue.  It looks complete now."
Pop over to visit Sue today.
Something doesn't look right...

Sun-puddle worshiper was missing. 

You can order your flock of sheep from Kathy at 

Here is an update on the web page for the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network thanking many people who have donated to help cats in their care.

I spoke to Louise just last weekend and Molly and her remaining eight kittens are doing ok. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you posted as I hear. I have requested a photo when they can. Thank you.

I'm joining Ivy and Elephants at /for What's it Wednesday.
hugs, Deb

My flock arrived

A very special parcel arrived today from Washington.  It was just last week that I sent you over to visit a beautiful blog at Well, if you did (and I hope you did) you would have seen that Kathy makes and sells the most beautiful little sheep from her own sheep's wool.
Look at these gorgeous little creatures. I was so excited to open this box.
Aren't these adorable!
And Kathy added two felted jingly balls that she made for all the spoiled cats here. 
These are great.
*zooooom* Oh...there goes Audrey now.....
I haven't seen her run like that since I found her rummaging through my jewellery box.

I'll be keeping a flock of three and the others will end up in some very special peoples' Christmas stockings.

Thank you so much Kathy. They are even sweeter in person and I will treasure mine forever. They will be joining a few other little lambs in my cupboard.

And guess what the box has now become?
"Oh Annie, you kill me.  She sends her love, Kathy."

hugs, Deb

Monday, November 25, 2013


This is my sister, Diane and my brother's girlfriend, Joyce at a dinner party last week.
My sister has recovered very well from her hip surgery last summer and is getting around much better. It's good to see her happy and out of pain now.

I had to cancel a get-together that was planned so Diane and her hubby could finally meet our new addition, Gwyneth.
With Diane's surgery it has been hard to get her out of the house and then wouldn't you know it I have to get sick. So, postponed to the next best date.

I am so in love with this old man.
This is Twinkle now in his senior years and having to be medicated for a thyroid condition.
He is very thin now but still loves to have massages and his head scratched. I just love when he greets me at the door with his old-man voice and then stands ready for some attention. I am really enjoying caring for him and he doesn't give a hoot if I have no voice or look a bit bedraggled. He loves me anyway.

We are going to have some very happy cats today. The wood is arriving. Are you excited, Audrey?
"He's here...he's here!"
The truck just arrived.
Stay tuned for photos around the old wood stove.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's in the cookie jar?

I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies this week and put walnuts in half of them. 
Some go in the freezer. Some don't make it there.
One bowl cookie recipe
Chocolate Chip
(a very soft cookie)

1/2 cup soft butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1/4 tsp. vanilla
1 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 tsp. cornstarch
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup walnuts (optional)
Line your cookie sheets with parchment paper. Mix above ingredients
Drop by teaspoonfuls on sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Cool and place in tupperware to keep them soft. 
Now it's time to put some loaf cakes away for the holiday season and pull out the gingerbread recipes.

My kitty Christmas banner was a gift from a fellow blogger, Judy from
Judy is such a nice lady and last year I told her I admired her cute little Christmas banner.  She wrote back that she had two of them and would like to send one to me. Before I knew it the banner was at my door wrapped in pretty Christmas paper.
Don't you just love this world of bloggers?
It's one of my favorite Christmas things now. Thanks again Judy.

I've been quite 'under the weather' the last week (actually I feel like a bus full of elephants hit me) and have been drinking loads of tea. Mostly ginger and chamomile with organic honey. The honey helps my sore throat. This bug is a bad one and wants to hang on for dear life. I found a new tea; apple cinnamon chamomile that is like heaven in your mouth.   I really don't have time for illness. I am starting with two more 'stay at home kitties' tonight who I have not seen for awhile. I so look forward to spending time with them. They won't care that I look like something the cat dragged in.

It snowed today

and I can't wait to get out there and enjoy it.

Thank you all for your sweet, caring comments on my previous post.
We are all saddened by the loss but realize that it sometimes just happens.
I'm really counting on everyone's good thoughts and prayers to get the eight kittens through the next week. They will be three weeks then. I will give you updates as I hear from the rescue.
hugs  Deb

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I want to thank everyone again for all your good thoughts and prayers for little Molly and her babies. I hadn't heard for a few days how things were going and then Louise emailed me to inform me that one of Molly's little kittens passed away. There seemed to be no sign of distress and all the kittens were being weighed daily with no concerns. Molly was doing fine with the feedings and she has been supplemented since the start to keep her as healthy as possible. She was nursing her babes in three different areas, and because of no weight issues with the kittens, all seemed fine. But it wasn't. One of the beige kittens passed away.

I know Louise from the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network and I can tell you that she is very upset over this loss.

Can I ask you please to keep this little family in your thoughts and prayers again until we know for sure that all are safe and strong.

Rest in Peace little kitten.

Friday, November 22, 2013

One little Santa snuck right in.

I know it's early and I did tell family that Santas come out in December but I snuck this guy into the kitchen tonight.
I need his expertise when I bake for Christmas and I'm starting to put things away in the freezer now.
He has a kind face. I like that.

Audrey WAS sleeping...
and then not.

I figured Santa was toast. She has to inspect the additions to our home but she considers this kitchen decoration absolutely useless. She tried to eat the basket contents but gave up quite quickly when it did not meet her standards. Plus she heard  "No, no, no Audrey."  Which really means nothing to her but she'll not look at him again.

One of my readers made a wonderful suggestion if you are cat-sitting for travellers. If the cat or cats are shy and do not like to be handled, sitting down on the sofa and reading a book out loud gets them used to your comforting voice. She said this worked very well for her with a shy cat.  I did have a cat years back that I would read out loud to and this would lull the kitty off to sleep. It is a great suggestion and one for you future cat-sitters to make note of. "Thanks Christine". 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do not disturb

I have little woodland beasts that I put here and there at Christmas.
 The deer and squirrel are my grand-daughter, Riley's,  favorite so they sit on the table for now. But this post is not about my decorations, really. It is about my cat, Annie. I did not have the heart to disturb Annie's favorite resting spot today as the sun shone through the window and covered her with a sun-puddle. So, she stayed and joined my decor.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this cat? And...I have no doubt in my mind that she knows it.
She just has to look into my eyes and I, in turn, see her peace, her joy, her love.

She is an old soul in a three year old body. She requires a lot of my time and I am happy to give it. And without a word of a lie we share a love of china. *stop laughing.* When I bring dishes out of the cupboard she must inspect them and, with a gentleness of a fawn, walk around the fragile pieces and then sits to watch me play. She will keep me company for as long as it takes.  I guess we share a fascination for pretty things.

I so enjoyed a post today at You will love Cathy's posts on her love of family, friends and some special dogs. Today she showed her gallery of favorite photos. It is lovely the way she has put them together so she can stop and admire them at anytime. You will love her writing and if you are a mom you will want to read today's post. Her photographs are beautiful. Drop on over and have a peak.

I'm coughing like a fool today while I drag myself off to visit little old Twinkle. Cats don't care if you have a cold; they want dinner.

hugs, Deb

Monk's Blend tea

Well, so much for the milder weather. The cold has returned and I had a bag of tea-leaves that needed to be steeped. Monk's Blend sounded interesting when I saw it on the shelf at our local health food store.
I  had just the right treat to serve with it. Nothing fancy today as I was soon out the door to go shopping with someone very special but let me tell you the tea was amazing. Jess and I added just a bit of honey to this fruity blend.. The retired-guy joined us and we all loved this tea.

Originally it is believed that this blend was developed by Tibetan Monks; infused with universal life energy to support their life's desires, especially the work that they did by hand. Tea is an item that these monks considered good for the soul. Monk's Blend is a delicious infusion of Ceylon Black Tea, vanilla and grenadine. A lovely flavoured black tea, sweet and toasty. To be enjoyed day or night. Steeping Instructions: Use 1tsp of tea per 6oz cup. Steep for 3-4 minutes in boiling water.

My family asks me around this time what I would like for Christmas. First thing that comes to mind...delicious and wonderful tea. I'm pretty easy to please. One year I got tea-books, a tea-pot, tea-cups, white cream and sugar bowls  and so many amazing teas to try. I loved it.
The retired-guy always says "Just get me a case of beer." The kids just shake their head.
"What a pair!"

Annie was guarding the little kitchen tree today.

She is such a calm, loving & gentle cat. She's my little Peach.

And how about this little apple of my eye. Look who is starting to give Nana a big smile now.
and then a giggle...

Little Gwyn is over two months and weighing in at eleven pounds now. She had a fun afternoon at Nan and Gramps and enjoyed looking at all the tea-cups in the cupboard. Then we were off shopping for Aunt Allie's birthday present. It was cold out but nothing a steaming hot chocolate couldn't fix.

No news on Molly and her babes yet but if you are planning to travel this Christmas and need a  cat-sitter please scroll down to my previous post for some tips.

I'm joining Sandi at for Tea-time Tuesday. (better late than never)

hugs, Deb

Monday, November 18, 2013

There's no place like home

I continue to decorate the kitchen Christmas tree. YES! It is still standing although Audrey spends much of her day sitting by it pondering her next move. Cinnamon sticks add a nice aroma as you pass by. The Christmas music has begun and I baked chocolate cake for dinner while listening to Breath of Heaven by Vince Gil.
The out-door lights are ready to go on anytime now. We are having some very mild weather,  which is nice after the cold snap that surprised us last week.  And I'm thankful for the warm nights for the ferals in our area. I'm still feeding some if you were wondering. I barely ever see them but the food is eaten nightly. 

Sierra knows how to sleep. She is a master at 'tucking up' and  has perfected many yoga positions that I remember when I joined a class a few years ago. This one is her own, though.

                         What to look for in a cat-sitter
I believe, after 20 years of cat-sitting, that there is 'no place like home' for your cat.

The first step to finding a good cat-sitter is to contact your vet clinic in your area and ask if there is a cat-sitter registered with them that they can recommend. If you are lucky, you may find that one of the vet-techs will provide cat-care in your home while you travel. Also, your local pet stores may have someone who is advertising through them and hopefully will have business cards there for the public. The best way to find one is word of mouth. The cat-sitter should be bonded. Always ask for at least three references and CALL THEM before your first meeting.  Ask the cat-sitter if there is a fee for them to meet you and pick up the key so you don't find out after the fact.

Once you have found someone to care for your cat then the next step is to have a meeting with them in your home. Have a list of questions written down to ask and do expect the cat-sitter to also have many questions about your feline. A well-organized sitter will have a form for you to fill in that will provide them with all the answers they need about your cat, your home, your plans of travel and their fees. There should be a form that gives her/him instructions as to what to do if your cat needs vet-care while you are away. This needs to be signed by you with explicit instructions.

Your cat-sitter should immediately show interest in your cat and be willing to spend a bit of time for the cat to get to know them. That way it won't be such a surprise to your cat when she/he arrives to start cat-sitting. Show the cat-sitter where everything is kept and where the litter boxes are located. Be sure to go over the cleaning regime. Have the food cupboard well stocked and in easy reach.

Ask the cat-sitter what she/he will do to bond with your cat. Will they play and  take time to groom if kitty allows?

If there is daily medication involved have the sitter arrive at a time when you are pilling your cat so the process can be shown easier. I recommend pill-pockets if the cat will eat them as it will be less stressful for your cat and no chance that your sitter will lose a finger. *ouch*

If there is insulin for diabetes to be administered the cat-sitter will have to arrive at a time to see the procedure and you must be very sure that they are comfortable with this. They need to know all the signs to watch for so again I can't stress how important that they come with some experience.

When trying out a new cat-sitter I recommend you do this when you are away for only a couple of days. You need to build confidence in the sitter before leaving your cat for an extended length of time.

Be sure to get your sitter's email address before you leave. That way, you can keep in touch daily for the first time if you so wish. Your cat-sitter should be fine with this.

Leave a key with your neighbour as a back-up for your sitter.
Go over what lights should be left on for the cat (and there should be a few) and leave a radio on perhaps in the kitchen so the cat feels less lonely between visits. 
If you require two visits a day, keep curtains open where the cat likes to sit in the window and have the sitter close them at night. 

So that is a bit on 'what to look for in a cat-sitter'. Because I am in a small town most of my business has come from word of mouth but I do advertise at vet clinics and pet stores.

Remember - you must feel comfortable with your cat-sitter so take your time with your interview.   A love for cats should be clearly evident.

If there is anything I missed and you have questions...ask away!

hugs, Deb

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Kitchen Tree

 Just like every year, I am getting anxious to bring home a Christmas tree.

We don't have far to go; just a hop, skip and a jump across the street to the tree-farm.

Ain't this one a beaut?
Christmas 2012
The kitchen tree is done and still up-right. I placed it in the window where I think it will stay safe. *nervous grin* Audrey has only sniffed at it so far. I do believe she is worried about that 'letter to Santa' I threatened.  We'll see how it does by morning.
I expect she will topple it once and then be bored with it. Lily can sit by it all she wants as she has a soft paw and is quite content to sit and stare at it as she has her nightly ration of milk.
She has always loved a little treat of 2% milk in her tiny bowl and she tolerates it just fine. Not all cats do.

                                                          Christmas cup-cakes & golden apples

Cinnamon buns for the morning
Gingerbread men & ladies & cupcakes

A chocolate cupcake queen. Every home should have one. 

And I topped it with a little china creamer.

I enjoy having a tiny tree in the kitchen to look at as I cook and bake. Even the cleaning up part goes easier. So, the decorations are coming out slowly but surely. The phone is also ringing and emails are coming in for Christmas cat-sitting. I have two kitties I am caring for this week and then it starts to get busy. Bring it on!

I'm sorry I did not get a post done yet on what to look for in a cat-sitter. I am looking back to find one that I did last Christmas season and would like to re-post it. This week I will post one for sure.
Please drop over to a beautiful blog called Estelle's at and read the post she wrote on little Molly and her brood of nine. It was so kind of her to spread the world.

Now I'm off to cat-sit.

I'm joining up with
hugs, Deb