Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Nope...don't see you."

Our little tree is up and I can hear Audrey laughing from here.

"Ummmm....those ornaments you just put up....history!" Ahh..hahahaha!

The ornaments on the bottom of the tree are not breakable. They are, though, chew-able and tear-able and take-able. Take....and run like hell.
I gave her a bird tree to call her own. It sits next to where she loves to bird-watch. She doesn't give it the time of day. She likes trees with lights and sparkle and a train running around the track. Of course. And she knows when she's being watched. Seems to thrive on it.

"No, I don't see you."

It has been raining here but the temperatures are well above normal. 17 degrees yesterday is never heard of at this time of year. I find this all a bit unsettling but I do like the mild weather.

I  met a new client today and picked up keys for cat-sitting over Christmas. My book is filling up.
You will love to meet this Persian-mix as he is over-the-top gorgeous. He was found at our local shelter last year.
Picked up in a little town wandering the streets, he was taken to the shelter and after days of no-one looking for him, he was put up for adoption. It's amazing to think that you can find these gorgeous creatures homeless and lost and have no one care enough to contact local shelters and animal clinics. I'm always baffled about this. Anyhoo...he has a wonderful home and I can't wait to show him off.

Parker is doing the happy-dance tonight because his favorite people in the world are home again.
They were so happy to hear that he had given in to the charms of his cat-sitter and was able to have some chin-scratches and a tummy rub. We are best-buds now.
An ornament from Newfoundland.

hugs, Deb


  1. I can hear the decorations on the tree rattling -- I better go check! :D :D

  2. Audrey gets her own tree =) I love spoiled kitties.
    Looking forward to the new Persian kitty photos!

  3. We used to tie our tree to the wall.....after coming home one night to a horizontal tree with many smashed lights.

    1. It is tied which keeps it nice and sturdy as she steals ornaments and runs.

  4. We have bells on our tree as an early warning system!
    Jane x

  5. I'm wondering how Rosie will take to a tree? Bailey just like sitting under it and enjoying the shelter it provided; never once did he try to climb, bite or swat ornaments. This will be an interesting Christmas, for sure. I love seeing Audrey peeking from under the cat and even I can read her mind from here...LOL!!

  6. That Audrey reminds me of my Emily! Nothing was safe with her around either! They make life interesting. Mr Toes is not interested in our tree at all! Charlie loves it and sleeps by it with the soft lights on! I love Christmas!
    hugs, Linda

  7. We are reassured knowing your tree is tied.
    Another wary kitty now madly in love with his cat sitter. Job well done!

  8. I melt everytime i look at a picture from Audrey!! Last year we had no tree and not much decoration .This year i want a tree and a lot of decoration.I hope Mikki wil behave real good,if not i forgive her in a second!
    XX Elisabeth

  9. My goodness..what a find your blog was this morning. I enjoyed reading it so much. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It was appreciated. :)
    I love cats and would love to have one again and have always had at least two.
    My life has changed and at present I don't have a cat in my life and I miss the experience. You are a special person to care for them. They are wonderful, cats.

  10. Oh, wouldn't we love to test out those ornaments! Thanks for your visit.


  11. I know how tempting those decorations can be! :)
    Love that top photo!
    xo Catherine

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