Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, it's that time of year again 

to wish you a Happy New Year from me, Audrey and all my staff at Just Cats. "Yes, I'm in her new baskets..hee hee"

So, all the best for 2013. Let the cat-nip fly.
(Remember..if you don't talk to your cat about cat-nip..who will?)
Our Lily is improving. :)
All the best to everyone.
Deb, Ed, Lily, Sierra, Annie & Audrey.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby steps

It's very cold in these parts tonight. The kind of cold that makes your face hurt if you are out in it too long.
After doing my rounds and returning some keys to clients, I finished the day by putting dry food down for the ferals.
It was good to get home and stay in. Lily needs to be watched over and fed every few hours. She's still on shaky ground.  The retired-guy is keeping the wood-stove going and the cats are lying in a heap. My vet emailed me tonight and got an update on Lily's condition. I told her she is moving very slowly but at least she's up. It could be that she smelled a chicken cooking and it had given her some interest to move around. She ate 5 bites. It will be baby food and Critical Care in a syringe or from my hand again tonight.

Dropping in to visit with grandkids,  Riley and Bradley, was a nice lift for the day. I've been exhausted and so down lately. Bradley is smiling and laughing now and found my mopey face to be quite amusing.
I think he can make some pretty funny lookin' faces, too.

They are both a delight but I remember what my mom always said; "You have kids when you are young for a reason.". Whew...the energy.
"Geez..would you look at these."

Must check Lily and then hit the sack. Thanks for all your good wishes for her.

hugs, Deb


We are seeing some improvement in Lily today. She isn't eating much on her own but will take her Critical Care food by syringe and is drinking water and a bit of diluted milk on her own. What has happened to her is still a mystery but we know the heart is weak and cats do get down for reasons similar to our flu. I read a few lines in the used book I bought titled Folk Medicine by D.C.Jarvis. I couldn't sleep so I opened it to a page that had this written..

I have come to marvel at the instincts of animals to make use of natural laws for healing themselves. They know uneeringly which herbs will cure what ills. Wild creatures first seek solitude and absolute relaxation, then they rely on the complete remedies of nature. An animal with fever quickly hunts up an airy, shady place near water, there remaining quiet, eating nothing but drinking often until its' health is recovered

Just this quote helped me sleep.
Ed is staying close but not cuddling. I know prayer works. Thank you all so much.
Isn't it amazing how they know what to do. He is so old himself  (25 this coming May) and yet has the wits about him to know what is going on. He's a real treasure.

I am finished now with many clients and starting with new ones. I have diabetic cats, cats on thyroid medicine and cats on diets. I tell ya, even with animals we know that health is everything.

Hope you are having a good Sunday. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and soothing comments about Lily. She is far from out of the woods but as long as she shows improvement, we will continue to do what needs to be done to hopefully give her a little more time with us,  and Ed.

hugs, Deb. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good thoughts are needed

The days are a bit calmer now after such a busy Christmas and my plan was to relax between houses and rest. Now, however, I have a concern about our cat, Lily. She was off her food for 24 hours,  looking very lethargic but drinking water. After an unsuccessful go at getting her to eat this morning, I quickly wrapped her up and took her in to the vet clinic as it was open for only 3 hours. After a short discussion, it was decided to give her a Vitamin B shot and get her started on warm beef baby food to stimulate her appetite. We brought her home and within an hour she was eating a bit, washing up and starting to perk up nicely. Thank goodness. Lily has a heart condition and can go flat very quickly. Now we are to keep close watch over her and feed her every few hours a tablespoon of baby food and a special food the vet gave us called AD Critical care. This food is loaded with liver; pork liver, chicken liver. It is high in Vitamin B. I just hope I can get it into her.

Photo taken this morning. She has more energy now and is eating a little.

Ed knows that Lily is not at her best right now.  Before I scooped her up and went off to the vet I noticed he was staying close and draped his tail over her back. Animals sense when another is ill. This is quite frightening for them and Ed turning his face away from her is very natural. They have a very close relationship and if cats feel and give 'love',  they really do depend on and love each other.   We love her, too.
Please keep her in your thoughts. She's 17 now and feeling her age.

hugs, Deb

Cleaning up.

Sometimes I have to say "so long" to a kitty-client because they move away. That's the case with Optimus, Vora & Olivia. I gave them each a kiss on the head this morning and wished them a long and happy life in Montreal. I'll miss these three wonderful cats. They were amongst the beauties that I cared for over Christmas.

JJ required two visits daily and we became very good buds. Today was my last visit with him. I brushed him up so he looked very spiffy for his mom's arrival. He will be so happy to have her to cuddle up with tonight.
 I'll never forget this face.

As usual, I was spoiled again this Christmas. I have a wonderful family, that is for sure.
A beautiful addition for my dining-room is this old window made into a picture frame for some beautiful family photos. A tricky thing to photograph.

Books, tea-cups and numerous new teas to try, cosmetics to give the old face a boost and gorgeous baskets to fill with anything and everything. I imagine Audrey will find her way into them before long. I also received a beautiful silver chain with a pendant made from a silver spoon. On it was the letter D engraved. There's a little story that I will tell you later about it. My clients were so generous with goodies of tea-cups, wine, baking and chocolates. I guess I'll be pushing back my day to start 'trimming' again. ha!

I am still cat-sitting but most of the clients have returned. I will finish up the Christmas rush and then the calls will come in from the 'travellers to warmer climates'. They actually started today.

I am not one to keep Christmas decorations up after Christmas. Now I long to see my white dishes, clean counters and less clutter. All but the tree will be put away in the next day or two. Today I worked on the dining-room and Sierra helped me by keeping me company. I kept it simple this year so just had the cupboard to re-arrange and some wreaths and cards to put away. Sierra was in the cupboard before I could grab the beautiful woven runner I received as a gift from Pat from
She always thought this cupboard would make a good cat den, anyway.

The runner is now moved and Sierra can stay put.


It has snowed so much that our dog, Kane went out for a pee in the yard tonight, went off the dug path and got stuck. Seriously. He's in now and has decided not to leave the couch. It's a good evening to join the cats and sit by the wood-stove with an eggnog hot chocolate. Other than Annie, who prefers her bed, all the others are tucked in their boxes.
                                           Life is good!

hugs, Deb

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh deer

I'm so glad I am the type of person who looks out windows often. If there is something that will make the world stop for just a moment,  it is this...

 I did manage a few shots before they took flight. If it had been my home I would have brought apples out for them; it's the mother in me. Here they are devouring the bird seed left for the birds. Sadly, everything is so hungry right now.
Are they not the most gorgeous animal? Well, besides cats, of course. I hope the winter is easy on them.
I came home and checked the weather report for the rest of the week. The storm has stopped now and the days ahead should be quite mild. Just thought I'd let you know.
hugs, Deb

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And now... the cats.

We have been hit with a very large snow-storm.  When you know this type of weather is on its' way, preparations must be made by leaving extra dry food and water for the cats in your care. That was done.
By the looks of it out there, this will be a two, large coffee-needed, kinda morning. Thankfully, with the retired-guy at the wheel, I'll get where I need to go a lot sooner.  
Oh, I didn't mention he is working OVER-TIME.
So whatever your weather, if you like cats (and you'd better LOVE them if you are here right now) I have listed some of my Christmas kitty-clients for your viewing pleasure. 
So grab some tea and come back to see.

  My name's Simba and I'm glad to meet you."
Yes, that's my kitty-client  Simba,  the Abyssinian.  Simba is one of the reasons why I keep cat-sitting. It's been my busiest Christmas season in 18 years of cat-sitting and wouldn't feel like Christmas without seeing this guy and his buddies Midnight & Albert.

Here's one of my new clients. Meet JJ
This face is what got me out the door in the morning. Coffee in hand, driving like an 80 year old through a snow-storm, JJ's house was first on my route. 

Thanks for so many 'cat in window' photos, JJ.
Next was Penny & Zoie
Penny is a vibrant calico
Zoie is a pastel calico

Then off to see Tootsie & Marvin
They have the best view for bird-watching.

Vora hid in a box and made me hunt for her
She thought it was very funny. I, on the other hand, was flippin' out.
Her roomie, Olivia told me where she was.
"She's in the vacuum cleaner box."
While Optimus kept his mouth zipped and played along.
"I was busy counting my 18 front toes"

Dominique posed like a super-model
I may have enough photos of her to fill an album.

Emmi & Didi

are the most pampered cats alive. They know how to 'work it'.

Smudge lives alone and enjoys CBC radio
                                                                       and a few treats.

How many Christmases have I cared for Lola, Rosie & Otis?
Brothers Buddy & Chase

and Miss Josephine

There are a few more but I have yet to photograph them.

Each evening, before returning home it was time to feed the ferals. They have been living on dry food this past while but Christmas night they feasted on turkey pieces and all the trimmings.
Tonight it will be back to dry food only as the temperatures are dropping and everything else will freeze.

There are many places they find shelter from the wind and snow but  I pray each night that God will keep them warm and safe.

I wish I could say Audrey posed for these napkins but that would mean she was paying her way around here with her modelling job and she would have none of that.
I found them in a local store and grabbed them faster than a cat on a mouse.

I'll be back with more cats to show you.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well...that was fun.

Well, that was one heck of a busy Christmas but fun, nonetheless.

All the kitties were cared for (thanks for your help, retired-guy, I'd have been late for dinner without you) and we were home and ready for the family to arrive. May I just say right the turkey and stuffing the day before was probably one of the most brilliant ideas we've had in a long time.

Turkey man and turkey-lovin', wreath-wearing dog.
Much less stress Christmas day and it was one of his best, yet.
And for the vegetarians
A stuffed squash with rice, apples, pecans and spices.


That Santa was one generous fellow this year.

Little Bradley slept through the whole gift-giving and dinner time.

 I'll be tweaking the dining-room soon and I'll show you why.

Audrey will look for Ruby for awhile and then settle down with the oldsters.
 She had a great time with her sister but alas all fun does come to an end.

She seems pretty pooped today and will join the others around the wood-stove.

Cat-sitting will go at a slower pace now as some of my clients are home safe and sound. Still, it is a busy time until after New Years.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Among a mountain of gifts, Santa left the men hats to give them a dapper look this cold, crisp Christmas morn. I must say we do have some handsome men in this family.

                            No, they did not call each other to see what they'd be wearing.

Leftovers today and that is just fine with me. The cats will be lined up for their turkey bits and that's just fine with them. Have a wonderful Boxing Day, everyone.
hugs, Deb

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to you.

I'll soon be home from caring for many traveller's kitties and then it will be time to make the pumpkin pies. I'm pretty proud of myself that the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. Audrey and Ruby have given me their present for Christmas. Only one ornament met it's fate although there have been many near misses. Oh yes, and the clock has been put away.  Now, all is calm, all is still bright.
"The retired-guy has given up on me."

"What can we do next, Audrey?"

Stockings will be filled tonight. The family will arrive around noon tomorrow and then this little house will be filled with the Christmas spirit. Christmas is, for me, a bitter-sweet time of year. Since I'm a kid (from 1 - 92) I enjoy all the family gatherings, beautiful decorations, music, excitement and expectations of a wonderful Christmas. I love it all. But there is a sadness, that I am sure many of you experience, from the fact that loved-ones are missing from this day. My mother and my dearest friend, Christine will not be here to share this day with us, again. I miss these two women so much at Christmas.
My mother made every Christmas wonderful. Christine was my confidant and  light-hearted friend and shared all the silly times two grown women could possibly have together. She was taken far too young. I will toast them both this Christmas season.

And my dear little Cali. How I will miss you this Christmas morning; expecting your head to pop up between the bows and ribbons under the tree along with all the others. We shared 18 Christmases and I am very thankful for that.
May God hold you in his arms this Christmas morning.
   November/93 - November/12

To all my blogging friends, I wish you a day of joy and love and happy times with your family and friends. I hope Santa is good to you all. Having a new grand-son to join us will be the high-light of the day. Our grand-daughter, Riley is so excited and waits anxiously for Santa. We are tracking his where-abouts today.
Bradley & Riley

I'll be back in a few days to show you some of my Christmas kitties this year.

Although it's been said many times, many ways..
            "Merry Christmas to you & yours" 

May God bless you on this holiest of days,  
Deb, Gary & family, Kane, Ed, Lily, Sierra, Annie & Audacious Audrey.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fitting in and an anniversary.

After a few hisses from Ruby, the cats walked through the house on lighter feet. Hugo was barely noticed but Roo was a presence. She went nose-to-nose with each cat and then hissed and raised her hackles. Then she kept her distance. I just let things be. I knew she would calm down soon. I knew she would remember her first home. Within an hour the hissing had stopped and she was being just as naughty as the rest. She had joined them in the baskets. Audrey followed her everywhere and on the stairs they would bat at each other's faces. They began to play. Here she is waiting for Audrey to come down the stairs so she could attack.
 The retired-guy immediately worried about his clock on the wall at the stairs as it has chimes that hang and swing. Too late, Ruby found them. They had to be put away.
I was up early and on the road to visit my cat-sitting clients. The weather is calm but cold. I like that.
Everyone seemed content in their homes and was very welcoming as I began to crack open the cans of food and talk to them about their night. The snow started falling lightly which got many to their windows. The feel of Christmas is everywhere.

It's our anniversary today. We were married 32 years ago in Calgary at a small church with only a handful of people present. We then came home after Christmas and celebrated & partied with the families.
Someone remarked that it seemed only appropriate that someone who loves Christmas so much would marry two days before. I never thought of it that way but I guess that's true. Seems like a different world then. No time for a picture today but this one was taken 2 years ago and is one of my favorite taken in Almonte, Ont,. on a beautiful Fall day, while we walked Kane. Kane earns his keep as our photographer.

Hope you are enjoying your day in preparation for Christmas. I'm heading out for round 2.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Are you still having fun?

As beautiful as it looks, the driving was quite difficult on back roads. It doesn't help that cat-sitting starts long before the ploughs are done.

Take a peek out the back window of one of my client's homes.  It is gorgeous with the snow on the trees and the cats are having a wonderful time watching the very active birds at the feeders.  I am getting some fantastic 'cat in window' opportunities lately.
I'm keeping the feeders filled mostly to keep this gal occupied.

It was a hectic time out there yesterday driving the back roads but you just have to be careful and take your time.

Audrey has a surprise in store today. She doesn't know it yet but her sister is coming for 4 days.   They will have a blast and we will batten down the hatches and the tree.  Audrey has shown interest in the tree but never tried to climb it, if you can imagine that. I'm hoping Ruby will follow suit. This will be AA's best present ever. Hugo's comin' too; packing his suitcase of insulin. Geesh, what's 2 more. "HOHOHO"

Are you still having fun? I hope so. We are counting down the days.

Today is another busy one. 6:50....start warming up the car.

hugs, Deb

Friday, December 21, 2012

Guaranteed a White Christmas

It's 6am.
Oh yes, it will be a White Christmas.

Look out there and see what we got over-night and it's still blowing and snowing.
It will be falling all day.
Now I have to drive in this. "Good grief, Charlie Brown."

Maybe a big cup of jo and a home-made pumpkin muffin will make it all seem ok.
The Christmas lights are on bright and early to enjoy with coffee.
and the cats are fed and nestled by the stove.
Looks like all is right with the world here.

Wish me luck. "Here I come, kitties"....
hugs, Deb