Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Soft Kitties

                       Lily and Ed enjoying the fire on this cold wintry morning.

Another very special package arrived today all the way from Slovenia

I ordered these cute soft kitties from to support one of their cat rescues. They are so sweet and soft. You still have time to pop over and give your support.
They will sit atop the little ones Christmas stockings and the fourth one may just stay right here. Lily wants the white one.

I got out the Christmas stockings and did a bit of primping today.
 I cut out felt, glued on snowmen with big round eyes and fuzzy warm scarves and embellished them with beautiful Christmas broaches.

Gwyn needed one made for her this year as it is her very first Christmas. Of course, I had lots of help. I always do. She'll have a special stocking at her own home but she needs one at Nana and Gramps, too.

I have a busy weekend of cat-sitting, celebrating youngest daughter's birthday (27) and finally introducing Little Gwyn to some family members who are anxious to meet her. Then,  some of the family are off to the tree-farm to pick out our Christmas trees.

I have a Christmas Tip for you today instead of a cat-tip. If you come across your old Christmas cards and don't know what to do with them, cut out the picture on the front and use them for this years' gift tags.
That way you recycle and save.

Oh well, I might as well give you a cat-tip, too.
Drop into your local thrift shop, purchase a few baby socks for 25 cents and fill them with fresh cat-nip. Tie the top tight with some raffia or sew it shut and you have some Christmas stocking stuffers for your favorite feline.

Stay warm.
Hugs, Deb


  1. I always like to see pictures of Lily and Ed together. They look like they truly love each other.

  2. Lily and Ed are so cute. They have the right idea cozying up together. Looks cold there!

  3. I think Charlie will get a little special sock in his stocking this year! Love those little stuffed kitties! Can't wait to see your tree!

  4. I just love the first picture and I must order these knitted cats. Your header is beautiful. Have a nice weekend.


  5. Now those are fun gifts to get in the mail!

    Lily and Ed are so adorable.

  6. What adorable Christmas projects! your cats are too cute snuggling together- love your painting header- is that new?

    1. Yes, it is, Christina. It's a watercolor done by Deidre Wicks from Toronto.

  7. Such cute kitties! Love the idea of the socks, sooo cool!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love it when Mr. Ed and Lily canoodle ♥
    Your home looks so festive!

  9. Oh your little loves look so sweet snuggled by the fire. Keep warm and toasty.

    Julie and Poppy q

  10. The sock idea for the cats is a great one! :) Hope you and the cats are enjoying the Christmas season. Any tips on keeping the cats out of the tree?

  11. I'll ask my daughter to save me some of her little one's socks. Great tip! I could curl up by your fire myself about now.

  12. Are you familiar with the DH Lawrence poem "Pax"? I think of it every time I see your kitties curled up next to "their" stove, looking so content.


  13. Aren't those soft kitties the cutest!?? I LOVE them!!

  14. Those little kitties are cute Deb! And I like your cat-nip idea!
    xo Catherine

  15. Boy, your photo of Ed and Lily couldn't have come at a better time for us. They have a way if chasing the blues away and restoring joy to the heart. God bless 'em!
    Those little stuffed kitties couldn't be cuter.
    Your stockings are super! The girls are lucky to have such a creative gran.

  16. Thank your for sharing Deb.
    The cat nip tip sounds like the perfect xmas gift for our furry friends :)