Thursday, July 27, 2017

Step one...done.

 It's been a long week but we are at the finish line... for now.
 Tomorrow they wrap the water-proof membrane around the foundation.
Then the dirt is pushed back in around it.
There will be some left over, of course, and we will use that for landscaping at the back.
I have plans. :)

 Monday the inspection is done on the job and then we are done with the foundation.
It's been noisy
I think 'the ladies',
mama wren
and Simon 
have had enough.
I know I have.
The sound of hammers pounding should be a breeze after yesterday.
Hope you stick around for the fun part. :)

We have a new/old toy here.
It's a Franklin stove possibly one hundred years old
and it's going to help us clean up around the mouse house of broken branches and twigs.
And I love the smell of a wood-fire.
Those are sumac trees behind.

The wild flower at the moment is Queen Anne Lace.  We have it all along the property and it is so delicate and pretty.It's also known as Wild Carrot.

                  (if you don't spay your cat you will end up with hair like this lady)

Enjoy your evening.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back to business.

The stones were flying this morning and Audrey ran for cover.
Once she has transformed into an Audrey-wrap she calms down and eventually will disappear in there entirely.

Windows were closed but it's too cool this morning for the A/C so I just put the radio on and acted like all was right with the world.

Annie sat at the window with air-plane ears most of the morning. I needed to open the window for a moment and she sat through the noise not seeming to be bothered by it at all. I think she is used to the constant roar around here.
It was good to get back to business as Friday and Monday were a no-show with rain. 
After the stone work was done, the forms were delivered and set into the hole by a crane for the workers to continue with tomorrow. We are getting close to the end as far as the foundation is concerned.

I sat for a bit on the bench near where Simon's den is located. It's a good spot to grab a few photos without being in the way. A baby red squirrel appeared at the feeders, not at all bothered by the trucks and the noise, and sat on a maple tree branch for awhile. He, and I'm going to say 'he' because his interest in the construction was much like my little grandson's, sat intrigued with the movement, the crane and the many men yelling and wandering around. Without an ounce of exaggeration, he hung around for a good hour, eyes never wandering from the construction. I popped a few apple pieces in the feeder before going in and that got his attention. :) I hope this little guy hangs around. He is too cute for words.


Hope your week is going well.

hugs, Deb

Monday, July 24, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house.

What a perfect weekend weather-wise it has been. The gardens needed watering by Sunday as the sun had been shining with no sign of rain. Perfect temperatures for being outside.

I made my first salad for dinner last night and all but the peppers were from the garden. It was delicious.

And as I was filling feeders and bird-baths for our resident birds I was joined by this guy... 
                                                              Our neighbour cat,  David.

David loves to help out with chores around here and only asks for a tummy rub or two. And you know how we adore him. But, once I have to head indoors David is escorted back to the old stone-wall and kissed good-bye. "Home you go, David before you get into trouble".  Tail he goes.
He is a cat. after-all. 

Family dropped by to have a visit, see how the construction is going and fill a bag with zucchini, cukes, kale and yellow beans. Lucky for us, my sister is a baker extraordinaire and brought along a blueberry lemon cake for coffee time.

It was a very peaceful few days; even the cats and Simon appreciated the quiet.

"Dang...these peanuts are good."

Today that all changes if the rain ever stops.  

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb

Friday, July 21, 2017

Audrey had a time of it.

What could possibly make Audrey's day worse after living through the sound of big strange men yelling and even bigger and louder machines all day?
Audrey went to the vet yesterday.

Two weeks ago, it was discovered that she had fluid on her ear so antibiotics were prescribed for 10 days. Along with the diagnosis, something looked odd inside her ear. The vet ( not Dr. Ann...she's away) thought she saw an obstructon sitting in front of the ear-drum.
"Audrey might have a polyp but it is hard to tell with the fluid so we will wait and check again after the meds are taken."   
"A polyp? What does that mean for her?"
"Well, if it is a polyp (usually an abnormal and benign growth of tissue) then she will need surgery. We don't want her to have re-ocurring ear infections all her life. And, the surgery is not done by the resident vets here so we will have to call in a specialist. It's very delicate and risky surgery being so close to the drum. Depending on the exact location, the surgeon will either go through her ear, her throat or the side of her head to remove it."

I.felt.sick. :(

"Why is it so risky?" I asked.
"Well, there is a lot of delicate tissue to consider and it could cause deafness in the ear.", she said.




I left the clinic in a daze.

I have been worried for two weeks now and it was time for another look yesterday. Audrey was put side-ways on the table as the vet had to look very deep in the ear with a shiny, cold instrument. Poor Audrey tucked her face in my open hand and froze. She never moved. I don't think she was breathing, either.
The vet said finally, (it felt like an hour), "I don't see anything now. Huh! The ear is still a bit inflamed but the object of concern is gone."
"We will give her something to take for three days and see her in September." 


How do you spell RELIEF?
I took a deep breath. I was so relieved. I hugged her little doofus head and kissed her on her face. Audrey, that is.
She was fit to be tied with me but I knew she would be fine once I got her home and opened a new bag of freeze-dried chicken pieces and a new can of her favorite stinky goodness. =^..^=

She came home smelling of the vet clinic so her mother baffed her three times on the side of her head with her swift paw. Audrey gave her one right back in the kisser and jumped up on the table, tail in the air, for her promised treat.

Then it was off to bed.

Today it's all forgotten. :)

                                      "I'll never get over it."

 And, it's been a quiet day as the workers were a 'no show'. :-(

Happy weekend, everyone.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trucks were hummin'

Oh boy, it was noisy yesterday. The concrete truck was hummin' away as half a dozen men worked in the hole laying forms and guiding the cement. It was terribly hot work. :(

This is the view from Simon's den.
 Eeeek! I believe he left early and headed back to the wood-lot where many of his chippy friends reside. There are nests of chipmunks in the wood piles that I stay clear of and just leave food near-by. I'm going to owe this little guy big-time. Better stock up on his favorite nuts.

The day started early and Audrey got herself positioned for the morning. The little sausage.
I put on a James Taylor cd and acted like all was normal.

It was a productive day and today the footings were removed and the hose whatchamacallit was placed. Next the forms will be put in.

While the dirt flew, I baked a few blueberry muffins for tea breaks. Then I managed to get around all the chaos and pick a few things from our slow-growing gardens.

This basket is heading out.

So, even though we have had record-breaking rain this spring and summer, our garden is producing slowly but surely.

Time for a tea-break. Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Miss nosey pants and progress.

The ladies have changed their brand of dry food lately and Audrey is seen here reading the ingredients.
She always has her nose in everything.
She is not happy that there is no chippy or mouse in the list.
She's always wanted to try one. :-b 

It's called Open Farm

Dry kibble is only dished out as a treat here. Perhaps a quarter cup throughout the day. Both cats eat mostly canned food and Annie enjoys a bit of fish or chicken when the opportunity presents itself. Audrey will have NOTHING to do with food that would possibly be enjoyed by humans. *blah*

My free chair was repaired and painted and for now sits under the little maples in the wood-lot. It is there for me to sit at if I am tidying up the flowers at our family pet cemetery or for the grandittles to rest on in between running themselves ragged through the lot. I'll bring it inside once the weather gets cold.

       Have a seat but wear some bug spray. 

We have many visiting birds these days.
They especially enjoy the bird baths.

Mama-to-be house wren sang her little heart out his morning.

Then, as workers began to arrive, she fled to the maples and will stay there until the noise has subsided. She will return to her house for the evening; entertaining us once again with her song.
She is a brave little bird.
I love her already.

Now, the not-so-pretty stuff.
(taken early this morning)

The workers are still out there and the temps have reached
Stinkin' hot, it is.
 I appreciate their hard work and am heading out with some cold lemonade.
There's been lots of progress today.
Things are moving along nicely.

"Keep cool"

hugs, Deb

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Two quiet days.

View from the veggie garden. My word!
 ok - maybe not the most comfortable but a good view.

after the rain.
He's been out and about all weekend with the noise gone. Two beautiful days of sun-shine.
He's a frisky little fella.

The pumps have been working well to empty the hole of water that seeps in throughout the day and night. The dryer it is tomorrow for the footings , the better.

Look at what I found at the side of the road.
Stay tuned...

"who cares about any of that." =^..^=
hugs, Deb

Friday, July 14, 2017

Done with the dig.

A much bigger machine arrived this morning to finish the dig. They knew there would be rocks but may not have anticipated so many and the size of the monsters.

The sun came out to make this day a little more light-hearted. Audrey and Annie were already tucked away in their preferred sleeping areas by 8am after a good sized breakfast. Windows were shut, radio on and the *booms|* and *bangs* began.

Two little grandittles stopped by to watch the action from a safe distance. Gus was so enthralled with it all. Little Gwynn was worried about the animals and birds that might be around. I assured her that they would look after themselves by staying away from the area for the day and that Simon would stay safely under the pump if it got too crazy for him. That seemed to satisfy her.

It all went like clock-work and the weather co-operated. The dig is done.  It is so quiet again. The cats are happy, Simon will dine on his rock again tonight and mama-to-be wren has just returned to her house after disappearing for most of the day.

The concrete co. will put in the footings on Monday. Next week will be all about foundation work.

Once again, praying for sun. :)  

I'm off to meet two new kitty-clients. =^..^= =^..^=
Can't wait.

Have a wonderful weekend.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A quick post

as there are no words. I'm living in a war-zone. lol

But...on a good note...Simon actually sat on St. Frances to watch the workers from a distance. It might be a 'guy thing'. He could have used a construction hat. ;-) no camera...sorry!
Annie wasn't bothered in the least as she slept through most of the day with the A/C on providing a low constant noise. 

And Audrey, well, dear, adorkable Audrey. She did nap in between fits of running to the window to see if the world was coming to an end and I had to sit with her and give her slow and soft brushings to keep her mind off the *booms* and the *bangs* outside the mouse-house door. A little's Audrey, don't forget.

But she survived and devoured her three small meals and a few freeze-dried chicken strips throughout the ordeal. 
Tonight she is down in the garage watching tv.

Tomorrow it continues. 

 the house will be attached to the garage on this side by a breeze-way.
Once it is on we will finish the siding and board and batten.

THIS was dug up from the hole. 
I'd better figure out where I want it as it's only moving once.

Onwards and Upwards.

hugs, Deb